Most Common Methods of Removing Hair at Home


  • Shaving Hair 
  • Chemical Depilation 
  • Waxing 
  • Apply Electric Epilator 
  • Sugaring 
  • Laser Hair Removal

For many women the procedure of removing hair has become an integral part of the body care. At the same time there are different ways and methods of removing hair. This can be a saloon or home procedure of removing hair. Whichever option you choose, consider the pros and cons of the main methods of hair removal at home.

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Most Common Methods of Removing Hair at Home

Shaving Hair

Is one of the most simple and affordable methods of hair removal at home. There are two types of shaving: wet and dry shaving.

Wet Shaving

For the wet shaving the razors with multiple blades are applied. This allows the razor to glide smoothly over the surface of the skin, removing all hairs and horny layers of the skin. Additional use of a gel or shaving foam improves glide and softens hard hairs. This method is valid for the shaving of hair removal from the skin of hands, feet, armpits, bikini area.

Dry Shaving

With this type of shaving using an electric shaver. Application of additional funds to improve the slip is not necessary. Shave is possible in the course of the hair, and against.

Pluses Shaving

Shaving is an effective painless method of hair removal.
Can be used for any body part.
Relatively cheap method.

Cons shaving

To keep the skin smooth and velvety you have to shave very often, as the hair grow back very quickly.
Ingrowing hair can occur in the skin.
When an improper safety can be cuts and skin inflammation.

Skin Care Aftershave

To soothe the skin and relieve irritation, always use a cream or lotion after shaving. This further moisturize the skin and reduce the risk of wetting the hair.

Chemical Depilation

For this method of removing hair the different creams, lotions, foams with the active chemical substance are used, that destroys the hair shaft at the skin surface. Chemical depilatory agents are easy to use and effective in removing hair. After use the hairs become softer, grow slower and less.

There is no danger of injury to the skin, as shaving, the risk of ingrown hairs slightly below. The main disadvantage of depilatories means is their high ability to cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. In addition, many women do not like their unpleasant smell. In general, this method of removing hair is acceptable to perform at home.


Many women find waxing at home the most effective method of removing hair. When performing this procedure, special wax composition is applied in the direction of hair growth, and then flick removed against their growth.

Waxing is pretty painful procedure, and this’s its main drawback. Some of the advantages, that the hair after waxing grow relatively slowly, does not appear coarse hair, hair grow much flat and become more rare.

As with the selection of hair removal cream, wax must be chosen according to skin type. And after waxing do not forget to put on your moisturizer or nourishing to relieve irritation.

Apply Electric Epilator

When using electric epilator the plucking of hairs from the follicles comes, but not cutting as shaving. Application of electric epilator ensures long (up to 4 weeks) effect, and the hair will be more subtle and rare.

The main disadvantage of the use of electric epilator is the duration and soreness procedure. To reduce the pain is good to take a warm bath, or treat the skin for epilation with a piece of ice before electro-epilation. After the procedure, apply to the skin soothing and cooling lotion.

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Most Common Methods of Removing Hair at Home


The most ancient method of removing hair based on the application as a means-epilator – sugar paste. Sugar paste (or syrup) is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed against (as well as wax). The method is easy to use, cheap, virtually no contraindications and side effects.

Laser Hair Removal

If you have a question: “How to remove unwanted hair permanently at home?” This is the best method to do this. Apparatus for laser hair removal sends a narrow beam of light on the follicle for its destruction, thereby preventing further hair growth. Laser hair removal procedure is often performed under the cabin, trained technician. Although now you can buy a dedicated device for laser removing hair at home. This will not only save you time and money, but also to avoid severe pain, as home laser device is less powerful, than a professional, and cause rather tingling, than pain.

However, the lack of power does not destroy the follicles after the first use, and laser hair removal procedure will be repeated several times. Also remember, that laser hair removal is not for everyone, and to avoid unwanted effects before applying laser hair removal, consult an expert.

We hope, that having read the article to the end, you will choose the most suitable and easy method for removing hair at home.