Make Your Own Beauty Products

Today a lot of advice on the application of pharmaceutical products for the home of cosmetology. They will help you to make your own beauty products for the effective home care, but not as expensive as salon procedures. So, if you do not have a lot of money to visit a salon, using data from the tips you’ll look as good as Angelina Jolie.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The well-known disinfectant and deodorant, absolutely harmless and you can find it in every house. We clean our ears and are applying to cuts to stop the bleeding, but it can be also useful for our physical appearance.

If you like scratch the pimples at the face, or you squeeze pimples, before that do not forget to moisten the skin with hydrogen peroxide thoroughly. It is well loosens the horny layer of the skin, and they will be very easy to come to the surface when pressed together with the entire rod.

After removing this dirtyness from your skin , wipe again with these places – so you close your pores and make disinfection, and the next day on his face will not be any traces.

Your deodorant is suddenly ended? – Clean the armpit with hydrogen peroxide, sweating it certainly will not reduce , but the smell for a long time will not be exact . By the way, if you want to extend, for a couple of hours a deodorant effect , for example, if it is a long trip, and you would surely stay fresh, this advice will help, too. Only apply deodorant already dried skin up.

And if you do not have any makeup, peroxide helps you out. Hydrogen peroxide can replace tonic or lotion as it greatly cleans, whitens and tightens pores. Suitable for all skin types , and for fat – just perfect , because reducing sebum secretion and can be used daily.

make your own beauty products

Porifera – Freshwater Sponge

Of all the masks with the addition of hydrogen peroxide, a mask with Porifera – Freshwater Sponge is the most famous.

Freshwater sponge named Badiaga in powder form sold in virtually every pharmacy. Many people believe that by peeling with Badiaga, not much inferior to the effect of salon procedures. In principle , it is, but there is one drawback – Badiaga, long-term use causes hair growth. If the hair on your face you are already have, then mask badiaga do not suit you.

You can agree that this minus is too small. And if you have no contraindications, then badiaga can magically transform your skin. The upper layer of dead cells after a few masks substantially is completely removed. In this layer, usually we have all the acne, and blackheads, and pimples are different. To make such a mask is better, if you stay at home next 12 hours, because you will be as red as a tomato.

In short , just dilute the powder peroxide, and a minute later applied to wet skin. Redness will stop faster, you can then apply zinc ointment. After doing this mask for 3 – 4 days, the skin may peel off, and as soon as all recover, you can make a mask – peeling again. Course masks are always better than one, the only one mask. But you are to decide by yourself how much times you need to do. And be careful with the sun, it is not recommended to make this mask in the summer.

Porifera - Freshwater Sponge

Calendula Tincture

Calendula tincture is absolutely necessary in every medicine cabinet. It is proved that it is more effective than iodine for the treatment of wounds and cuts, as calendula has the unique ability to accelerate tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation and induce wound healing.

If this facility helps to cure boils and ulcers, it means it gets rid of blackheads for sure. I do believe the best lotion is a tincture of calendula. If you are afraid of alcohol, then dilute it with water at a ratio of 1 to 1.

Still, calendula tincture dries well the skin of the head, and if you rub regularly it, the hair will defile itself considerably less. To strengthen the hair you can add to the calendula tincture some of castor oil. You need to rub for a month, and it’s good to help with seborrhea.

make your own beauty products with сalendula tincture

Salicylic Alcohol and Salicylic Ointment

Component of almost all anti-acne and anti seborrheic funds. Salicylic acid dissolved in alcohol is sold in every drugstore. If you have acne, blackheads, acne on the back, very oily skin, and the like – salicylic ointment is for you.

I read recently that in USA study was conducted to find out the most effective anti-acne and pimples means. Americans have come to the conclusion that the salicylic acid is so far the best known, and consider it is used almost for all the problems with the skin.

One of my girl-friend fights very effectively with black dots, applying salicylic ointment every night after wiping with hydrogen peroxide. Salicylic ointment acts softer than the alcohol and good exfoliate dead skin cells.

I warn you – salicylic alcohol dries the skin very much, so apply it only to the place required. By the way, salicylic solubles only in alcohol, so it is unclear where it is taken in alcohol free lotions. And salicylic acid prevents calluses and rough skin, so after a pedicure apply it on the heel and other trouble spots.

make your own beauty products with salicylic ointment

Zinc Ointment

Zinc ointment – it’s an anti-inflammatory agent that has podsushivayuschee, absorbent, astringent and antiseptic effect. After cleansing your face, including home-made, apply the zinc ointment to any inflammation of the skin and acne.

