How to Sunbathe? Tips of Beautiful Tan in the Sun


  • Summer! Ah, Sunbathe!..
  • Tips of Beautiful Tan in the Sun

Once the ladies carefully hid their charming faces a broad-brimmed hats and flirtatious hard his cheeks smeared with sour cream, in order to preserve their aristocratic whiteness. Today, driven by the desire to turn into a kind of chocolate bronze ladies winter disappear in the solarium, and in the summer try to absorb the entire skin every ray of sunshine. Is it a good tan, as many think? What are the “pitfalls” is fraught with the craze tan? And the consequences of a lack of knowledge of how to properly sunbathe, and the neglect of these rules? Try to understand.

Summer! Ah, Sunbathe!..

As soon as the long-awaited summer publicly announce entry into the rights of the first hot days of cloudless and as longing for a long winter on the gentle rays of the sun city dwellers hurry to substitute their faces, arms, legs, back, trying to quickly acquire the bronze color, to be fed by solar energy. Leaving on a weekend at the cottage, out of town, going to the city beach or departing on vacation at the seaside, we aim to get all of the summer and to the maximum. But it is often forgotten that the sun is capable of caring friend turn into a ruthless enemy. And instead of the long-awaited sun can easily make the strongest sunburn, a result showing tufts surrounding skin crawl instead of her immaculate chocolate hue. That is why it is so important to listen to the doctors’ recommendations about how to properly sunbathe, and what time of day is best to do it.

Tips of Beautiful Tan in the Sun

Tips of Beautiful Tan in the Sun

It is important to remember that prolonged exposure to sunlight (especially in the period from 12 to 14 hours) on unprotected skin not only leads to burn (the skin becomes red, inflamed, blisters), but also to the fact that it loses its protective function. And what is especially important for taking care of your appearance ladies, long stay under the scorching rays of the sun triggers premature aging of the skin. And it is us, the beautiful, and does no good.

Tips of Beautiful Tan in the Sun

You want to get a nice tan and a full dose of vitamin D? We’ll have to follow certain rules.

  • The best time for sunbathing – in the morning, from 9 to 11h and in the evening, after 17 hours. At lunch time it is better to take refuge in the shade.
  • Do not go tanning immediately after a meal or on an empty stomach, wait about a half hour after a meal.
  • Head necessarily something cover the eyes also need protection from the sun.
  • If sunbathing lying down, make sure that the head was slightly raised.
  • Before you go sunbathing, do not use perfume – in a place subject to perfume or scented water on the skin can cause brown spots.
  • Many prefer to sunbathe on the banks of reservoirs, which is understandable. This is not only a pleasure (from the water blows cool), but also turns tanning stronger due to the water surface reflected sunlight. However, in this case, no harm will be to figure out how to sunbathe on the sea or on the river bank. In addition to the general rules, it is necessary to take into account some of the subtleties.

For example, some of the rashly believe that frolic in the sea waves, “burn” in the sun is not possible. In fact, any water precludes the solar rays, rather the opposite. Deciding also sunbathe in a wet bathing suit, be prepared for the fact that water droplets on the skin “work” as a small lens, increasing the likelihood of burns.