Numbness in the Fingers


  • Why Numb Fingers?
  • The Necessary Survey
  • Treatment of Numbness of Fingers
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Preventive Measures

Full or partial numbness of the fingers at least once in his life had anyone. The temporary loss of sensation and then an unpleasant tingling and chills – a familiar pattern? Not always numbness is a sign of an illness, it is possible that it is a reaction to the heavy load or forced immobility. But if your fingers become numb or regularly appeared numbness in the fingers at night, is more attentive to their health and determine the cause of the unpleasant sensations.

Why Numb Fingers?

The same pain in the arm may be caused by quite different reasons.

In most cases, the perpetrators of numbness of fingers – damage to the cervical-thoracic spine. Degenerative changes that occur after 20 years, gradually leading to the emergence of degenerative disc disease, or, in severe cases, to the emergence of a herniated disc. If it is low back pain or herniated cause numbness, the accompanying symptoms are dizziness, headaches, pressure drops, the limited mobility of the shoulder joint.

Another, less common cause is carpal tunnel syndrome. As a result of repetitive motions, such as typing, playing a musical instrument, or operate the machine, compressed blood vessels that supply blood to the median nerve, and there is numbness, tingling, and even the throbbing pain.

Numbness in the Fingers

Numbness in the Fingers

This symptom is numbness in the fingers should serve as an occasion for a visit to the doctor, because he may be a harbinger or manifestation microstroke, coronary artery disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other serious illnesses.

The Necessary Survey

To which the doctor ask for help if numbness of fingers?

The first visit is, of course, is to make a physician and neurologist. They appoint the necessary examination and recommend, what is still to consult specialists. Accurate diagnosis, determine the causes of numbness of fingers and treated only as a result of a full examination of the body, as it is necessary to exclude the presence of infections.

Often patients are sent to the magnetic resonance (MRI) or computed (CT) scan, by which is detected with absolute precision pathology of intervertebral discs.

Self-medication in this case, can be dangerous, and refer to the fact that any medicine has helped to a Friend, of course, is not worth it!

Treatment of Numbness of Fingers

  • After the examination and determination of the cause of the disease begin treatment.
  • Treatment of numbness caused by poor circulation, can be performed at home, using the methods of traditional medicine.
  • The good effect is achieved by performing contrast baths – hand dipped alternately in hot and cold water, holding each for a minute (the bath is best done 2 times a day)
  • Independently can be prepared medicated oil. Boil 1 liter of a mixture of vegetable oil and 100 g of ground black pepper (to boil with constant stirring for half an hour on low heat). The cooled oil is rubbed into the fingers 2-3 times a day.
  • Hot compress is made of warm pumpkin porridge, applying it to the whole arm up to the shoulder. Cooked porridge can be stored in the refrigerator and used 4-6 times before the procedure warming in a water bath.

Proper Nutrition

  • Great importance is proper nutrition in the treatment of numbness.
  • On the use of alcohol, strong tea and coffee body reacts spasm of blood vessels, so such drinks should be replaced with fruit juices.
  • Useful cereals, especially oat and buckwheat, as they contain a lot of minerals, especially iron.
  • Meals should be moderate, in combination with physical activity on the whole body.

Preventive Measures

In case of numbness of fingers prevention more important than ever!

Physical exercise, of course, necessary and useful, but do not engage in cycling and weight lifting. Gym, walking, swimming – great “break up blood” and reduce the expression of numb.

It is worth paying attention to the selection of clothing. Better to give preference to natural materials. The neck, head and arms should be kept warm.

When working on a computer, knitting, operating machinery, or other activities related to the stress of the wrist, you must take appropriate breaks (minimum – 1 times per hour). During the break, it is desirable to perform several exercises for joint relaxation.