Mask for Beauty with Black Clay: cosmetic properties and use


  • Cosmetic Properties of Black Clay
  • How to Make a Black Clay Face Mask
  • Mask for Beauty with Black Clay

This is a cosmetic clay, which is the most dense in consistency; a black powder, dark gray or ordinary gray, greasy to the touch. Has been used long time, as is known because of its cosmetic properties. It is actively used for the preparation of anti-inflammatory, cleansing and rejuvenating masks, which help the skin to bloom and look beautiful and young.

Cosmetic Properties of Black Clay

Versatility of black clay makes it an indispensable means for the cosmetic care of any type of skin. Whether appeared acne, chapped whether the face, whether there were unpleasant wrinkles around the mouth – in any situation, it will come to the rescue. Its mineral composition (strontium, calcium, silica, magnesium, iron) is actively involved in cellular processes, which explains the effect that the black clay has on the skin:

how to make clay face mask

  • dries the oily skin, eliminating shine, normalizing sebaceous glands;
  • eliminates acne, pimples;
  • cleans the pores of traffic jams, pollution, black dots;
  • nourishes the skin;
  • improves blood circulation, whereby the natural color of the face is returned;
  • has anti-aging properties, pulling the skin and smoothing out small, shallow wrinkles.

Despite of fatty and dense texture and versatility of black clay, specialists recommend a black clay as a cosmetic means which is used for oily and problem skin.

It must be applied as part of household masks that can be cooked in 2-3 minutes.

How to Make a Black Clay Face Mask

beauty clay

In order to the mask from black clay justified the trust, they must be prepared properly and applied correctly. Helpful hints for you.

  • You can not apply a mask of black clay with rosacea and facial vasculature.
  • Black clay powder has to be pre-diluted in a liquid at room temperature, to get a creamy mass.
  • After preparing the mixture is lubricated to the skin on your wrist to make sure there is no allergy to any component of the mask.
  • Apply product to the face, on the massage lines, without affecting the area around the eyes.
  • Not worth to keep mask more then necessary, that it does not leave the feeling of tightness in the face. Fifteen minutes will be enough.
  • Rinse with ordinary warm water.
  • Then apply the usual skin cream.
  • Such procedures can be 1-2 times a week, preferably after a bath, when the skin steamed and cleared with some scrub.
  • 10-12 procedures need to take a break every 2-3 weeks.

Nothing complicated in preparing of these masks: they do not take a lot of time, but the result is liked by everyone. Look for your own version among the variety of recipes.

Mask for Beauty with Black Clay

beauty clay

To strengthen or weaken an action of black clay on the skin, the additional ingredients are added to the masks.

Look carefully not to be the allergen for you among them.

  • To Stop Blackhead with Black Mask

Dilute black clay in the decoction or infusion of the Bídens tripartíta/Bidentis herba (a tablespoon of raw pour a glass of boiled water, for one hour).

  • Classical Mask

Dilute black clay in water to a creamy consistency and apply on face without any additional components.

  • Moisturizing Mask

Mix the powder diluted in water (one tablespoon) with oily sour cream (one tablespoon) and raw egg yolk.

  • Whitening Mask

Dissolve the powder in warm milk, mix the resulting cream (two tablespoons) with sour cream (one tablespoon) and chopped parsley (one tablespoon).

  • Cleansing Mask

Mix 1 tsp. spoon of warm infusion of marigold and lemon fresh juice. The resulting liquid has to be diluted with the powder until paste, and apply on face.

  • Softening Mask

Mix the powder diluted in water (1 tablespoon) with cucumber puree without peel and seeds (1 tablespoon).

Convince about the wonderful properties of black clay and make one of the masks. Result can usually be seen after the first procedure. Beautiful, fresh, smooth, clean and tightened skin will allow you to look good in any situation. For such a stunning effect worth a try.