How to Use Masks from Natural Ingredients?


  • Which Masks are Considered the Most Effective
  • Frequency of Use of Masks: Basic Rules
  • Recommendations on the Use of Masks for Different Ages

Why for some women face masks are the most effective means in the struggle for youth and beauty, and others do not bring any result?

It’s all about the quality of the formulations and how well they are used.

Which Masks are Considered the Most Effective

  • It is no longer a secret to anyone that the most effective are completely natural masks. Their unique feature is that they not only solve a particular cosmetic problem, but also activate their own body resources.

Natural masks always work from the inside. But you should not expect that the desired result will manifest immediately. The action of all high-quality, natural products is cumulative. Therefore, the result from the use of useful compounds is manifested not earlier than 2-3 months after the start of procedures.

As for the choice of masks themselves, the extensive and well-proven range is offered by Meela Meelo. The manufacturer has more than 4 years specializing in the manufacture of completely natural cosmetics.

Which Masks are Considered the Most Effective

The development of masks in the company’s line of attention is paid special attention, so that in the catalog women can choose the formulations for solving any cosmetology problem and age.

Frequency of Use of Masks: Basic Rules

Natural masks refer to additional facial care products, so their use should be strictly dosed. Failure to comply with this rule leads to the fact that the use of funds does not bring the expected result.

The production of collagen and eslestine fibers, renewal of skin cells can be carried out only in conditions of deficiency of caring components. If they come from masks almost daily, the skin is simply “lazy,” and there is no hope of restoring it.

The specific frequency of use of natural masks depends on the following points:

  • the age of the woman;
  • type of skin;
  • composition of the components used.

Multiplicity of application of highly specialized medical masks is always determined by an individual cosmetologist. It is best if the specialist will have the opportunity to personally visually assess the severity of the problem and the condition of the female skin.

Recommendations for the Use of Masks for Different Ages

How often can I do facial masks? This issue is vital for the fair sex at any age. Conditionally all the compositions can be divided into three temporary categories of application: up to 25 years, after 30 and 40-45 years.

Up to 25 years, cosmetologists advise making masks not more often a couple of times a week. At this age, skin cells have not yet lost their ability to actively divide, so it is not necessary to “feed” them from the outside. Meela Meelo’s catalog for the care of young skin shows a wide selection of formulations.

Mint “Mashed Up” perfectly tones and refreshes, “Gorchinka Arabica” – perfectly nourishes and moisturizes, and “Cucumber” gives elasticity and smoothness.

Overstepping the thirty-year boundary, women can use masks more often. The specific periodicity is determined by the level of apparent age changes. Wrinkles appear earlier on thin skin, prone to dryness and dehydration.

To neutralize these undesirable changes, masks can be applied every 2-3 days. Signal for the termination of procedures should be a clear improvement in skin condition. After this, you can limit the use of formulations 1-2 times a week.

To care for dry skin in the manufacturer’s catalog, several masks are suitable. “Carrot-Coconut” and “Black Chocolate” will provide intensive nutrition of cells, “Witch’s Potion” – an ideal option for intensive moisturizing, and “Rosewood” will best cope with the task of delicately cleansing the skin of the face.

After 40 years, the regenerative properties of the skin are significantly reduced. It is exactly the moment when the preservation of youth and beauty of the face is completely dependent on the desire of the woman. To maintain nutrition, tone skin constantly needs useful ingredients.

The optimal multiplicity of their entry into the body – every two days. For this purpose in the Meela Meelo range it is worth choosing masks with a complex content of active ingredients – “Scary Power”, “Black Chocolate”, “Raspberry Berry” and others.

In the use of masks, it is important not only to correctly choose the composition and frequency of their application, but also to comply with the rules for their use. On the face of the composition should be kept exactly as long as indicated on the label. For flushing, only warm, clean water can be used.

The use of foams, gels for washing in this process is threatened by the fact that part of the nutritional components from the pores of the skin will simply be removed. The effect of using a natural mask from this will be significantly reduced.