Magne B6 Benefits: Protection of Nervous System


  • Magne B6 Benefits: Protection of Nervous System
  • Uses for Vitamin B6

Yesterday was sorry for myself to tears, today you want to yell everybody or even to beat. What to do? Why does life suddenly everything began to see in the gray color and how to change it? Maybe everything will fall into place, one has only to drink away the course Magne-B6. Magnesium is one of the elements necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Magne B6 Benefits: Protection of Nervous System

Not for nothing is considered the basic magnesium female element. Magne-B6 in pregnancy and menstrual period, a woman is able to provide peace of mind. Its sedative and calming effect lowers anxiety and tearfulness, helps to cope with increased irritability and nervousness. In addition, it has a positive effect on the physical condition of the woman – eliminates or at least reduces the pulling pain in the lower abdomen, as well as a feeling of heaviness and breast tenderness. When it comes to menopause, Magne-B6 smoothes its symptoms. Not so pronounced becomes sweating, fatigue is reduced, the pressure stabilizes.

Magne B6 Benefits Protection of Nervous System

Magne B6 Benefits Protection of Nervous System

To enrich your diet with magnesium should be included in the menu more green vegetables, and it is better if these vegetables are raw or minimally processed thermally. Common salt is replaced by the sea, and the usual white rice to brown. Give up bread from flour, bread, give preference to products from wheat flour with added bran.

To magnesium fully absorbed by the body, you must eat in abundance not only in magnesium-rich foods, but also enough vitamin B6. A large number of it are included in bananas, baked potatoes in their skins, goat’s milk and buckwheat.

However, even the feeding in this manner may be encountered with a magnesium deficiency. Then come to the aid Magne-B6 vitamins. This French medication that perfectly replenishes the body’s need for magnesium and vitamin B6 during pregnancy, regular stress, increased physical and psychological stress.

Uses for Vitamin B6

You should take Magne-B6 courses twice a year. During the first two weeks of the body is saturated with active magnesium. This period is recommended to take two tablets three times a day. The next six weeks of medication taken in a low dosage – two tablets twice daily.

Take Magne-B6 tablets with only six years of age. For younger children the drug is administered as a solution. A solution of Magne-B6 for children weighing more than 10 kg shall be appointed at the rate of 10-20 microns per 1 kg of body weight of the child per day.

During pregnancy, Magne-B6 take prescribed by a doctor on the basis of biochemical analysis of blood. To date, revealed no adverse effects on the fetus of magnesium, an overdose of this element but also harmful to the body, as well as the lack of it. Therefore, control of the state of blood counts is necessary. Furthermore, it is necessary to monitor renal function, renal failure since a clear contraindication to receive magnesium. Most pregnant women take calcium supplements. Keep in mind that dramatically reduces calcium magnesium assimilation in the body. Optimally just drink away the course Magne-B6, and then begin a course of drugs that contain calcium. In addition, magnesium reduces the iron absorption. If a pregnant low hemoglobin, and it appointed preparations containing iron, it should be at this time refuse to accept magnesium.

Nursing mothers receiving magnesium products is not recommended, since magnesium easily gets into the milk.