Makeup Tips for Women over 40: how not to look ridiculous?


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Upon reaching the age of forty the women become demanding and whimsical. In most cases, after 40 years is more comfortable to feel yourself in a sophisticated and delicate makeup, where the pastel colors are dominated. Best of all at this age to create makeup in the beige-brown palette of shades.

After 40 years, you can not rush to extremes, because the bold decisions, that do not meet this age, will look absolutely ridiculous. So, how do you create the right make-up 40-year-old woman, to appear younger, than your true age?

Proper Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

The skin of 40-year-old woman needs for special care – a constant hydration and nutrition. The main principle of the selection of the cream is to maximize means under your skin type and your age.

For 40-year-old some companies are developing the entire product line, which includes day and night creams, milks for de-makeup, eye cream, various tonics etc. It is very important to understand, that the cream for young skin in your case will not help more, but also the means for aging skin is not worth buying yet.

makeup tips for women over 40

Makeup Tips for Women over 40: how not to look ridiculous

Beautiful Lips Make-Up

With age, the lips lose their attractiveness: they do not have volume, the mesh of wrinkles appears and the outline is slightly blurred. These factors must be considered when creating makeup.

  • If the mesh of wrinkles has formed around the lips, do not use a line-pencil – it will further strengthen this shortcoming. Furthermore, the wrinkles become more noticeable when using a dark shade lipstick. If you do decide to use the pencil for your lips, refuse the ones which are much darker then the tone of lipsticks.

Since age the lips needs more moisture, they absorb the lipstick more intense. In some cases, the lipstick can flow from the lips and goes into the zones where the wrinkles are located, that gives not an aesthetic appearance. The best for woman after 40 years to give the preference to lighter shade of lipstick.

Only in moderation!

Very often you will notice that the woman who recently turned 40 years old, continues by inertia to use the same techniques for creating makeup that at 20-30 years old. However, it should be noted that such actions create the opposite effect, and instead get a nice make-up, the image becomes coarse and even vulgar.

  • In this case, make-up artists recommend to determine the most spectacular part of the face and focus on what is beneficial to highlight it and underline. The emphasis is only on one piece!

Mature woman should also exclude the bright colors from her cosmetic. The bright shades in the old face attract the attention to it, and highlighting all the shortcomings of appearance and age-related changes in a negative light. For example, a thick layer of tonal framework not hide fine lines, but rather emphasize their presence.

Best Ways to Look Younger

The proper makeup for a mature woman should favorably emphasize her attractive facial features, and hide the shortcomings of her appearance. Here the makeup tips for women over 40:

  • give the preference to a more brighter tone cream than you are accustomed to using. Too dark cream, getting into wrinkles will only highlight them rather than mask – so it will make focus on your aging skin. Whereas lighter shade of concealer freshen the skin well and qualitatively disguise the age changes. It is necessary to apply the foundation with a thin layer, while carefully feather the cream color and smooth the transition from the face to the neck area;
  • it is better to choose the dry and crumbly powder. It will not clog the pores and will be a great base for make-up. Keep the tone of powder of the same color as the foundation (you can also choose a slightly lighter powder);
  • you can continue to use the blush. The main thing – do not choose the pink shades of blush, beige or peach color;
  • using the shadows you can also make your eyes more expressive, but do not overdo it. Shades of shadows have to be more calm than before, and not to cause confusion among the people around you;
  • if you are used to using the eyeliner for makeup, refuse the saturated and broad lines. For women over 40 years the makeup artists recommend to colour the eyelids with thin brown arrows;
  • the lipstick should not have a bright shade. At this age the calm and warm colors are ideal. Pick up a pencil-outline only to the tone of lipstick and apply lipstick on your lips in two or three layers (first layer clean with a napkin);
  • to refresh your lips use the lip gloss instead of lipstick;
  • be sure to remove makeup every night with the special means for your age.

Cosmetics does not have the best effect on the skin, especially in an age, when you have to fight for the extension of your young. And remember, that the creation of make-up – is a creative process, what kind of image you will ultimately create, depends only on you.