Again, if the pimple starts, apply the zinc ointment to this place for the night and in the morning it will be gone away. No wonder the zinc is part of the widely advertised facilities for problem skin. Only they are expensive, but the ointment – a penny.

Another piece of advice that you do not have irritation after waxing the bikini area, apply the zinc ointment for a few hours. Usually one treatment is enough to forget about the troubles to the next procedure.

You have done a pedicure – at home or in the salon, and you want to save a little longer effect? Just periodically apply the zinc ointment on your foot and heel. It is checked.

make your own beauty products with zinc ointment

The Oils of St. John’s wort, Chamomile, Nettle, Burdock, Castor

All of these oils are not the deficit and affordable, and they nourish and regenerate hair very well. I advise you to buy each of them, and make a hot wraps with every oil one by one. Usually, oil is packaged in small glass bottles, I just put the bottle with oil to a glass with boiling water, and a minute later I apply the heated oil on my hair. Do this twice a week.

make your own beauty products with oils

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate or Magnesium)

The drug is known to all hypertensive patients and people with liver disease. As far as I know, an ambulance magnesia in ampoules used for the rapid decompression. But for our purposes with you – gaining grooming and health – we need magnesium powder.

If you need urgently, literally one day to lose weight, then you will bath with 1 kg of magnesium. The effect is based on the removal of excess water from the body. Bath and useful for people suffering from edema, which is well helps the kidneys to handle the load.

Patients with psoriasis such a bath is also very easier life, as well cleanses the skin. Bath with Epsom salts will also be useful for people with problem skin on the body, acne on the back and chest and just wanting to cleanse the body . Just do not overdo it , bath with magnesium can apply maximum – once a month, so it is a very powerful means.

make your own beauty products with magnesium sulfate

Cosmetic Clay

Everybody knows about clay (white, green, blue, etc.). And about the utility of clay masks, baths and wraps, I think, too. Buy a couple of packages, if you have not tried. White clay is the best for dry skin and hair, green – for oily skin and greasy hair, blue, in principle, suitable for all.

Of course, a simple cosmetic clay is not as effective as, for example, Moroccan, or the one that is sold in Indian stores. But then the price is also different.

make your own beauty products with сosmetic clay

Selenium Disulphide

The well-known even to our parents and has anti-dandruff action.

Selenium Disulphide will help you, if you have dandruff, split ends dull hair, as well as if they quickly greasy, whipped or drop out.

make your own beauty products with selenium disulphide

Cubes with Herbs

Chamomile + series + jojoba oil + olive oil! And all of it in the freezer! In the morning, wipe the face of a cube! It becomes fresh, rosy and soft! In general, during the day, if you are tired, wipe a face and your tiredness disappears!

make your own beauty products with cubes with herbs

Vitamins A and E

Vitamins A and E are super means against wrinkles. Morning and evening they are applied together to the skin around the eyes. Or, you can smear only 1 time a day, hold 2 hours, then it is absorbed, or wet cloth. If you are at home, so you can stay all the day! Good effect. Use 2 weeks, then a break.

make your own beauty products

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Apply a thick layer of 3 times a day, a few days and the swelling and wrinkles should go away.
You can try castor oil. In the morning apply it after the Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

make your own beauty products with Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Calcium Chloride

Peeling – Hollywood cleaning

On a clean, dry face apply a calcium chloride solution and wait until dry, then apply a second coat, and then wait for drying. Lathered hands with baby soap, gently massage the skin by rolling the coil. The mechanism here is the following: calcium chloride is reacted with soap (sodium salt and potassium salt of higher carboxylic acids) formed by sodium or potassium chloride, and the insoluble calcium salt of higher carboxylic acids, which rolls, simultaneously grasping a part of the top layer of keratin scales. It turns superficial gentle exfoliation.
The use of calcium chloride to cleanse the skin may be in the absence of inflammatory cells.
Very efficient. Tested!

make your own beauty products with calcium chloride

Retinoic Ointment – a Storehouse of Vitamin A

The ointment is marketed as the anti-acne, but is also an excellent prevention of aging, improves skin, removes redness.

Make the mask with it for 20-30 minutes, you can last longer. Someone leaves for the night. I heard that in the U.S. A. the beauticians prescribe it as the only proven way to combat with the wrinkles.

make your own beauty products with retinoic ointment