Best Homemade Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair


  • For All Masks for Lamination There Are a Few Rules.
  • Best Homemade Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair.
  • Lamination for Dry and Lifeless Hair.
  • Lamination of Oily Hair.
  • Mask with Gelatin for Hair Growth.

Lamination of hair is a term denoting a special procedure conducted in the salons, the essence of which lies in the fact that after the application of a special substance every hair is enveloped in a film, which protects against UV radiation, aggressive environmental factors and drying. However, access to oxygen does not overlap. After the procedure the hair surface becomes smooth and shiny, hair is added in volume by increasing the thickness.

The lamination used for all types of hair. Especially, when it is recommended for porous structure of the hair due to frequent dyeing, drying or natural structure. The plus of special lamination hair at home is, that this procedure has virtually no contraindications and can be carried out at least every day, without fear to oversaturate hair and to spoil its appearance: individual hair structure is able to regulate the amount of absorbed substances into it.

In professional products for lamination the active substances are biogels, vitamins and proteins.

Home treatment is different from the composition of the salon, but the effect of the homemade mask is comparable to costly manipulations by professionals.

At home the base for hair masks for laminating is gelatin. If desired, you can use the agar agar as a gelling agent, but the principle of its operation is somewhat different. Gelatin is a source of animal collagen, agar-agar is a plant component and active ingredient therein thickener – cellulose. Both substances can envelop the hair with a protective film, the effect of both is kept up to 3-4 times washing hair.

For All Masks for Lamination There Are a Few Rules:

best homemade hair treatment for damaged hair with gelatin

Best Homemade Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair

  • heating in a water bath does not imply a boil. The boiling mask has to be thrown and all the ingredients mix again;
  • remedy should be perfectly homogeneous mixture – otherwise, to remove the lumps of cold gelatin from your hair is quite problematic;
  • the composition must be applied over the entire length of the hair, avoiding the area of roots. If the gelling agent is on the scalp, it dries quickly and makes a lot of discomfort, when exposed time of the mask. Rinse off the cold flakes is also a dubious pleasure;
  • universal recipe, which is the basis of any mask for home laminating is unchanged and implies a two-step swelling process of gelling agent – agar or gelatin, followed by the addition of nutrients, depending on your hair type;
  • the effect of the mask will be more noticeable if after applying, the hair is covered with polyethylene and towel, and to warm with hairdryer periodically.

Best Homemade Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair

best homemade hair treatment for damaged hair

Best Homemade Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair

For homemade lamination of hair you can use the following universal mask.

  • 2 tablespoons of gelatin pour a quarter cup of cold water and leave to swell for 15-20 minutes.
  • Pour the resulting mixture a half cup of hot water. Attention – not boiled water!
  • Let stand until a homogeneous jelly. Reheat in a water bath and put on hair.
  • In a mixture during the warming in a water bath you can add your normal mask or hair conditioner in a 1:1 ratio to enhance the effect, ease of application and subsequent flushing.
  • Apply to the hair and leave for 30-60 minutes under polyethylene. Rinse your hair with running water.

Lamination for Dry and Lifeless Hair

Having made the universal basis using the above recipe – without adding balms and masks – and using milk instead of water, add to the warm jelly following ingredients to restore dried hair and make them shine:

  • Yolk of one egg;
  • Teaspoon of honey;
  • Tablespoon of burdock oil.

The mixture was applied to the hair, covered by film and warm periodically with heat hairdryer. Keep your hair under a towel from 40 minutes to 2 hours, periodically heating with hairdryer. Rinse off the mask with a shampoo.

Lamination of Oily Hair

This mask for lamination of hair is prepared as follows: two tablespoons of swollen gelatin pour half a glass of warm broth one of the following herbs or mixtures thereof:

  • Coltsfoot,
  • Horsetail,
  • Nettle,
  • Sage.

Used as a universal mask for lamination.

To the universal gelatin mask with the effect of lamination can be added also:

a tablespoon of dry mustard. This means not only absorbs the excess of fat, but also stimulate hair growth.
Also the essential oils of citrus fruit or coniferous trees can be added to the mask. When used regularly, they give a great effect – you have to wash your hair less often, moreover, they have a resistant and pleasant aroma of natural pine or orange.

Mask with Gelatin for Hair Growth

In a mask, made according to the universal prescription with gelatin, add a tablespoon of honey to nourish the hair, and one of the following products for stimulation blood flow to the follicles and hair growth:

  • 2 tablespoons of mustard. If you choose this ingredient and your hair is prone to dryness, add 2 tablespoons of heated burdock or olive oil;
  • 2 tablespoons of pepper tincture from the pharmacy;
  • 1 tablespoon of brandy and grated 1 small onion.

Mix all the ingredients and apply a warm mask on your hair under the polyethylene. Be sure to make a protective cushion from a towel over your eyes to avoid falling the mask into the eyes. Time active action nutrients masks – 20-30 minutes, after which it must be washed off thoroughly with shampoo.

  • The effect of each of the masks may occur immediately, or after 2-3 treatments. Everything depends on the condition of the hair and the correct choice of composition.

Taking care of your hair, you should remember that for its conditions have a significant impact not only the means used to care for them, but also your lifestyle and diet.

  • B vitamins, as well as A and E, are essential for hair growth, you can consume in the form of vitamins from the pharmacy in pure form and in healthy products: beans, lean beef, liver, soybeans, carrots, nuts and yeast.

Above-mentioned gelatin contained in the marmalade, aspic, jelly and the filler, will help to saturate hair with collagen inside.