Oatmeal is a Natural Recipe for Health


  • Healing Essence of Oatmeal
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Specialists in nutrition believe that human health depends on a supply system. Those. whatever may have been favorable heredity, environment and other living conditions, but if the power is mainly composed of dishes, containing a large number of animal protein, it is likely to age the disease will only multiply. After all, if this diet the body becomes full decomposition products of not digest proteins. However, to solve the problem and clear the body of toxins can be, if you enter into the diet of natural, healthy beverage, which has, without exaggeration, invaluable properties: healthy oatmeal.

Healing Essence of Oatmeal

Intoxicated organs and systems of the body are the cause of many ailments. This occurs when slowing of metabolic processes results in a thickening of blood, hypertension, occurrence of cholesterol, blood clots, etc. With many forms of malnutrition perfectly helps cope oatmeal recipe of Izotov – natural “healer”, which is subject to many diseases. This simple to prepare the drink perfectly regulates metabolism, cleanses the body from decay products of animal protein improves the immune system, stimulates the activity of the large intestine and finally just increases vitality. But the benefits do not end oatmeal. After all, in addition to treatment, he has also a valuable nutritional properties.

Oatmeal is a Natural Recipe for Health

Oatmeal is a Natural Recipe for Health

The presence of essential amino acids, vitamins A, PP, B and the E, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and fluoride, which is rich in oatmeal, cooked a special recipe, it allows you to include in your menu as a fully complete the dish. There is no one recipe for oatmeal, but is considered to be the most valuable method for its preparation, patented by Dr. Izotov. By the way, I must say that before the use of oatmeal to advise others, Vladimir Izotov tested its effect on himself. The results were even higher than he expected! After years of eating jelly of oatmeal, he regained his health, although he had had a rather large bunch of diseases.

Oatmeal Recipe of Izotov

Before you cook oatmeal, make it the basis of: oat concentrate. To do this you will need: 10-15 full tablespoons of oats, 500g of flakes “Hercules”, half a cup of yogurt, a slice of rye bread.

In the three-liter clean pour flakes “Hercules” by adding crushed oatmeal, yogurt and a small slice of black bread. Pour it all boiled water at room temperature by filling a jar to the top. In the summer you need to insulate the bank, and in winter you can just put it to the radiator. Now the product is to wander, but no more than 1-2 days. Longer fermentation can make oatmeal pudding less tasty.

After completion of fermentation processes (active biochemical reactions that result in the accumulation of the protein goes and vitamins), the mixture should be filtered, using a colander with two-millimeter holes and a large enamel pot. Pour the strained liquid into another three-liter jar and place to settle. The rest in a colander weight oat need to repeatedly wash the small portions of cold water, merging them into a separate jar. This liquid should be about three times larger than the original slurry.

Banks should obtain fluid cork lids and leave for 17-18 hours. After a while you will notice formed closer to the bottom of a white precipitate. The liquid above it must be carefully emptied and prepared to move the concentrate into a clean jar and put in the refrigerator, where it can be stored for up to three weeks.

Prepare Healthy Oatmeal

Now we need to take a few spoonfuls of oat concentrate (their number can vary from five to ten, depending on taste), and separate them in two cups of cold water. This is followed by boil down the mixture on low heat for five minutes. In the resulting oatmeal, you can add butter (preferably vegetable) oil and a little salt. Assuming it is desirable in the morning, along with a slice of black bread. After this breakfast comes a feeling of satiety, and without overeating. You can successfully use oatmeal to lose weight, because it has excellent properties enveloping and improves metabolism. A high metabolism is known to be a distinctive feature of the slender nature of the people. The results of the use of this jelly impact on your state of health, and the general state of the figure in a month.