Makeup Brush Care: How to wash your makeup brushes?


  • How to Wash Your Makeup Brushes at Home?
  • Final Tips for Makeup Brush Care.
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Makeup Brushes are the main component of your cosmetics. They come in different shapes and sizes, which vary depending on their destination, and the materials for the manufacture of a wide variety of brushes, too.

  • The cheaper brushes are made of plastic or nylon sponge, the more expensive – of natural materials, such as wool and animal hair, and the handles are made of fine wood.

Using a brush allows apply the makeup more intelligently and easily. You should know the proper makeup brush care as good care can remove them with dirt, grease and bacteria that settle on the pile during their use .

  • Thus, the ability to purify the good makeup brushes will help you avoid troubles such as allergic rashes, irritation and acne on your face. In addition, regular cleansing brushes will extend their life.

How to Wash Your Makeup Brushes at Home?

how to wash your makeup brushes

Makeup Brush Care: How to wash your makeup brushes?

There are many options for cleaning brushes for makeup. You can find many available means at home, which can be used for this purpose. Consider some of the most simple and effective options.

Makeup Brush Care with Shampoo

Baby Shampoo – a good way to clean makeup brushes. Shampoo is mild enough and effective way, there is no very corrosive chemicals, that can spoil pile, especially if it is made from natural materials. Such a method is very good cleans traces of lipstick, foundation, powder, blush and shadow.

  • To begin with, erase the remnants of cosmetics, with a piece of cloth or cotton pad. Then hold for several minutes brush under running water, then can cause baby shampoo directly to the villi. Lather the shampoo and rinse thoroughly with villi, as long as the water is clear.

Another embodiment of the purification is the preparation of a solution of the baby shampoo and wash with it, followed by rinsing with running water and drying.

Makeup Brush Care with Vinegar

Another effective method of cleaning brushes involves the use of vinegar. The method is particularly good, when the brushes are used by several people. To do this dilute with one part vinegar with two parts of warm water in a glass.

  • Then, the brush is immersed in vinegar solution, and kept therein for a certain time (typically 30 – 40 minutes). At the expiration of the time they are pulled out from the solution and rinsed well under running water.

Makeup Brush Care with Specialized Means

There are special means designed to clean makeup brushes. You can always buy them in cosmetic stores. Using these means, you can remove stubborn dirt quite easily and quickly. Simply apply the cleaner on the brush, then wipe it with a cloth, trying to keep the shape of the villi. That’s all, the brush is ready for use again.

Final Tips for Makeup Brush Care

No matter, which method of cleaning you choose, remember, that before using the wet brush, it should be thoroughly dried. Do not use a hair dryer to dry or electric dryer, better dry the brush for makeup naturally. To do this, simply place them on a level surface and wait for complete drying.

  • The brush for applying foundation and lipstick should be cleaned after each use. All the other brushes, which are used for dry cosmetic products, can be cleaned once a week.

And most importantly, no matter how dirty your makeup brushes were, never wash them in boiling water, as this will ruin them completely. Following these simple methods of cleaning and caring for makeup brushes, will significantly increase their life, without loss of form and quality of the villi.

Makeup Brush Care: Storage, Cleaning and Maintenance. VIDEO