Most Effective Treatment for Stretch Marks on Stomach

If you do not know what is a Mumio (Shilajit), pls read at this article. Moreover you can find one effective recipe for your hair.

But in fact, not only ordinary people but also experienced scientists scratching their heads what is this natural product which is called mumio.

Some think that this substance has a geological origin, and others support the biological theory. Mumio is formed in the mountains, particularly in the various cavities and crevices. It is a black or dark brown solid mass of brilliant, similar to the resin. When heated, the mumio softens and dissolves well in water.

Now-a-days Shilajit (Mumio) according to its useful properties is a very popular and effective treatment for stretch marks on stomach. Of course, there are other means, but the mumio has unique properties: it is absolutely safe, does not produce any ill effects and has a healing effect, by which the skin cells recover quickly.

This amazing natural complex encompasses strong regenerative properties that help to run the recovery process of the human body.

In today’s world there are no analogues mumio. Other means, such as mesotherapy or conventional creams for stretch marks – are ineffective, and some – abrasive and acid exposure, abdominal plastic or laser therapy, and even traumatic. They do not restore skin cells and fibers.

A combination of components that contain cream for stretch marks with mumio, not only affects the upper epidermis, but also improves blood circulation in the damaged dermis.

Treatment of Stretch Marks with Mumio

  • The basis of the ointment against stretch marks can be an ordinary baby cream. One tube of cream should take 2 grams mumio dissolved in 1 teaspoon of water. Cream and the solution was mixed thoroughly. To store the drug is recommended in the refrigerator. The cream should be rubbed for 5 minutes in the problem areas of the skin before going to bed. If you want to achieve the effect of faster, application of the cream 2-3 times a day.
  • Also, just before rubbing can mix mumio in a pink oil, 1 gram of mumio per 1 tablespoon of pink oil. Oils needs to be taken as much as you need at one time. To rub overnight in the stretch.
  • Tonic or body lotion also can be suitable for making the basics: 1 gram mummy should be diluted in 125 ml. Apply before going to bed, rubbing in a circular motion. To prepare the ointment you need to take tonic or body lotion maximum of two times usage. By the way, it is better to take a lower milk fat content.

Nuances and Results

Naturally, large stretches marks you hardly will remove permanently. Even plastic does not cope with them. But for sure you reduce them immeasurably. Small stretches marks, in almost all cases, disappear altogether. During the healing the stretch marks may turn red, do not be afraid – this is normal.

Results after using the cream with the mumio are different, but at any case, the process is quite long, so pull yourself together and be patient.

To clearly see the difference you can photograph the problem areas every week. In a month you will be amazed at what happened in the end.