How Will Apricot Help Your Hair?


  • Effectiveness of Apricot Oil for Hair
  • How to Use Hair Oil  of Apricot
  • Recipes of Masks with Apricot Oil

This fruit of health has long been called apricot – a tender, juicy, fragrant fruit, which is the national symbol of Armenia. From its grane, the method of cold pressing makes a cosmetic, very useful hair oil for damaged and dry hair.

It can be used as a basic means for preparing homemade masks. Cosmetic apricot hair oil is a natural moisturizer and a very effective reductant. Regularly and correctly applying it, you can soon forget about many problems and disabilities associated with scalp and hair.

How Will Apricot Help Your Hair

How Will Apricot Help Your Hair

Effectiveness of Apricot Oil for Hair

Even trichologists sometimes recommend using apricot oil to restore weakened, sick hair: masks based on it have not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic effect.

Its chemical composition includes a large number of vitamins, organic acids and a few minerals that, participating in cellular processes, heal the scalp and make the strands very beautiful in appearance:

  • A complete set of organic acids in apricot oil (the presence of palmitic, palmitoleic, oleic, stearic, linoleic, linolenic acids) turns this ether into a unique rejuvenating agent that returns the most weakened and tarnished strands with strength, brilliance, strength and elasticity, as if in youth.

Helps organic acids in the rejuvenation of hair, tocopherol, a vitamin of unfading beauty E. It activates the processes of the synthesis of elastin fibers and collagen in the cells, restores the elasticity of the strands, treats small lesions in the form of cuts and brittleness.

  • Having anti-inflammatory properties of retinol, vitamin A eliminates not only the symptoms of seborrhea (dandruff and skin itching), but also heals the disease itself, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicles. This also has a beneficial effect on the condition and appearance of both dry and oily hair.

Vitamins from family B in apricot oil act more like doctors, and not as beauticians: they eliminate microdamages, restore diseased, heavily pinched tips, save strands from accumulation of toxins from the environment and allow hair to stay clean and shiny longer, saving from rapid pollution and unpleasant greasiness, even the most problematic fatty curls.

  • Ascorbic acid, known as vitamin C, in apricot oil is a reliable protection of hair from off-season avitaminosis, irradiation with sun rays, temperature changes, thermal effects of a hair dryer, without which few can today do without.

Mineral elements are also present in the oil of apricot kernels. However, in slightly smaller amounts than vitamins. For example, potassium provides hair with reliable and timely monitoring of the level of moisture in cells. This is very important not only for dry-type strands, but also for oily hair.

  • Magnesium, contained in apricot oil, strengthens and treats blood vessels, thereby improving the subcutaneous circulation, which leads to the same result – a fairly rapid growth of hair. Thanks to magnesium, after masks with apricot oil, the roots begin to receive all the nutrients they need with blood flow, which significantly improves their condition: the follicles are strengthened in their nests – strands cease to fall out.

A huge plus of apricot oil in the health of hair is that it is very gentle and gently affects even the damaged, irritated scalp. A minimum of contraindications, a rarity of allergic reactions and almost always an excellent result – that’s what won this oil popularity among cosmetic products for caring for the most problematic hair.
To not be disappointed in the useful properties of apricot kernel oil, you need to be able to properly handle it.

Application of Apricot Kernel Oil

Competent use of apricot oil for hair – a guarantee of their rapid recovery and high-quality moisturizing.

Therefore, try to adhere to these recommendations, do not deviate from these rules, and the results of these procedures will invariably please:

  • Acquire the product in pharmacies: there, all products are uniquely tested, certified and legal, and therefore – safe for home use.

Store the healing liquid in a vial of dark glass, tightly closed, on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Do not place oil under direct sunlight or near heating appliances.

  • Contraindication for the use of apricot oil for hair is an individual intolerance. With a small amount of the product, lubricate the wrist: the absence of unpleasant sensations (burning, itching, spots, redness) will indicate that you can apply it for hair healing.

Apricot kernel oil is a basic cosmetic product, so before preparing home hair masks it is recommended that it be lightly heated to 35-45 ° C in a water or steam bath. If time is sorely lacking, hold it at least on the lid of a hot pot or kettle.

  • This product is versatile, combined with different foods, infusions and herbal medicinal herbs, many other cosmetic, ethereal, vegetable oils.

Finger mask with apricot oil, first rub into the scalp and hair roots, and then use a regular comb to spread the strands of hair along. Especially carefully soak the split ends, which quickly and qualitatively can be restored under the influence of this means.

  • Be sure to make warming with cellophane and double thickened towels: apricot butter likes the heat.

Time of action. The oil of apricot kernels is non-aggressive: on the contrary, it acts on the scalp very gently. Therefore, in its pure form, it can be used in hair masks for a sufficiently long time (up to 8-9 hours, ie, overnight). However, masks with it stay on the head for much less time, since among other components there may be substances of irritating effect (mustard, alcohol, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, citrus, etc.).

  • Wash off with a shampoo applied directly to the mask, dry, then moisten with water and foam again, rinse under a flowing warm stream.

Frequency of application. If the hair requires maximum care, are in a neglected, sometimes simply catastrophic state, it is recommended to mask up with apricot kernel oil up to twice a week. If to address to it only as to a preventive agent, without waiting for damage and seborrhea, it will be enough to apply it once in 7-10 days. The course of apricot hair restoration involves at least 15 masks, after which you take a break in a couple of weeks – and again resume the sessions of beauty and youth.

There is nothing complicated in using apricot oil for home hair treatment. Just follow these tips – and from damage, dryness, fragility and cross-section of strands will not remain a trace.

Recipes of Masks with Apricot Oil

Recipes of masks with apricot oil

Recipes of masks with apricot oil

From apricot oil for hair can be made at home by various means – masks, compresses, rinses.

Choose what’s more like your hair type:

  1. Classical night mask
    Preheated apricot oil in pure form, rub into the skin on the head, massaging it for 3-4 minutes, treating each area. A small amount of oil to lubricate the hair, pin them, make insulation.
  2. Apricot oil for split ends
    A small amount of oil of apricots to warm, dip into it the problematic tips of hair, hold it for 1-2 minutes, rinse with shampoo. You can do such restorative procedures every day for a week.
  3. Addition to other cosmetics
    Feel free to add apricot oil (tea spoon) in shampoos, rinse and conditioner (2 table spoons). It will give the agent restoring and strengthening properties.
  4. Moisturizing compress
    Clean gauze, folded in several layers, lightly moistened in warm oil, squeezed, put it on your head, put on top a cellophane bag and wrap your head with a towel. The action time is not less than an hour.
  5. Mask for dry hair
    Chamomile flowers (spoon table) pour boiling water (100 ml), leave until cooling, strain. Add the resulting infusion of apricot oil (teaspoon), glycerin (teaspoon), camphor alcohol (spoon table).
  6. Moisturizing mask
    Mix apricot oil (teaspoonful) with yolk.
  7. Soothing mask
    Apricot oil (table spoon) mix with the ether of patchouli and chamomile (4 drops of both).
  8. For oily hair
    Mix the warm milk and apricot oil (spoonful of the dining room), honey (teaspoon).
  9. Nourishing mask
    Mix apricot oil (spoon table) with yolk, honey (tea spoon).
  10. Mask for scalp massage
    Add 5 drops of favorite ether (almond oil, jojoba, avocado, wheat germ) to apricot oil (50 ml). Rub in the scalp, start massaging.

If you need to quickly repair damaged strands, eliminate dandruff, activate hair growth, stop their loss – be sure to try apricot oil. It will have a healing effect on the scalp and will save you from many diseases and problems with the hair.