Natural Homemade Facial Scrub: anti-aging effect


  • Natural Homemade Facial Scrub: Anti-Aging Effect on the Skin
  • Types of Homemade Facial Scrubs
  • Facial Scrub: Indications and Contraindications
  • Best Recipes of Homemade Scrubs with Peeling Effect

Are you dreaming of a professional deep cleansing, but have neither the time nor the energy to a beauty salon? It has a wonderful alternative: home facial peels will take care of your clogged pores. Modern cosmetology offers women many recipes for soft and deep cleanse the skin, which can easily made at home.

Natural Homemade Facial Scrub:

Anti-Aging Effect on the Skin

Of course, homemade facial peels can not provide such a deep cleansing of the skin, such as procedures in the beauty salon, but it will help you quickly and efficiently:

  • to clean the skin from stubborn and stuck dirt in the pores;
  • to exfoliate the top already horny layer of the skin;
  • to remove old cells that prevent skin renewal;
  • to refresh your skin;

  • to remove the bumps on the skin surface (home facial peels may contribute to the gradual disappearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and microcracks);
  • to establish the work of circulation and sebaceous glands;
  • to soak better after scrub any creams which will be more efficient.

If you make any natural homemade facial scrub regularly in very short time the skin will begin to bloom: acquire beautiful shade and become velvety in appearance. To enhance the effect of cleaning agent prepared with your own hands, it is necessary to choose the right means and a recipe to follow all the recommendations for its use. Of great importance is the selection of one of the types of home peeling.

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Types of Homemade Facial Scrubs

Skin cleansing can take place at different levels and with different cleansers. Depending on this home facial peels divided into several types:


Mechanical home facial peels includes the following cosmetics:

  • scrubs that contain a fine abrasive solid particles (apricot pits, salt, healing mud, nuts, sugar) and clean the skin effectively;
  • gommazh provides the perfect facial peels at home, being a kind of scrub, but with more tender and gentle effect on the skin; it is recommended for those who have sensitive and delicate skin, which can damage normal scrub;
  • all sorts of masks with peeling effect is easy to prepare at home.

With this kind of peeling you need to be extremely careful, as solids that act on the skin, like a kind of sandpaper, still are irritating and may, if used carelessly injure inflamed or uneven skin.


Chemical peels are available in the home for those who follow the discoveries, innovations and innovations in modern cosmetology. Now in stores you can find a lot of vehicles with a peeling chemical substances that provide the skin and deep cleansing.

Among them, the most effective are:

  • home peeling fruit acids which include glycolic acid, which makes the skin incredibly supple, fills it with moisture and helps get rid of blackheads;
  • masks and scrubs based on the grape, citric, lactic and mandelic acids;
  • very popular salicylic peels at home: salicylic acid promotes the production of collagen and helps to get rid of many skin problems.

Modern technology has made natural homemade facial scrub completely safe and harmless. If you are not sure that the chemistry will be useful for your skin, consult a beautician or perform the test on the wrist. Still, it is worth remembering that the cleansing requires the deepest penetration agents in the skin, so facial peels at home must be done very efficiently and accurately. Selecting the type of peeling that suits you better than the others, consider the indications and contraindications to the use of different cleaning agents at home.

Facial Scrub: Indications and Contraindications

As with any cosmetic procedure, facial peels at home has a number of indications for use. For whom it will be most effective?

for those who has oily skin and enlarged pores needs regular cleaning, as the pores keep many harmful substances;
for owners of sagging and faded skin, who has long ceased to expect miracles from his own reflection in the mirror – and in vain: in this case it is recommended to make peels at home to give your skin the second youth;
for those with have dry, sensitive, thin, young skin the peeling is enough to do every 10 days, so as not to injure the delicate skin.

As for contraindications, deep facial peels at home is not recommended:

  • for problem skin, as abrasives can damage the focus of inflammation;
  • with serious skin diseases;
  • open wounds on the face (especially dangerous is chemical peels for such skin);
  • for sensitive and delicate skin.

This does not mean that this does not require a skin cleansing: we recommend before making the deep peeling at home, consult a beautician.

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Best Recipes of Homemade Scrubs with Peeling Effect

Choosing a means to cleanse their skin at home, do not be lazy to study the market of products offered. Any homemade facial peels reviews will be very different too.


  • Pomegranate Scrub Mask

Pomegranate seeds (4 tablespoons) mixed with lemon juice ( 2 tablespoons) , honey ( tablespoon) and grind in a blender. Apply mask on face steamed, and then you can leave it for 10 minutes.

  • Salt Scrub

Whip sea salt (2 tablespoons) with egg whites.


  • Lemon Sugar Scrub

Drench a cotton pad in freshly squeezed lemon juice and sprinkle with sugar. Grains of sugar serve like abrasive particles. Such facials acid peels will have not only chemical but also mechanical action on the skin.

  • Soda Scrub

Baking soda (2 tablespoons) mixed with yogurt.


  • Oatmeal Scrub

Cereals (2 tablespoons) with sugar and warm milk, leave to form a thick mixture.

  • Creamy Gommazh

Cream powder (1 tablespoon) mixed with barley flour (2 tablespoons) and rice flour (1 tablespoon).


  • Pineapple Mask with Peeling Effect

Pineapple pulp (200 g) was mixed with liquid honey (2 tablespoons) and oatmeal (will be enough and a teaspoon). Keep mask on the face for about 10 minutes. Mask provides skin the lovely fruit peels, but the effect will not differ materially from the salon the same procedures.

  • Glycolic Mask or Scrub

The pharmacy you can buy a mask or scrub based on glycolic acid. It applied to the face with a thin layer of 7-8 minutes. Can not be applied on the delicate skin (around the eyes, lips, nose). It is best to do home glycol peeling only on the bases pharmaceutical preparations and do not attempt to prepare a concentrated solution of the acid itself, as it is sufficiently active and dangerous chemical.

  • Orange Scrub Mask

Dry orange peel (3 tablespoons) mixed with cereal (3 tablespoons) and almonds (1 tablespoon). Grind in a blender and dilute with decoction of chamomile or warm milk till thick consistence. After rubbing the mixture on the face can be left, but no more than 5 minutes.

  • Strawberry Scrub

3-4 large strawberries knead , mix with olive oil (2 tablespoons).

Excellent results can be obtained only for the most patient: skin peeling at home requires the utmost accuracy and patience. Only under these two conditions scrub that you have chosen, can bring the desired results.