Pimples in My Head and in Hair: treatment


  • Why are the Pimples in my Head?
  • What else Could be the Reason?
  • The Treatment must be in Time!
  • What is the Best Treatment for Pimples on Your Head?
  • Traditional Medicine is Coming to Help!
  • Proper Nutrition – the Best Prevention.

It is indeed like this. Imagine what the pimples on the head bother people several thousand years ago. How to get rid of pimples in my head? – the doctors of Roman patricians and the Egyptian pharaohs have thought about this also.

This skin defect is manifested equally in all age groups. And pimples appear on the head quite unexpectedly, their treatment is associated with many inconveniences.

Of course, people are in despair because of its non aesthetic appearance. Moreover, they are experiencing some pain on their skin with slightest touch a comb. Besides, the pruritus comes very quick (the pimples on head usually are itching),and it amplified, if the treatment have not begun immediately.  As a result, the person has a feeling of discomfort, not only physical but also psychological.

Why are the Pimples in My Head?

pimples on your head

This question interests of everyone, who had the misfortune to get such skin defects. Of course, their appearance is the result of any problems with the body. So, some of the internal organs is faltering.

In addition, if a teenager is suffering from acne, a pregnant woman or a girl on the eve of menstruation, the doctors consider the option of hormonal disorders firstly. In any case, the pimples appear only because of reason, which can be very dangerous.

From household reasons the ignoring of requirements of personal hygiene can be distinguished the first. When the small spots-dot are appeared all over the scalp. The start of this process looks like this. Each of the three layers of the skin – the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis is responsible for certain functions. The dermis, or in other words, connective tissue, contains sweat and sebaceous glands. Many of these glands are located on the scalp and face. Excess fat go out through the pores and mix with sweat. Our skin is covered by hydrolipidic film, which protects against loss of moisture and bacteria. If the bacteria overcome this defense and get into the pores, inflammation begins to manifest in the form of painful red spots.

Pimples in Children

Well, why there are pimples on the head of the baby, because he is contained in a sterile environment?

The rash may occur even in infants, and in this the incorrect diet of mother is guilty. With the older children – due to an allergic reaction to any food, medicines, even toys and care products. Parents should pay the careful attention to the health of children: pimples on the scalp can mean the beginning of chickenpox, and in this case the urgent intervention of the doctor is required.

Pimples in Adolescents

This age group – can say, is the most risky. During the adolescence the subcutaneous fat is the most actively produced. Pimples appear on all parts of the head, face and body. Including – under the hair.

What else Could be the Reason?

  • Pimples on the head – you need to pay careful attention to shampoos. Perhaps, you wash your hair too often or, alternatively, rare. Hair should be washed every other day. If the hair is oily, you can do it every day.
  • The cause of unpleasant skin defects on the head can be your wrong food. Most often the body reacts to harmful products, overreliance on sweets. In such cases, the doctor prescribes a special diet, built on a balanced diet. It not only gets rid of pimples, but also contributes to the vitality of the organism.
  • It is possible that the nervous stress provokes the pimples also.
  • On the girls’ heads the pimples may appear due to disrupt the menstrual cycle.

Attention! The pimples on the head often lead to hair loss.

The Treatment must be in Time!

If you want to eliminate pimples on your head as quickly as possible, the treatment should begin immediately. Self-treatment is not the way out. Remember, that there are several types of skin, and not each means can be equally effective for problem areas. In addition, you do not know for what the reason of pimples on the scalp, and only an expert can find an individual way of getting rid of trouble. So the visit to the doctor-dermatologist should be immediate.

  • From ancient times, when inflamed pimples were on the head, doctors recommended sulfur baths with sea salt. This is a very effective procedure, as the result the skin dried, stopped itching, inflammation gradually removed. However, nowadays sulfuric bath – this is unrealistic, but it is possible to add some bath products containing sulfur and sea salt. Get the same effect. Unfortunately, many old means based only on natural products are no longer available.

Modern drugs, that can eliminate painful pimples on the head, generally contain artificial ingredients. In particular, the most popular – shampoo “MYCOSORAL” is no exception, so it is advisable not to use it for more than two weeks.

What is the Best Treatment for Pimples on Your Head?

pimples in my head

If you have already visited a dermatologist, and received the detailed advice, how to treat pimples on the head, you can begin treatment.

  • Antibacterial ointment. Wash your head, dry your hair. Then start to apply to the skin the ointment with small portions.
  • If this method was ineffective, go to Ichthyol ointment, applying on pimples with thin layers.
  • Change the bandage every day.
  • Skin around of each pimple should be wiped with alcohol – salicylic or camphor. By doing this procedure, be careful not to burn yourself.
  • As a last resort, the dermatologist prescribes a course of antibiotics. The most effective means is simply not existed in modern pharmacology.
  • The purulent pimples on the head or other types of rashes in any case should not be squeezed. It is fraught with the deterioration of the skin.

Traditional Medicine is Coming to Help!

They can help to remove the pimples of colds, other types of acne. But again – just after the visit to the dermatologist.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Take 100 grams of vinegar and mix with the same amount of water. Washed hair and rinse with the solution. Five minutes later rinse another time but with clean water.

Tea Tree Oil

A very good antiseptic, capable to destroy red spots on the head and other skin defects. Its use is not only treatment, but also a good prevention. Tea tree oil cleans the surface of the skin and at the same time reduces the amount of fat produced. Oils can be added to any composition or even in mask shampoo.

Means of Cinnamon and Honey

Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon and a couple tablespoons of honey. Apply the mixture for 20 minutes on the problem areas of the scalp. This mask should be done twice a week.

Proper Nutrition – the Best Prevention

  • No matter how good these and other recipes to start with, you should start with your food. It is necessary that every day the plant foods is present on the table. Rhubarb, sauerkraut, prunes are rich in fiber, they are able to normalize digestion. The full effect you would get if every month you dedicate three days a fruit diet.
  • Porridges must be a part of the daily menu. Especially buckwheat is useful, and millet and oat porridge.
  • Discard the white bread. The bread from rye and baked wholemeal is much more useful for the organism.
  • Do not forget about dairy products. It’s food for each day.
  • From meat dishes is better to prepare rabbit, chicken, turkey.
  • Do not get carried away the sugary drinks from packs and bottles.
  • Your option – green tea, juices, mineral water.