How to Use Essential Oils for Hair


  • Variety of Oils to Strengthen Hair
  • Effectiveness of Oils to Strengthen Hair
  • Actions of Essential Oils
  • How to Use Hair Oil Correctly
  • Magic Hair Mask with Essential Oils.

Treatment and care of hair by means of all kinds of oils is the oldest way to achieve feminine beauty and attractiveness. Apart from a wide range of health and beauty, they were attached to special magical properties. So far, it is believed that some of them are able to help a person to calm down, to reach a certain spiritual harmony.

Today, a special secret of owners of thick and long hair that fascinate glances the others, is the use of natural oils. As the excellent cosmetics they:

  • Stimulate hair growth, adding strength to them.
  • Regenerate hair follicles, providing them with the necessary vitamins.
  • Condition hair, adding shine.
  • Eliminate itching, relieve dandruff.

How to use hair oil, what medicinal properties are inherent in them, how to pick them up, let’s try to understand this.

Variety of Oils to Strengthen Hair

In order to know, what kind of oil to use, you should know the type of your hair. Depending on this factor, you choose an appropriate basic essential oils and esters, which are divided into three types:

Dry essential oils. These include the representatives oils like: cocoa, jojoba, grapeseed. These low-fat oils are easily absorbed by the hair follicles, virtually weightless on fine hair.

Half-fatty essential oils. This category includes avocado oil, sweet almond, olive. They are versatile, easy to wash off, suitable for all hair types, even too thin.

Fatty essential oils. These products are heavier for hair, they have high molecular weight. They stimulate hair growth, solve the problem of hair loss. These include castor oil, argan oil, shea butter. The use of fatty oils has some peculiar difficulties. To wash them, you wash the head several times. However, after the hair becomes fragrant, thick, obedient.

Effectiveness of Oils to Strengthen Hair

Oils, enveloping every hair on the head, do not give for life-giving water to evaporate from the hair follicle. It prevents the destruction of proteins that form the basis of the hair, when heat load from the use of a hair dryer, electric curling irons. The oils protect the hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays negative, chlorinated swimming pool water or salt water sea.

  • After applying the oils nourishes the scalp greatly, smooths the tangled hair, restores its ruined elements, makes it shine, moisturizing it. It is added in all sorts of balms, shampoos, paints to enhance the effects of cosmetics.

Having a high content of minerals, various vitamins and natural antioxidants in its composition oils superbly enliven hair, nourish, strengthen and accelerate its growth. Therapeutic and cosmetic results after their application will be more effective in a skilful combination of combinations of basic and essential oils.

Actions of Essential Oils

how to use oil on hair

How to Use Essential Oils for Hair – Castor Oil

Decision of one of the main issues for care is the right choice of oil to meet their multi-action. Almost any of them contains a unique vitamin and mineral complex, that helps to achieve an amazing effect. We consider the properties of the main basic and essential oils.

Castor oil. It helps to restore shine and vitality. Effectively restores weakened thinning hair. It goes well with the other essential oils, egg yolks, fat-soluble vitamins, honey, brandy as part of a variety of face masks.

Grapeseed oil. Renew the lost luster, makes the hair elastic. This excellent antioxidant energizes and gives it the power. Due to the presence of vitamins A and E, helps to restore the skin water-lipid balance, regulates the function of the sebaceous glands.

Lemon oil eliminates greatly the dryness of brittle hair. It makes the hair shine of amazing platinum hue.

Jojoba restores the hair after lost of elasticity, restores its structure, nourishes and strengthens. Is suitable to all universal means.

Burdock oil. Excellent revitalizes the growth of hair follicles. Together with their counterparts this essential oil works perfectly with sensitive skin, relieves irritation and soothes it after.

Olive oil. Recommended for damaged, loose, dyed hair and related to the dry type. Contents of a large number of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is rebuilt the basis scalp. That in its turn, provides a soft, thick and obedient hair. Is the most popular, sought-after and affordable oil.

How to Use Hair Oil Correctly

To obtain the desired result the cosmetologists recommend to follow certain rules:

  1. Before applying the oil, it is desirable to carry out a short head massage.
  2. When thin hair the oil should be rubbed directly into the skin of the head.
  3. For fragile damaged dry hair, applying oil begins with the ends, gradually moving to their roots.
  4. Owners of the average thickness of the hair or more should be applied over the entire length thereof.
  5. To obtain a more rapid effect of the treatment with oils, you need to know how to use oil on hair. The best way to warm them slightly on water bath. Because the heat helps to expand the pores, will deliver medicinal substances for their intended purpose.
  6. Is not highly recommended to use nut oils derived from cedar or peanuts, for pregnant women.
  7. The use of natural oils leads to intensive regeneration the skin of the head, which provokes reset unhealthy hair. This fact should be regarded as a normal process of recovery.
  8. Some oils do not require rinsing, they are applied after shampooing to damp hair and then carefully combed.

Frequent use of oil leads to clogging of the pores. Therefore, they must be used so many times that recommended by beauticians. Typically, women who have a dry or normal scalp, it can be applied once a week. Greasy hair is desirable to expose the oil procedures twice a month.

Magic Hair Mask with Essential Oils


  • olive oil – 1 tablespoon
  • castor oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Burdock Oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Sunflower oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Liquid honey – 1 tsp
  • Vitamin A liquid – 5 drops
  • vitamin E liquid – 5 drops
  • vitamin B liquid – 5 drops
  • 1 yolk.

Apply the mask on clean slightly wet hair over the entire length, to keep for 1 hour, rinse hair with shampoo. The effect like after lamination!!! All the vitamins are sold in the drug-shop, they are not expensive and will last for a long time.

The result on the photo:

how to use hair oil

How to Use Essential Oils for Hair

Secrets of Washing

To wash thoroughly the essential oils you need to use the simple secrets that will help simplify this task:

  1. That the oil is easier washed, before rubbing it is necessary to add an egg yolk.
  2. Burdock oil will become less fat, when adding a little castor or olive.
  3. It is easier to wash your hair and improve the warming effect will a small amount of mustard, added to the oil before starting the procedure.


Modern women are sensitive about the problenm of hair care, they understand that natural oils are the primary source of their life-giving force, like water for the plants.

Application of basic and essential oils allows you to close the micro-scales on the hair, creating a protective barrier against external negative factors. They facilitate combing, warn destruction, actively restore lost functions.

Do not use oils, which have the silicone or chemical components. They accumulate in the hair, they eventually make them brittle, and after provoke the hair loss.

Constantly applying the rich nutrients of natural products for hair care, you can forget about their problems. A few drops of natural oils have true magic, that can make from any woman the owner of a stunningly attractive rich hair.