Kefir is a Natural Face Whitener

Among other useful features, kefir (yogurt) is a wonderful natural face whitener, that is able to rid your face of freckles and a variety of skin pigmentation.

Adding the parsley to kefir, you can get a mask with an excellent whitening effect, which after 15 minutes on your face will show the desired result.

To strengthen the useful properties of the mask you can replace the powder of parsley with chopped almonds and mix with yogurt to cream mass. This mask is washed off also after fifteen minutes of exposure.

But to get rid of excessive pigmentation you can add alcohol or brandy to the mask with kefir (yogurt), and egg yolks with lemon juice. The above ingredients are mixed in a blender until a homogeneous mass, which is applied on the face for about 15 minutes. But it is necessary to be careful with this mask, because due to alcohol, which is part of it, it is not necessary to use it too often.

As you can see, kefir (yogurt) – it is a valuable product, given to us by nature. Use it in your diet, and use for the preparing the masks, and your skin will always look great!

kefir face mask for healthy skin