How to Use Eye Cream Correctly


  • How to Improve Skin Around Eyes?
  • How to Chose an Effective Eye Cream?
  • How to Use Eye Cream?
  • How to Put on Eye Cream Correctly?

No wonder they say that the human eyes are the mirror in which is reflected your true identity. But not only the eyes can make a little bit right impression of a man, a lot of him can be said even the eyelids. For example, major and minor swelling, redness, dark circles indicate the presence of any health problems or unhealthy lifestyle.

For every woman, especially over the years, it is important to keep this area will stay young and beautiful.

How to Improve Skin Around Eyes

The skin around the eye is extremely delicate, thin, there is almost no any sebaceous gland, so the primary signs of aging, primarily appear in this particular zone. To combat premature aging, many people begin to smear the various creams in the skin, both for day and night and do other such nonsense, instead to go to a specialty store to buy effective eye cream, and continue to enjoy the life. The more that the usual nutrient or moisturizer does not meet the requirements that impose beauticians to quality and efficient means for this zone.

  • Effective eye cream should have exactly the same pH balance as in tears, in order not to cause a variety of irritation, redness, and so on.
  • It must contain less fatty oils and acids. These substances can provoke the opposite effect and cause swelling, which does not desirable or even unacceptable.
  • So, the skin in this area more tender and susceptible to all sorts of influences, then all kinds of dietary supplements and substances in it, should be significantly less, so it can easily cause redness, allergies and so on.
  • Effective eye cream a hundred percent should be light and not sticky. When applying, you should barely touch the eyelids with your fingertips, without stretching them.
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How to Improve Skin Around Eyes

How to Chose an Effective Eye Cream

Often we are totally paid little attention to what is written on the package of cream, especially in its composition. However, it is worth to study this issue, at least to know exactly correspond to your present means, or it would be better to pick up something else.

So, take a look at what can be a part of effective eye cream, that you about to buy, and for what is responsible each substance in the cream:

  • Нaloxyl

Supplement, which significantly speeds up the metabolism and also helps to lighten the pesky dark circles under the eyes, from which all of their owners just dream to get rid.

  • Vitamin K

Vitamin this group is an excellent antioxidant, having a soft effect. It copes with bruises, and also helps as long as possible to keep the moisture inside the skin.

  • Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid

Typically, this substance is contained in the cream for eyelids, in small quantities, as in itself, is a powerful antioxidant. In moderate doses, vitamin C is able to give our skin a decent elasticity, maximum elasticity and even smooth wrinkles.

  • Synergy TK and Naloxyl

These substances have become one of the latest developments of scientists in terms of cosmetics, they tend to qualitatively oxygenates the skin, nourish it, to stimulate regeneration and so on. Agents containing these substances help to forget about the “bags” under the eyes or dark spots.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

Effective eye cream with a high content of hyaluronic acid, and it is in itself, is already a similar natural substances are already contained in the skin, helps to moisturize well eyelids, as well as significantly increase their elasticity.

There are a lot of other substances, but knowing these few is enough to proceed to the selection of your own effective eye cream. Also take into account that scientists all the time working on the development of more and more substances. For example, if the cream contains co-enzymes or argirelen, the effect of which in general is slightly reminiscent of the famous botox injections.
However, argirelen acts straight through the skin, several freezing it, and has a noticeable lifting effect, while remaining completely harmless and does not have retroactive effect. In addition, note also on the perfect protection from the sun, try to pick up a kremik which has UV-filters or screens.

How to Use Eye Cream

When the composition of the creams you understand, you need to decide what kind of problems are available. After all, if you just want to purchase nutritional or moisturizer is one thing, but if in the morning you wake up with a terrible, dark circles around the eyes, it is quite another.

So, what are the problems can be solved cream for the skin around the eyes? It turned out that in fact, everything is simple:

  • The light cream with a cooling effect perfectly helps to remove the eyelid edema.
  • Dark circles under the eyes require the potent lightening means. In the case when the circles – the result of overwork, is suitable the reflective creams and, of course, rest.
  • Bags under the eyes will require a specialized cream which reduces fluid retention in the eyelids, accelerates metabolism greatly improves blood circulation, as well as greatly increases skin elasticity.
  • Perfectly fine wrinkles removed creams containing antioxidants.
  • Deep wrinkles require more powerful means of acting on the facial muscles, and has a powerful anti-aging effect.
  • To pick up the effective eye cream is possible, taking into account your age.

Begin to take care of this delicate area is necessary since the age of 23-25 ​​years, when it begins to lose its elasticity and power properties. Then simple enough moisture, and as protection from the effects of a wide variety of external factors, such as pollution, sunlight and so on. However, the older you get, the more intensely should operate your means on the skin. The ladies in their fifties, it is recommended always consult with your beautician, who will help you choose a cream that will give the best effect.

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How to Use Eye Cream Correctly

How to Put on Eye Cream Correctly

Firstly, never apply this means in the lids! Effective eye cream should fall on it, extremely soft and lightest pats, as far as possible from the lash line. Do not stretch or squeeze the skin, it will only harm.

Second, contrary to popular belief, to spread the cream on your mobile eyelid does not need. Enough to hold your fingertips to your temple, and then on the lower eyelid, back to the nose.

Third, it is not necessary to apply the cream, and then immediately flop into bed, it can cause unpleasant consequences in the form of unsightly swelling. It is best to use the cream for the skin around the eyes for 2 hours before going to go to bed.

However, it is still far, alas, not all, to talk about how to care for the finest, delicate skin around the eyes. But it is neither the time nor the excessive need. I want to add a few words about how to keep your cream, to avoid unpleasant consequences.

This cream is quite suitably stored in the refrigerator, it is from this only gets better, and the effect of it will be more noticeable. Note also in its life, in comparison with other cosmetics can be used in much less time, since most of these preservatives are simply unacceptable.