How to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter: skin care tips for winter


  • Skin Care Tips for Winter: the Basic Rules
  • Prevention of Skin Problem: Tips for Skin Care in Winter
  • Winter-Masks: Indications and Contraindications
  • Magic Effect of Winter-Masks on Face
  • Skin Care in Winter: Home Remedies

In winter our facial skin is exposed to a real stress: low temperatures, scorching wind, cold rain – all these are irritating and drying the skin. Every woman should remember that skin care in winter is just needed, to look always young, fresh and beautiful.

Skin Care Tips for Winter: the Basic Rules

Even if there is no apparent reason for concern, it is important to ensure an appropriate skin care in winter for everybody – both for men and for women:

  • in winter for oily skin of face is encouraged to migrate to beauty products for normal skin, and for the other skin types are needed of maximum wetting creams;
  • all face masks in winter are recommended to make more often than usual: every 2-3 days;
  • make sure that the air in the office and at home was moistened: hang the wet cloth on battery or put a bowl of water;
  • recommended to use a face cream in the winter, which has a protective function for the skin;
  • moisturize has to be not only outside but inside: increase fluid intake to two-three liters per day.

Adherence to these universal rules provides the necessary skin care all winter. However, more than others suffer in winter problem skin, which should be discussed separately.

Prevention of Skin Problem: Tips for Skin Care in Winter

skin care tips for winter

If the facial skin is a problem, winter for it is the most difficult period of time, when all of these problems are exacerbated. Very important time to prepare for winter and take a number of preventive measures for skin care in winter, which will reduce the risk of an exacerbation:

  • actively and regularly clean the skin by means of a gel base, which has an increased pH;
  • increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • always use a cleansing mask;
  • if necessary, seek help from a dermatologist or an experienced beautician for advice.

If you prepare your skin for the winter ahead, problems in this period will be much less. Especially, the facial care in winter does not deliver much trouble.

Winter-Masks : Indications and Contraindications

If you are looking for the most effective way to protect the skin in winter, use the “winter” masks. They are able to solve many skin problems:

  • the sensitive skin can not do without the masks, as this type of skin just handles temperature traumatic;
  • already very dry facial skin begins to dry more in the winter, and lose the moisture more, exposed to strong winds and frost, and even starts to peel and cracks;
  • oily skin in the winter has deficit of vitamins and nutrition that can be filled with masks;
  • problem skin, suffering from acne, could further inflame;
  • fading and aging skin becomes to have even more wrinkles, smooth out these wrinkles the maks will help also.

There are a number of restrictive rules that are recommended for the skin in the winter time:

  1. can not consume a lot of coffee, tea and soda water, which contribute to the conclusion of moisture from the body;
  2. can not apply the cream before going out directly: it can lead to hypothermia of skin.

Mask – is a natural and effective skin protection in winter, they have no contraindications, but able to solve most problems with the skin in the winter.

Magic Effect of Winter-Masks on Face

tips for skin care in winter,

The mechanism of any mask is defined by its components. At the heart of any winter mask must be at least a few drops of any vegetable oil: olive, flaxseed or pumpkin seeds. They form a protective barrier for the skin, which will prevent it from low temperatures and wind.

Auxiliary ingredients can be:

banana mask: banana provides maximum moisturizing skin in winter, as a banana – a natural moisturizer, which is part of the mask with the help of vitamin A will nourish dry, irritated skin from winter winds;

gelatin mask: gelatin differs with rejuvenating effect, as part of the winter-masks it tightens the loose skin, soothes tired, improves circulation, whitens dark spots, wrinkles, gives skin elasticity;

lemon mask: lemon juice is rich in vitamin C – a natural antioxidant, which in winter is actively strengthens and cleanses the skin, reduces pores; so it is in need of dry facial skin in the winter, which requires not only moisture, but also food;

carrot mask: carrot tones the skin and improves the complexion;

chamomile mask: chamomile composed winter masks soothe irritated skin and relieve inflammation.

Heed choice recipe for which you will do for your face mask.

Skin Care in Winter: Home Remedies

A huge number of masks can help you through the winter. We offer a few of the most effective and easiest to prepare recipes.

For any skin

  • Banana

Quarter of banana has to be stretched, beat with a nourishing cream (teaspoon), with 3 drops of lemon juice and olive oil. Especially recommended for those who has the dry skin on the face and hands.

  • Curd

Fat cottage cheese (2 teaspoons) mixed with strong brewed tea (a teaspoon) and linseed oil (a teaspoon).


  • Gelatin

Gelatin (10 g) pour cold water, stir and leave for an hour to swell. After that, rub in it the zinc oxide (10 g) and glycerol (40 g). Heat and cool. Prior to the liquid state the mask may be heated on water bath. Wet a gauze in the mask, and apply on face.

  • Citric

Lemon juice (a teaspoon) mixed with fat cream (teaspoon) and sour cream (half a spoon).

For oily skin

  • Protein

Protein whipped, mix with lemon juice (a teaspoon), finely chopped lemon peel and bran (2 teaspoons).


  • Herbal

Pharmacy-daisy, plantain and mint mixed (one teaspoon), boil, add potato starch (a teaspoon). Herbal mask will help for those who have the excessive flaking of skin in winter: it moisturizes and eliminate the feeling of tightness.

  • Malic

Apple juice (a teaspoon) mixed with curd (2 teaspoons), half egg yolk and camphor oil (a teaspoon).


  • Honey and lemon

Heated liquid honey (a teaspoon) mixed with lemon juice (40 drops) and white clay (tablespoon).

  • Carrot

Grated carrots (tablespoon) diluted in olive oil (a few drops).


  • Daisy

Whipped egg yolk with olive oil (a teaspoon) and chamomile extract (a teaspoon). Particularly, this mask will be good for you, if in the winter your skin is suffering much under the influence of low temperature and wind.

If you do not help your skin to move all the hardships of the winter period of time, you can prepare for its premature wilting and exacerbation of many kinds of problems. But in fact, to avoid all of these problems is so easy: be beautiful and healthy all the year round.