Perfect Feminine Body

Perfect feminine body – it is not only the absence of the extra pounds.

It is also a thin waist, shapely legs, toned thighs and buttocks, firm breasts.

If you use dietary restrictions, diet can get rid of fat.

But what’s left?

Flabby muscles, little elastic ligaments, sagging skin.

How to fill the “emptiness”? You can do it only with muscles and only with muscles.

You can find the right exercise for your body type in this article – Good exercises for your abs.

To have a muscular form for men is much more easier than for women.

perfect feminine body

Perfect Feminine Body

As the quantity of muscle mass men genetically have  more than women.

Women will have to work hard before they will have their muscle with proper shape, elasticity, strength, relief.

Muscles, weakened by years of inactivity, become porous.

Metabolism is slow, that’s why the fat loss becomes nearly impossible.

What s the best body shape for women?

Pay attention to the following! The best is weight loss at 0.25-0.5 kg per week.

If this figure is less, your training classes are not effective.

If more – you will lose not only fat, but much water and muscle.

What, of course, does not contribute to the true weight loss, when your body is gradually released from the fat.

If you can replace the muscle with 5 pounds of fat, your figure will change drastically.