Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Home Remedies

My article will introduce you exercises that help you regain elasticity of skin. All the following procedures are simple to use and does not require large expenditures of money and completely safe.

What are the Good Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Home Remedies? – Effective methods and recipes:

Self-Massage of Face

Effect of any cosmetic products can increase many times, regularly performing facial massage. Massage also helps skin to absorb the necessary substances to get rid harmful toxins, and improve tone of the facial muscles. After two – three weeks of self-massage, face will be cleaned of dead cells, smoothed wrinkles and face look – younger and fresher.

Massage treatments 3 T per week. Here are some of exercises :

  • straighten by two fingers (carefully and gently) skin on cheeks;
  • smooth out skin on forehead, a bottom-up (from the eyebrows to the hair);
  • from middle of chin towards the ear lobes straighten the cheeks;
  • by back of the hand massage submandibular area.

Each of exercises are performed on six – seven times.

Skin Care Home Remedies

Natural beauty products can be easily made home and proved to be incredibly effective, they are very gently and carefully affect skin, in addition, as a rule, they are simple, inexpensive to manufacture. We have prepared for you a selection of unique pull-up masks on basis of simple natural ingredients.

Effective Pull-up Masks Recipes:

Firming facial masks at home contribute to the persistence of skin turgor, a distinct oval face and give skin more youthful, fresh, radiant look. Women caring for themselves regularly and, with age, starting to notice that time brings about changes in their appearance.

Begin to appear on skin wrinkles loses its elasticity, the contour of face becomes blurred. Earlier you start your fight for youthful skin, the better the results will be. The modern market of cosmetic products have a vast range of pull-up masks for face .

When used properly, these means bring excellent results. But no less effective pull-up face masks, which can easily be made ​​bu you at home .

1 Firming Face Mask with Honey

We need 1 Tsp. pharmacy clay (you can substitute flour). Dilute it in small amount of warm water, stir to form thick paste. Take 2 TblS. of honey, mix with a diluted solution of pharmacy clay. Then add 1 tbsp. juice of citrus fruit. If you have dry skin, use red clay, flour, rice or oatmeal, fresh tangerine juice (orange). If oily or normal , best effect will black, blue, white, green clay, ordinary wheat flour, lemon juice (grapefruit ).

Stir ingredients well and causes the resulting mask on face, better pay special attention to bottom of chin . After 15 min., wash off running water, causes any moisturizer.

2 Firming Face Mask with Honey plus Blueberries

Bilberry contains large amounts of antioxidants, which in turn neutralize the attack of free radicals and inhibit growth of bacteria on skin, strengthen blood vessels, tightens pores and moisturizes the skin. But note that blueberries can strongly color the skin, so it should be removed with water acidulated with juice of lemon.

This mask is better to do a weekend or evening of the day. Mix 1 /4 cup blueberries in blender until smooth paste . First, on face apply thin layer of honey (unless contraindicated), then layer of blueberry pulp . Leave for 30 min., wash off non cold water acidulated with juice of lemon.

3 Firming Face Mask with Egg White

Mask is perfect tightens pores and improves skin elasticity. Mix 1 egg white, 0.5 of teaspoon of E vitamin oil plus juice of lemon until smooth paste. Apply mask on neck and face area with light massage movements. When the mask is completely dry, rinsed neck and face by warm water. Juice of lemon as part of mask helps lighten age spots, freckles and other spots on neck and face.

4 Firming Mask with Honey plus Avocado

For preparation of face mask, you can use mixture of avocado, honey and egg white. Take half an avocado and mash with fork . Mix it with 2 TblS of honey, 1 egg white to form paste. Apply mask on face, leave it 15-20 min., then wash warm water.

5 Firming Mask with Cucumber and Egg White

Take a small cucumber, grind it in blender. Add 1 egg white, 4 drops of E vitamin oil, 1 TeaS of juice of lemon, mix well. Then apply mask on face, after 20 min., wash warm water.

6 Firming Face Mask with Banana and Cream

Take a quarter cup of heavy cream, 1 ripe banana, 1 E Vitamin in capsule. Mix together cream plus banana to form homogeneous paste, squeeze contents of capsule of vitamin E in blend is well mixed. Mask for about 15 min. Carefully remove with cotton swab and warm water.

7 Firming Face Mask of Mashed Potatoes

First, prepare the usual mashed potatoes. Do not add salt, pepper or other additives. If you have dry skin, mashed potatoes can be made in milk, if oily or normal – on the water. For a better application of mask make a thick puree. We leave it to stand until warm to touch. After that impose a dense layer on neck and face, after 20-30 min. carefully remove potatoes with fingers, then we wash with water at room temperature.

8 Firming Mask based on Starch

Necessary to mix 1TeaS of starch and one banana pulp, apply on neck and face, leave for 0.5 H, then rinse not cold water.

9 Rejuvenating Toning Mask with Anti-Bacterial Effect

Be sure to mix 1TblS of pink cosmetic clay and 1 TblS of juice of lemon (you can add 1 TeaS of honey). The resulting composition should be applied to neck and face for 0.5 H, then rinse not cold water. Mask also has also anti-inflammatory effect.

10 Toning Facial Mask

Need 1 egg white mixed with 1TeaS of juice of lemon, add 3 drops of any essential oil, put on face for 10 min., rinse not cold water. Mask will help to tone up, remove skin and narrow pore.

11 Mask with Olive Oil

You need to mix six drops of fresh juice of lemon with 1 TblS of olive oil, then add mixture to a chicken egg yolk (fresh). Then put a mask on face for 0.5 H, and wash it by not cold running water.

12 Butter

For the preparation of following means rub carefully two chicken egg yolks with 50 grams of fresh butter. Rubbing, add gradually to mix 3 teaS of vegetable oil, a quarter cup of chamomile and half spoon of glycerin. At end of preparation put into the mix thirty grams of camphor alcohol. Mix all ingredients, apply cream on skin for 0.5 H, rinse with plain water. Keep this cream in fridge, use it at least twice per day.

13 Mask of Flour (Wheat)

Whisk one egg forming a foam, add 1 TeaS of salt and fifty grams of vegetable oil. Now fill twenty-five grams of flour one glass of purified water and simmer over low heat until thick mass. In the finished mixture should pour glass of water, then drain it, add egg and oil mixture. Whisk everything until smooth, use it as cream.