How to Use a Cleanser: Good Facial Washes


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All women and girls dream to look fresh and appealing always. This is why we get a huge amount of a variety of cosmetics, trying to provide our face constant care. However, few people realize that care always begins only with the cleanliness. That is, if you clean not right your own face from pollution, all your procedures with expensive care products, may simply be useless.

How to Use a Cleanser

Not so long ago, the morning washing process was very simple. Our grandmothers just washed with soap and water, but for the modern girl, this, of course, will not be enough. Moreover the water that runs in our crane, is not also suitable for cleaning. So, non desirable effects, such as redness, irritation, pimples may appear easily on our faces.

So modern cosmetic industry produces a huge amount of a variety of means, for example, foams, mousses, liquid, gentle soap, and so on. One of the finest means to clean the skin from pollution, are facial washes, which are represented in cosmetic stores in the widest assortment.

Good Facial Washes

Today to choose facial washes is not easy because of the abundance of products with variety of fragrant aromas. In order to pick up the gel for washing for you, you must understand a few simple criterias, which will be the determinant of your choice.

You should start with the fact that the quality and therefore the purity of your skin is directly related to the composition of cosmetic products. Without knowing the active substances included in facial washes, you will not make the good choice. There are several types of these substances, and the choice of your cleanser it is necessary to begin with the type of the surfactant contained in the cosmetic means.

How to Use a Cleanser

  • Amphoteric Facial Washes

It is believed that if the cleanser containing such substances, it means that it is of highest quality. On the bottle with cleanser, in such a case it will be written Cocoyl, Sarcosine or Betaine. This is the best, but of course, the most expensive form of cleanser, but it’s worth it, as amphoteric substances cleanse the skin gently and very carefully and take care of it without disturbing its natural state.

  • Anionic Facial Washes

Such surface-active substances have some negative charge, thus, they are slightly repelled from the skin and do not allow substances to penetrate deeply into the epidermis. However, from that little is lost and the effect of its use, since the gel is simply not enough time to clean the dermis quality from dead cells, dust and exhaust fumes.

Among other things, contained in gels of anionic substances, such as sodium lauryl sulfate notorious (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), can dry the skin, therefore use them much better for oily skin. It is best to select the means on the label which means Magnesium Laureth Sulfate, it will be more friendly and not so dry out the epidermis. However, there is a plus of anionic cleansers – they are just great froth and it is excellent.

  • Cationic Facial Washes

As is clear, in contrast to anionic, like gel particles, can carry a positive charge. Cleanser for washing of cationic type is sure to be labeled. On bottle or tube of selected means you may still notice as Polyquaternium, or Quaternium. For girls and women with sensitive dermis type, and even more prone to allergic reactions, better to get round such funds.

The fact that the cationic cleanser can penetrate deep into the epidermis, and not to provide a beneficial effect. This is the most allergenic type, some women can have a burning sensation, irritation and even burns. The fact that the ducts of the sebaceous glands by nature have a negative charge, the cations are attracted to it, and penetrate deep and can even break the lipid barrier.

  • Non-Ionic Facial Washes

Despite the good word, and which is in the title of this type of means, in fact, they are most of all useless. Sense from the use of such a gel is a little further, they foam badly, and have no time to completely clean the skin from any impurities, except that, corny wash away the dust and rinse with clean water.

Recognize this cleanser is possible because of ingredient on the packaging – Decyl-Glucoside. True, the cost of such a gel is enviably low. Of course, it is not known whether to purchase a completely useless product, but at a revolutionary low price, but it’s a private matter.

Various Facial Washes

Know what type of your gel for washing, of course, necessary, but this is not enough. In addition, you have to chose a means of good quality. It is best to go to the well-proven store or drugstore, in which you can be sure.

  • It is not necessary to buy facial washes that do not fit you, by age criteria. That is, it is not necessary to take a more powerful means, based on the fact that it can cope with your problems faster. It can be fatal, as by buying at a young age gel for mature skin, it is possible to bring the state of the dermis, just to parameters, which are listed on a bottle of cleanser. Take only what is right for you, and do not try to fool nature, it often does not forgive missteps and lies.

Do not forget also the type of your own skin. Even if you did not already know, it is not difficult to find out, after watching a few days for the reaction of your skin, as well as its state during the day.

  • The facial washes should be picked up according the type of the epidermis, so as not to make yourself unnecessary problems. The fact that the gels contain substances which, for example, can be used on greasy skin, but not for dry or hypersensitive. For example, ascorbic acid, which is wonderfully cope with the elimination of excess sebum can cause irritation, itching and allergies, dry and sensitive skin.

Do not forget that the use of facial cleansers, it is also not simple. Ideally, if you have purchased a gel for daily care, it is necessary to apply twice a day, on morning and evening. However, plain water from the tap is not very suitable for washing gel, it may contain harmful components. Therefore, it is better to use special filters, or purchase water for washing separately.