How Works Homemade Hair Mask for Hair Growth

Homemade hair mask for hair growth are very popular, because many modern girls wish to grow their hair as faster as possible.

The top three among these masks, that have real effect, accelerate the growth of hair up to 4 cm. per month; mustard mask for hair growth, hair mask with pepper and mask with Dimexidum.

We do not want to deceive you, we honestly tell you how to do these homemade hair mask for hair growth.

How Works Homemade Hair Mask for Hair Growth

First of all, take your baby pictures and tell honestly whether you have “hair to the waist” from birth? And your parents? If you can not genetically boasts a thick head of hair, then no mustard will not get you to have it, because the number of hair follicles is the inherent by nature and individual characteristics. But do not despair, there are lots of treatments that can help you get a fantastic result on the basis of “what you have.”

The number of hair follicles also depends on hair color. Scientists estimate that the red color of about 80 thousand. Hair with black hair and brown 110 thousand, while the blond hair and light-brown hair to 140 ths., And this amount can not be changed.

How Works Homemade Hair Mask for Hair Growth

How Works Homemade Hair Mask for Hair Growth

Each hair passes successively several stages of growth: the stage of active growth, maturity, and finally dying.

And the lifetime of each hair also depends on the initial data, that is, from genetics.

So, for these two parameters, such as:

  • the amount of hair on the head;
  • growth rate.

We can not affect the actually on this fact. But we can influence for:

  • reducing the number of “sleeping” hair follicles;
  • time of hair in the active phase of growth “anagen”;
  • duration of catagen (stage “stagnation”) before the loss.

But again, only to “original” settings. That is, if the best of times, your Spit was in diameter with a fist, and the hair grew three centimeters a month, and then suddenly stopped, then using homemade hair mask for hair growth, we can only “recover” what was before. But you can not make your hair grow faster than is made by the nature.

  • It therefore appears that the mustard mask gives a magic effects for someone, and someone does not help. Magic result is because for some reason now the active growth of hair is stopped earlier than they should be, and with the additional power and improve circulation, and we encourage them to make healthy.

If your hair becomes more thick after masks, it means that we simply “re awake” those bulbs, which for various reasons have not reached the stage of active growth after the death of the hair. For example, because of the bad diet, food, or bad environment.

  • Almost all popular masks, whether mustard or mask with Dimexidum, have a local warming effect, which leads to improved the blood supply to the root bulbs, which means they get better food, because it is the blood responsible for delivering necessary for the structure of hair nutrients to the hair bulb.

Poor blood circulation – weak hair. A good blood supply – a strong hair. More fundamental differences there.

So you can calmly choose any mask that fits you the smell, texture and easy to apply. Just do not expect miracles. If pepper mask does not help you, do not run immediately to rub your head with mustard powder and with vinegar or other food products, is likely everything is in order, and should concentrate on the appearance of hair, but not on how to “gain” of ten centimeters per month.