Pimples on Cheeks: Cause and Treatment


  • Pimples on Cheeks: Cause
  • Problem Skin due to Hormonal Disorders
  • Pimples on Cheeks: Cause is in the Wrong Diet
  • Pimples on Cheeks are a Signal Failure in the Body
  • Preventive Things to Get Rid of Pimples

Rarely to whom nature gives perfect skin. Each of us sometimes faced with the fact that he sees in the mirror the painful red spots, or white spots, or black spots. For somebody it may be an isolated case, someone throughout his life struggles with acne, blackheads and comedones. Pimples on cheeks, the causes of which can be very diverse, can considerably spoil your life.

So before you start a war with them, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate what was happening.

Pimples on Cheeks: Cause

Basically, pimples on the face are the first sign that something in the human body is going wrong. Quite often for the guys and girls these kinds of inflammation appear at puberty. For girls it can be between 11 to 18 years, for the guys – from 13 to 19 years.

Our skin is constantly exposed to external influences. Therefore it is very important to properly care for it, cleansing and toning daily. Sometimes the new care products or cosmetics can also cause inflammation. You should be very responsible to the choice of makeup and cosmetic products for face care, because instead of help you can get additional problems.

Moreover everything that we eat displayed on our face. Therefore, another reason for acne on the face is wrong, unbalanced diet. Try to eat as many fruits, vegetables, give up fast food, mayonnaise, sweets and pastries – and the result will not take long.

Doctors also say that acne in certain parts of the face show us the malfunction of an organ. Make sure where on the face you often arise acne, and consult a physician. Quite often the causes of skin problems lie within the body.

Thus, at risk can be:

  • adolescents during puberty;
  • men and women of all ages because of any domestic disturbances;
  • women in menopause.

The causes of acne are:

  • hormonal changes and disruptions;
  • internal medicine;
  • improper care of the skin;
  • unhealthy diet

Problem Skin due to Hormonal Disorders

Probably almost every one of us is faced with the emergence of acne during puberty. Boys, especially girls, do not know what to do with their face, to deliver it from the terrible and unattractive acne. And the reason for this violence lies in the hormonal changes that occur during this period of teenagers. Acne is a disease in most cases ends at the end of puberty. And some continue to carefully deal with it.

Most importantly, it must be remembered that every person who has acne on your face – in any case it is impossible to squeeze their own. This will entail a new infection and the spread of infection in the skin that will only aggravate the problem. The most effective way to get rid of the problem is to visit a cosmetologist who will hold mechanical cleaning with sterile instruments, and also pick the necessary funds for their care.

Sometimes those who have not experienced acne in adolescence, he may suffer in adulthood. After all, women from a certain age, start new hormonal changes, which again may cause a malfunction of the sebaceous glands.

In this case it is necessary to consult a gynecologist who will advise drugs to normalize the body’s hormonal levels.

pimples on cheeks cause

Pimples on Cheeks: Cause is in the Wrong Diet

It turns out that the number of “trouble” on the face depends directly of what we eat. It is very important to watch your diet and try to limit the amount of sweets, fried and fatty foods. Even if your face is now all right, no one can guarantee you that it will last forever. Harmful substances tend to accumulate in the body, and the result of this will be problems with the gastrointestinal tract and pimples on the face.

Most harmful to the skin and body products are chips, crackers, sodas, juices and other fast food, because it contains a huge number of flavors, colors, preservatives and other chemical pollutants. Fatty foods such as homemade milk, fatty meats, ice cream, etc. stimulate the sebaceous glands, resulting in their clogging. Also the cause of acne on the face can also be caused by excessive consumption of sugar and sweets.

Of useful products that can help you in the fight against acne, it should be noted fish (it is rich in vitamins and omega 3 fats), vegetables, fruits, grains, almonds or walnuts.

The water should not be also neglected – every day you need to drink about 2 liters.

Pimples on Cheeks are a Signal of Failure in the Body

Scientists have proven that the striking feature of failures in the human body are the pimples on the face. The reason why they occur, may be very different. For example, acne on the forehead are a sign of gastrointestinal diseases. This may be a problem with the stomach, digestion, intestines, pancreas, etc. Therefore, in order to determine exactly what is wrong in the body you need to carry out a detailed examination of the digestive tract.

Pimples on the nose occur very often during hormonal disruptions and reorganizations. However, they can also indicate problems with the cardiovascular system, thyroid gland, intestines. Pimples on the nose are a signal of liver problems.

Pimples on the chin indicate problems with immunity or the poisoning of the body with toxic substances .

things to get rid of pimples

Preventive Things to Get Rid of Pimples

  • Regular visits to the beautician for cleaning and other procedures.
  • Exclusion from the diet of fried, fatty and sugary foods.
  • Eating foods that are rich on vitamins and nutrients (vegetables, fruits, etc.).
  • General examination of the organism and subsequent treatment if necessary.
  • Selection of the right cosmetics for skin care.
  • Avoid stress and other nervous surge.

You can not give a definite answer to the question why there are pimples on the face. It depends on a huge number of factors. Beginning with heredity and ending by malfunction of the body. It is possible and necessary to treat the pimples. But this problem must be addressed comprehensively. Since visiting a cosmetologist, facial cleansing, and choosing the quality and right means for skin care, and ending with the adjustment of life and diet.