Lemon Hair Remedies for Oily Hair

Masks of lemon are real storehouse of beauty and health for hair! To pamper your hair, use the following tested recipes. If you have oily hair and hair loss, you can use following recipes.

Lemon Hair Remedies for Oily Hair

Recipe 1

So, for oily hair to do such a mask

1 TblS juice of Lemon
1 leaf of agave (home aloe)
1 TblS honey
1 egg yolk
All components of the mask mix well, apply to unwashed hair, wrap hair in a plastic bag or wear a swimming cap. You can wash hair after half hour after applying the mask.

Regular use of this mask will reduce the fat content of hair, so, with lemon, they will be even more beautiful than before!

Recipe 2

If you have oily hair, you can help the lemon peel. Lemon is crushed to a coarse grater, placed in glass dish and filled with 100 grams of vodka. Mask infused in a night place for 5-7 days. The resulting mixture was decanted through cheesecloth and added to it 1 teaspoon glycerin. All components are mixed, closed. Means to rub the scalp for 30-40 minutes before shampooing. The procedure is performed one time in two days. The result is evident after 20 days.

Recipe 3

Mix 3 tablespoons of burdock root, 3 tablespoons sweet flag. Pour mixture in three cups of boiling water. In the resulting infusion to add 0,5 of glass of juice of lemon. The mixture insist 5-7 hours. The mask is massaged into the hair roots before washing.

Recipe 4

Excellent mask for restoring hair after dyeing or perming. Mix the juice of 1 onion, 1 TblS of juice of lemon, 1 table spoon of burdock oil, 1 egg yolk, 1 TblS of shampoo and spoon 2 TblS of honey. You need to mix until the foam is better to do it with a mixer. Mask lasts 2 hours and then washed with warm water.

Recipe 5

You need to mix the roots of burdock and sweet flag (6 tablespoons), then pour the mixture to three cups of boiling water mixed with 0,5 cup of juice of lemon. Give the composition of the brew in warm place for seven hours. The resulting mask must be in form of heat rubbed into the scalp to 3 T per week. It is advisable to put it directly before washing the head. After washing to rinse hair the same way , mixing it with little water.

Perming, coloring and other procedures, as mentioned above, the negative impact on the health of hair. Abuse of these procedures lead to the fact that hair is sparse, weakened and damaged. If there are all these problems and at same time you have oily hair, it is highly recommended to make a ” quickening ” mask.

Recipe 6

Be sure to mix the following ingredients: onion juice (1 pc.), Egg yolk (1 pc.), Juice of lemon (1 tbsp.), Burdock (1 tbsp.) , Honey (2 tbsp.) and shampoo (1 tbsp.). All the ingredients you need to mix and beat to a froth with a mixer. The resulting hair mask with lemon should be applied after shampooing to wet scalp and hair. Then you need to cover head with plastic cap on top of towel. Hold means for two hours.

Recipe 7

It’s important to mix the following ingredients in the following proportions: Juice of lemon (1 Tbsp.), Honey (1 Tbsp.) , Aloe vera juice (2 Tbsp.) And Egg Yolk (1 pc.) . This mask should be thoroughly rubbed into the roots of hair for about 0,5 hour before washing. In order to improve and consolidate the effect, it is advisable to rinse hair after shampooing decoction of St. John’s wort.

Interesting VIDEO how to fix Oily Hair using Lemons!