Makeup Tutorial for Small Eyes: eye makeup to make eyes bigger


  • Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Bigger with Correction of Eyebrows
  • Hide Bad Dark Circles
  • Proper Application of Eyeliner on Small Eyes
  • Mascara: Best Lashes for Small Eyes

Fortunately, in the past are the days when women had to be content with those external data, which the nature gave them. To date, all of the beauty industry with its huge capacity is working to serve the lovely ladies. In this article we will discuss how to use makeup to make your eyes more. It does not require any surgical scalpel, no progress in cosmetology – just apply makeup correctly.

Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Bigger with Correction of Eyebrows

It must be remembered that the bushy eyebrows, too close to the century, clearly further reduce the small eyes. So arm yourself with tweezers for eyebrows and remove the lower hairs that are closer to the eyes, so you can make an eyebrow and higher and more subtle that visually expand your eyes.

Consult a professional makeup artist, unless you are very confident in their abilities. It will help you find the perfect eyebrow shape.

Makeup eyebrows you can use paint or special eyebrow pencil to make expressive eyebrows and attractive.

Hide Bad Dark Circles

Bags under the eyes are also visually reduce eye. Saves us is that today there are so many different concealers. Among them, one can easily choose only what suits you. This concealer is applied completely around the eyes (and under the eye and over the eyelid). It helps to lighten the skin and even make the color equable.

Choose Eyeshadows

eye makeup to make eyes bigger

It should be noted immediately that for our purposes the dark eyeshadows do not fit, because, as we know dark colors have the ability to visually reduce or narrow the objects.

  • Thus, we have to choose only the light eyeshadows – white, beige, beige and yellow, ivory, peach, light pink, etc… Apply the eyeshadows around the eyes, but the area under the brow and inner corner of the eye should be given more attention. If you have any wrinkles, you should stop the choice on pearlescent shadows. They do not emphasize the extra folds.

Moderately dark eyeshadows need to create a shadow zone. When they are selected, you can rely on your own taste, habits, preferences.

Making Eyeshadows

We must not forget that in this case the application of shadows effectively start from the outer corner of the eye. But to touch the mobile eyelid is not necessary. With thick soft brush draw an arc above the fold of the eye cavities, then blend it outwards. Then, till the middle of the lower eyelid, i.e. to the level of pupil of the eye, apply dark shades shadows. By the way, on top the dark shadows are applied in the same way – till the level of the pupil of the eye.

  • In this technique, make-up (for small eyes) the secret of drawing shadows is in necessary of shading shadows to your temples. And the more you shading the dark shadows, the eyes appear larger, and the further they will be visually from the nose.

Makeup for Small Green Eyes

Choose the shadows with a “glimpse” of nacre. Try a variety of shades of brown, especially chocolate hue. They help to create an interesting version of “cat-eyes”.

  • Pale orange color, the whole range of shades of pink, brown and red (“rusty”) shades contrast with green eyes and emphasize their color.

Just the beauty of green eyes is highlighted successfully by the color of moss and olive shades. Use these shades to create a natural look.

Makeup for Small Brown Eyes

What shade are good for small makeup brown eyes ?

So, for owners of the light-brown eyes the olive- brown scale is suited well. Especially, if the skin is somewhat dark shade. If you have fair skin with almost porcelain shade is perfectly suited bright cool colors: sea shade, bright blue and fuchsia.

Proper Application of Eyeliner on Small Eyes

Remember that inappropriate actions with eyeliner can cause the opposite effect. Then your eyes will look contrary less.

To avoid this, it is necessary to hold the line on the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the century. It must terminate at a level of the iris. There is no nesessary to underline with pencil or eyeliner the inner corner of the eye. Otherwise eyes will become much smaller. In order a pencil-line does not end abruptly in the middle of the eye, you can retouch the end of the line using a brush, cotton swab or finger.

  • It must be done so that the line gradually narrowing, came to naught. Note that the pencil-line must be as close to the lashes. Then, you can make the same line on the lower eyelid to the iris.

Mascara: Best Lashes for Small Eyes

best lashes for small eyes

Before you apply mascara, optimally use the curler for eyelash and lift them slightly. This trick allows for your eyes to look a little more visually. Remember, that the lashes which look downward, create the shadows under the eyes, and this contributes to their reduction.

  • By the way, just because of this we do not recommend to use the bulk mascara. It makes the cilia thicker and thereby create a shadow. A great option for small eyes – is lengthening-mascara. In order to make your look more expressive, mascara should be applied on the lower lashes.

We hope you will be able to competently create makeup for small eyes, and your eyes will seem more, and stay always in the spotlight.