How to Use a Conditioner for Hair Care


  • What does Conditioner Do?
  • How to Apply Conditioner?
  • Homemade Hair Conditioner

If we talk about hair care, what is sure to be a conditioner among the first means. Any jars and bottles of this miracle means you will find in any home. This suggests that it is recommended to use for everybody, making emphasis on the hair type and the desired result.

All conditioners can be simply divided into two categories: washable and indelible.

  • Accordingly washable conditioners we put on the hair, and after a mild head massage, we wash off. This is the procedure that we’re doing every time we use the shampoo. Such conditioners are usually sold as a pair, and therefore the rinse aid addition, perform the same load as shampoos, for example, for additional volume.
  • Indelible conditioners are applied mainly to the hair roots, and for a certain period of time. Use them both for prevention and in the treatment process of your hair. They have three functions: protection, restoration, hydration.

The consistency of these conditioners is different. More thicker, the protection is more stronger after use conditioner. It’s like comparing the fat and oil. But remember, before you choose a certain conditioner, be sure to ask yourself the question. What do I want from my hair? If we want to return the density and volume, it is better to use special conditioners against hair loss.

What does Conditioner Do?

What does Conditioner Do?

The conditioners have the negatively-charged amino acids. They are not washed and mixed with molecules of keratin, to form a protective layer.

  • Conditioners must restore hair structure, which was broken for various reasons. And the cuticle is the most important in this. Saturating the top layer with nutrients and amino acids, it restores the natural protective layer of our hair.
  • Conditioner moisturizes the scalp, creating a favorable environment for the root system.

Now we proceed to the selection. Opinions and comments of people who treat their hair from falling out, divided. Some are for the use of professional cosmetics, others against.

Hair Conditioners from Stores

On the shelves of pharmacies and stores you are sure to pay attention to the medicated shampoos and conditioners, which are aimed at hair loss recovery. We suggest to choose well-known manufacturers.

Usually the line has a special conditioners for hair strengthening and growth stimulation. The structure includes natural ingredients: such as, extract of hops, barley, nettle, chestnut, onion, garlic, horseradish and pepper, as well as Australian tea tree oil, lavender wax and provitamin B5 and so on. Their actions are directed to the power of roots and growth stimulation.

How to Apply Conditioner?

One of the most effective prescriptions against hair loss is burdock, made from burdock root, based on vegetable oils. Complex of burdock is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Burdock shampoo we apply to wet hair, gently massaging the hair and wash off with warm water. Then we apply burdock hair conditioner, to restore hair structure and create a protective layer over the entire length. We also wash off. After drying of our hair, we take burdock serum. We sprinkle it near the root and does not wash off till the next shampooing.

How to Apply Conditioner

The manufacturer gives us the ability to strike in all directions in the fight against hair loss, and numerous positive reviews say that the buyers have complete trust in burdock, and see the positive results. Well, if you remain a fan of the natural of cosmetics, let’s talk about what can be used for preparing at home.

Hair Conditioner Homemade with Cognac

  • Natural birch sap – 0.5 cups
  • A decoction of burdock root – 2 tablespoons
  • Cognac – 1 tablespoon

All what you need to pour into a special container and place in the refrigerator. Rub the balm three times a week, with no subsequent rinsing.

Hair Conditioner Homemade with Ivy

Buy the field ivy at the pharmacy, make a broth, mix 2 tablespoons of herbs to one cup of boiling water. At low heat boil for 30 minutes, after filtering, bring the volume of the resulting liquid to 200 ml. Rub this conditioner also at least 3 times a week in dry roots, do not rinse.

There are a numerous positive reviews, after rubbing the natural juice of aloe, cabbage and carrots into the roots.

And be sure to pay attention to the type of your hair. Greasy hair is not necessary to feed with the oil conditioners, and dry hair should be treated with a strong warming components. If you can not determine your type, ask your hairdresser. Treatment should be carried out taking into account all the characteristics of your hair and the individual reaction.

Hair loss should be treated with more than one day: it is a long process, which necessarily gives the result. Hair conditioner is a reliable assistant in the struggle for beauty and health of your hair.