Peach Oil is the Best Oil for Shiny Hair

Peach oil is a valuable product in cosmetology. Its constituent substances can work wonders! For example, even the weakened curling and frequent bleaching fragile lifeless hair thanks to peach oil can imbue health!

Some recipes for hair with this oil I have taken in russian forums and tell you in this article.

Recipes with Peach Oil for Shiny Hair

1st recipe – Nourishing Hair Mask with Peach Oil

To prepare this mask you need to thoroughly mix in a glass container a few drops of good brandy, a raw chicken egg yolk and a tablespoon of peach oil. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into light massage into the scalp about ten minutes, followed by warm the head with plastic wrap and a towel (on top of cellophane).

Keep the mask on the head exactly one hour, and then wash off the remnants of her shampoo with warm running water. This procedure should be at least two times per week (and no more than three), within one month. Regularly applying it, by the second week you will notice the difference – Your hair will be strong and healthy.

2nd recipe – Revitalizing Hair Mask with Peach Oil

To prepare this mask you need to take one teaspoon of peach oil, one teaspoon of liquid honey and two tablespoons of cottage cheese. Mix all ingredients and apply on the scalp in circular massaging motions for half an hour, then remove the remnants of the mask with warm running water and shampoo. The duration of one year – two times a week for one month. The result will not take a long time to wait!

3rd recipe – Mask with Peach Oil for Dry Brittle Hair

To prepare this mask you need to mix in a deep plate or a bowl of a tablespoon of peach and olive oil and a few drops of liquid vitamin A. Now spread the prepared mixture over the entire length of hair (do not forget the roots) and insulate the head with cellophane wrap and a towel, leave mask for one hour. Remnants of the mask are cleaned with hot water and shampoo suitable for your hair type.

4th recipe – Peach Oil for Split Ends

In order to get rid of split ends of hair to three – four times a week to lubricate the hair with warm peach oil.

If you follow these advices regularly you will make your hair shine and health like on this photo.

But do not forget for healthy hair you must not have any serious desease or problems with your health.

Peach Oil is the best oil for shiny hair