Kerastase Hair Care Products

I discovered for myself the great Kerastase hair care products.

Therefore, I advise everybody to try them, if you also want to improve your hair very quick.

But if you have enough free time, I strongly advise you to use homemade hair mask. Because they are not less effective, and even more so, to revive and give hair a beautiful appearance. And, of course, the prices are not comparable with the cosmetology means.

But if you are short of time or are lazy like me :), it is very well replace Kerastase and help your hair as one of the best professional salon hair care products.

Although, now we are not speaking about hair loss, but only on how to make your hair vibrant and beautiful.

You can buy Kerastase at any online shop or in the cabin.

In the hair saloon I was applied kerastase hair treatments for 10 minutes after washing the hair. Then washed off, and cut.

So, I want to say the prices, because it is not the lowest. In any case, the cost of the first bottle is from 20 to 26 euros:

 kerastase hair care products

But the result is worth it. And you can use any of the l oreal kerastase hair products.

Apply kerastase hair care products after washing your hair, and only from the mid-length, in any case, not the roots.

For my rather short hair it is more then enough just one pressing dispenser and even distribution of the middle to the ends.

After that, I immediately dry my hair or do styling.