Inflammation on Face: how to treat them at home


  • Causes of Inflammation on the Face
  • Skin Care during Inflammation on Face
  • Best Recipes of Home Masks Against Face Inflammation

Happy the one who was not affected by inflammation on face. Painful and creepy-looking pimples on the face can catch any of us at any age.

Pimples, acne, redness and irritation – is an asset not only adolescence: their causes can be different. If it is correctly identified the cause, the treatment will go much easier and faster. Only a doctor will tell you how to remove the inflammation on the face forever, you can only help him in carrying out effective treatment.

Causes of Inflammation on the Face

Inflammation on the Face

Inflammation on Face: how to treat at home

If you have an inflammation of the face, try not to panic, and sensibly analyze your lifestyle and figure out what could be the reason for this:

  1. infection: harmful bacteria get into the skin and cause inflammatory lesions, which are often manifested in the form of herpes or furunculosis;
  2. allergic reactions;
  3. thermal inflammation result from frostbite or burns: in particular often have lovers solariums and southern beaches;
  4. injury as a result of unsuccessful attempts to cosmetic procedures or squeeze a pimple at home;
  5. hormonal changes / disturbances in the body;
  6. weakening of the immune system;
  7. unhealthy diet;
  8. long use of potent drugs (antibiotics or hormonal methods);
    stress and depression.

Understanding the cause will help you to get rid of the inflammation on the face much easier.

Skin Care during Inflammation on Face

In the event of inflammation on the face the quick treatment is required. Do not engage in home experiments: they might end very badly. You can only parallel maintain the proper care for inflamed skin to the medical course of treatment:

  • Do not self-medicate.
  • Eat less smoked, fried, sweet and fatty foods.
  • Increase in their diet of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Try not to touch with the hands the inflamed pimples and even more so – do not squeeze.
  • Do not injure the skin with hard scrubs for washing the face. Clean the skin only with special gels for sensitive and problematic skin.
  • Wash daily with warm, but better – with cool water or warm decoction of chamomile. Avoid hot tubs.
  • Twice a week to do a steam bath of chamomile extract or essential oils.
  • Any folk remedy (including homemade mask) against inflamed skin has to be tested firstly on the wrist: put it on your skin and rinse after 15 minutes. If there is no characteristic redness and itching, you can try on your face.
  • Before the applying the mask is better to steam the skin.
  • You may need to drink a multivitamin to protect the immune system and strengthen the nervous system.

All these rules can make ease your condition. Besides if you take care to eliminate the cause, provoking the face inflammation, the treatment will go better. But how to reduce inflammation on the face, only a doctor will tell you, but to help him – in your power.

Best Recipes of Home Masks Against Face Inflammation

At home, there will always be at your fingertips the inflammatory products and herbs that will soothe irritated skin, they will contribute to more rapid healing and act as a natural antiseptic. Using them as ingredients for homemade masks, you can remove pimples, blackheads and red inflammation on the face in the form of individual patches and knolls.

Cherry Mask against Inflammations on the Face

Inflammation on Face: how to treat at home

  • Ice Cubes of Parsley

Grind a bunch of parsley, pour a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour in a warm place, strain and pour into molds to form ice. After hardening, gently wipe the face inflammation with the ice cube.

  • Integrated Anti-Inflammatory Mask with Copper Sulfate

Grated raw potatoes (100 g) mixed with egg yolk, add the lemon juice (one tablespoon) olive oil cold pressed (one teaspoon) and copper sulfate (a pinch). After 20 minutes, a mask should be washed off with water acidulated with lemon juice.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Mask Based on White Clay

White cosmetic clay (5 g) mixed with talc (5 g) and diluted with a milk (2 tablespoons). Mix thoroughly.

  • Cherry Mask against Inflammations on the Face

The pulp of ripe cherries in equal amounts mixed with starch.

  • Lotions of Tea Tree Oil

On the healing properties of essential oils is known for everybody. If you are concerned about inflammation on the face, it is necessary to have on hand the essential oil of tea tree, which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is applied locally to the inflamed area 3-4 times a day.

The complex effects of drug treatment and homemade cosmetics can help relieve the inflammation on the face quickly, but the normalization of a healthy lifestyle will save you from this trouble forever.