Pawns ears? It is important to find out why!


  • Why do pawns ears?
  • How to treat when the pawns ears
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With the rise to a great height (for example, in an airplane and a hike in the mountains), or with a sharp descent (for example, in the subway), many are faced with the same phenomenon – have suddenly lays his ears. Most often it is not painful, but it is always unpleasant and gives a person a lot of inconvenience. However, these inconveniences can and should learn how to defend themselves.

Why do pawns ears?

Reasons for this phenomenon can be very diverse. As a rule, the main factor is a strong pressure differential cases and at high altitude, and at great depths. The ear does not have time to readjust to the change in pressure, and in the Eustachian tube, balancing it, pressed the eardrum. This has the effect of congestion, and may even cause pain in some situations.

In general, it is considered normal when any plane or at a depth no discomfort person does not feel as the pressure in these cases is changed only at one atmosphere, but this rate is characteristic not all, and in many pawns ears in the plane even when he is just beginning to gain altitude.

Other reasons that may lay the ears, are as follows:

Pawns ears? It is important to find out why!

Pawns ears? It is important to find out why!

  • Eustace – inflammation of the auditory tube of the ear, which occurs during a cold or even a simple cold. So if you have laid the ear with a cold, be sure to check to see whether it had developed inflammation. Also, the reason can be evstahiita sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal septum curvature or overgrown adenoids, because of which often lays the ears of children.
  • Hearing loss (hearing loss), which occurs when damage of the auditory nerve, when he was bad blood goes.
  • This problem is many do not notice the time, even though congestion of the ear and hearing impairment in noisy environments are its main causes.
  • Problems with the heart, ischemic brain disease, hypertension, and some head injuries.

Otitis transferred in childhood, which can lead to the formation of adhesions to the eardrums, causing them to lose their mobility. In this case, the patient lays his ears more often than in healthy people.

How to treat when the pawns ears

Treatment pledged ear depends on the cause of this phenomenon. If you have just laid ears on a plane or subway, but no health problems you are experiencing, you will still need to undergo a full examination to identify the underlying causes of congestion. For example, it may be chronic complications after suffering otitis media, which can in any way you do not disturb, and who can identify only a doctor.

In addition, the most common cause of permanent occurrence of congestion ears are heart problems or nervous system. In these cases, treatment should begin with the verification of the cardiovascular system and brain. As a rule, in this case prescribe special medications and vitamins of group B. It is also to determine the causes of congestion is appointed by an audiogram, which identifies hearing changes, but it must appoint and analyze only a specialist.


If you do not know the causes of congestion in the ears of your case, but you need to fly on a plane or quickly descend into the subway, just drip into the nose vasoconstrictor drops. This is an extreme measure and should not be used too often, but it can help you quickly and relatively harmless. Yet at the first opportunity you have to be sure to consult a doctor.

If the ears are laid down sharply and suddenly (for example, when climbing or descending at high speed lift), try one of the following measures:

  • mouth slightly open;
  • If this does not help, on the contrary close the mouth and nose, and try to hold your breath;
  • start quickly swallow;
  • Drink water in small sips.

If the ears are laid at a depth of diving, hold your nose with your fingers and try to “push” through the air – it stabilizes the pressure and reduce the pain that occurs very often, when immersed in water pawns ears. This pain can not be tolerated, and to treat it lightly: if you feel pain when you have laid the ears, after the first attack, be sure to go to the hospital.