Marble Water Nail Manicure: WORKSHOP

Are you tired of monochromatic painted nails? And you can not make a drawing well? – It is not a problem. So, take different colored varnishes and a cup of water. We will do the drawing. You will need toothpicks also. Paint your nails. It is the basis. Dry them well.

marble water nail 3

Now take a cup with water and dig a drop of first varnish.

marble water nail 4

Put the next drop of other varnish.

marble water nail 5

Mix the colors, giving the figure.

marble water nail 6

Dip the nail. Collect the excess of varnish with toothpick.

marble water nail 7

Take out the finger from water. Remove all the excess with acetone. And so we proceed with the remaining nine fingers.

Marble Water Nail

Second time this pattern is not repeated.

marble water nail