Liquid Crystals for Hair Natural Treatment


  • Effective Hair Treatment with “Liquid Crystals”
  • Hair Remedies – Liquid crystals TM Brelil
  • Hair Remedies – Liquid crystals Constant Delight
  • Hair Natural Treatment with Barex Products
  • Comments and Opinions about Liquid Crystals

Many women do not know how to use Liquid Crystals for hair, they even are not even aware of the existence of them. In fact, such a remedy is considered to be multi-functional, it is often used by professional hairdressers, stylists in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes like universal hair remedies.

Effective Hair Treatment with “Liquid Crystals”

Regeneration of damaged structure of hair after dyeing, lightening or perm. Each hair is covered with a protective film. Softening and smoothing hair.

  • Eliminating the effect of dry tips. The components of the hair remedies make the tips more manicured and moisturised.

Hair becomes docile, easy to comb, this also applies to the most problematic and unruly hair.

  • Liquid crystals provide excellent thermal protection when using a hair dryer or “ironing”. 5 drops of pure agent is applied to wet hair immediately before procedure, it is not necessary to use other heat-protective formulations for hair care.

It provides the reliable protection against adverse factors, for example, from UV radiation and frost. Such factors are harmful to the health of the hair, it is particularly noticeable at the end of the summer and winter.

Effective Hair Treatment with "Liquid Crystals"

Effective Hair Treatment with “Liquid Crystals”

  • Liquid crystals reliably protect hair styling using any means, such as varnishes, foams, gels, and mousses.

Many brands include additional features that are required for a specific type of hair, for example, in the case of colored hair the color protection is provided, and at curly hair is stored for each curls, while they are not fluffy at high humidity.

As active components this effective hair treatment is using natural oils and plant extracts, enriched with various vitamins and useful elements. Most often, the structure includes flax seed oil, argan oil or aloe vera.

Hair Remedies – Liquid crystals TM Brelil

The structure of these means includes the flax seed oil, which actively combats the problem of dry ends. The hair is not greasy, have a brilliant shine and well-groomed appearance. These hair remedies provide a brilliant gloss effect, restore the structure dry and brittle ends.

  • Due to the content in the ceramide A2 and flax seed extract they gently care for each hair, regenerate the structure, fill the hair with the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Liquid crystals restore the structure of each hair effectively, and with regular use they prevent occurrence of such problems.

  • To use these hair remedies it is necessary to mix the contents of the vial until a uniform consistency. The liquid should be applied to wet hair, combing their entire length, then proceed to drying. More attention should be paid to areas with dry or split ends.

This hair natural treatment for with “liquid crystals” is composed of keratin complex ceramides A2, rice protein, chitosan, castor oil, polymers and tsitrinoniuma.

Hair Remedies – Liquid crystals Constant Delight

These “liquid crystals” are an effective means that treats split ends of the hair. They guarantee the reliable protection and recovery of the weakened and curly hair.

  • The fluid comprises a mineral oil and an extract of betaine. It can be used as a styling agent. 2-3 drops of liquid applied to wet the tips before the installation or are already on a dry ends after hairstyles.

Hair Natural Treatment with Barex Products

This means is used for the care of unruly and curly hair. Dry and lifeless hair acquire healthy appearance, this also applies to the hair after dyeing and perm.

  • Due to flax seed oil, which is a part of, there is a deep hair nutrition and ensures their protection from moisture. In the case of curly hair can get hair smooth result or give your curls any form.

A mixture of fluids quality envelops each hair invisible film, so it ensured smooth and silky. Besides hair reliably protects against negative external influences and from damage during styling.

  • The liquid is applied to clean damp hair with small doses. The product should be spread evenly over all the hair comb. Do not apply too much liquid. After that you can safely do packing.

Comments and Opinions about Liquid Crystals

I always buy liquid crystals Brelil, since I have dry ends after the regular staining in light color. The effect occurs immediately after the application of funds, the main thing – to know the measure and do not use half the bottle in one procedure. Personally, I treat only the tips, because of which the problematic combing. I do not risk to try other means, as it is not cheap pleasure.

After another visit to the barber shop, I noticed that my curly hair is much better to comb, they are obedient and silky. Asked the master, she said that this is due to the application of fluid Barex. Of course, I immediately had a desire to buy it, though it is not sold in all stores, as applies to professional tools for hair care. I will say this, the price of the bottle of “liquid crystal” is considerable, but it is worth it, and its long duration.

As the saying goes, the sea and the sun – it’s good, but not for my long, curly hair. I have enjoyed various protective and moisturizing agents, but they give little effect, as a result had to cut off the ends. Choosing the next product in the store, I was advised to try a “liquid crystals» Constant delight. Of course, the means is not cheap, but I received a long-awaited result. First, ease of combing, secondly, silky and luxurious luster. I recommend to everyone!