Onion: Useful Properties


  • Onion: Useful Properties
  • Treatment of Onion
  • How to Use a Bow

Good quality, which is famous for onions, most of us know from childhood. This plant is actively used for cooking various dishes, and for the treatment of a variety of diseases, being the “main character” of the set of traditional medicine recipes.

At the same since ancient times the bow attributed to a completely unique qualities: he could not only heal various diseases, but also to awaken strength and energy in the body. That is why, by the way, this vegetable was one of the regular items on the menu, the Roman soldiers and the treatment of onions with only perfected over the centuries.

Speaking about this plant, it should be understood that it has a lot of different varieties and species, but for medicinal purposes is used only ordinary onions – 2-3-year-old plant with white bulbs, which is very unpretentious and can grow even in cool and dry places.

Onion: Useful Properties

Onion: Useful Properties

Onion: Useful Properties

Useful properties of onions are determined primarily by its unique composition. Standard bulb contains:

  • complex sugars,
  • enzymes
  • essential oils,
  • phosphorus and calcium salts,
  • vitamins (including ascorbic acid).

The interaction of different plant components can significantly improve the appetite, which is especially helpful for those who suffer from malnutrition, underweight or trying to regain weight after surgery or disease. Such patients should be sure to include onions in the diet and eat at least one onion per day. It helps to improve digestion, increasing the secretion of gastric juice and facilitating easier digestibility of any substance. Given this, the onions can be used to normalize the active processes in the gastrointestinal tract (certain drugs for stomach and intestines even specially made based on white onion), but this is not its only application.

Treatment of onion

First of all, onions has unique antibacterial properties and is able to fight the virus, even at a distance (which is why it is recommended to inhale the vapors with a cold), and the wounds and scratches heal “packs” of baked onions. Moreover, even the onion is considered an excellent means to reduce the effects of radiation on humans.

Furthermore, onion capable:

  • lower blood pressure (responsible for this prostaglandin A, which is in its composition) and to assist in the treatment of hypertension,
  • calms the nervous system and help to fall asleep,
  • a beneficial effect on the heart (studies show that people who have had a heart attack and then regularly eat onions, it helps to prevent the recurrence of the disease)
  • stimulate the bowel muscles and improve its secretory activity, with the result that onions can be used as an aid in the treatment of diarrhea,
  • treat bronchitis, colds, flu,
  • expel worms,
  • heal wounds and ulcers, as well as to deal with rashes, including acne, boils, and even freckles.

How to use a bow

Of course, the use of onions is evident even in normal use it in food, but if you want to enhance the effect, this plant can also be used in the form of:

  • Juice

Healing juice of this plant has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system. Also useful onion juice diabetes, atherosclerosis, and those who have elevated blood cholesterol.

  • Gruel for compresses

Green onions, mashed to a pulp reduces the pain of insect bites and removes swelling. If several bites, slurry may be placed in a gauze and applying it to the skin. The same slurry regularly applied to the skin of the face, helping to smooth wrinkles.

  • Mixtures with other substances and products

For example, a mixture of grated onion with honey helps relieve bronchitis and prolonged cough.

  • Special preparations

Typically, these preparations contain onion extract, which has anti sclerotic, disinfectant, diuretic and sugar lowering action.

And, of course, one should always keep in mind that the onions are not recommended often use for those who suffer kidney disease, bile excretory tract and liver, as well as everyone who has acute heart disease, as this influence the bow may be too heavy for the body.