How to Stop Hair Loss


  • 10 Factors that Affect the Health of the Hair
  • Ways and Means of Treatment of Hair Loss
  • 1. Nutrition
  • 2. Folk Remedies
  • 3. Cosmetics and Medicines
  • 4. Surgical Hair Restoration

Every day a healthy person loses an average 10 to 100 hairs – hair loss is accepted as the norm, it is for each number individually. In place of fallen hair appears new, passes through three stages of development, which make up the cycle of life.

What do you do if every day to comb remains clearly above the norm? How not to lose hair? The main thing – do not panic! First, let’s understand why there is loss, determine how you can use the tool. It is desirable, if your problem will be engaged in specialist – cosmetologist or health worker, because the hair – it’s part of your body, health and appearance – is a signal about the problems in the body.

How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss

10 Factors that Affect the Health of the Hair

The causes of hair loss in men and women, the most diverse. 10 define the key factors affecting the health of the hair:

1. Reduction of hemoglobin. At deficiency of iron in the blood is observed oxygen starvation of the body’s cells, which affects the overall health and its individual parts. In particular, when lack of oxygen supply reduced iron scalp, reduced consumption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals follicles occurs resulting in the weakening of the body hair, its loss.

2. The use of drugs. The use of drugs in some cases may stop the growth of hair, dying hair follicles, hair falling out trigger. For example, during chemotherapy scalp alopecia observed. Also, hair loss causes the use of antidepressants, certain birth control pills, pills for high blood pressure, steroids, even innocuous aspirin. If possible, stop taking the drugs.

3. Hormonal disorders particularly affect the density of hair in women. The balanced composition of hormones in the blood of women is very important slightest failure will lead to changes in the organism at the molecular level. Endocrine disorders (diabetes), an excess of male sex hormone in a woman’s body – testosterone, changes in the postnatal period, hormonal changes in menopause – it can lead to hair loss. Excess testosterone in men is the cause of hair falling out.

4. Diseases of the scalp. By provoking diseases include allergic skin dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, ulcers, seborrhea, ringworm, tinea.

5. The deterioration of blood supply to the scalp. In mild cases, it eliminates the common scalp massage. The heavy – it is a common disease of the body, in this case, need to consult a doctor.

6. Lack of scalp nutrition trace elements and vitamins. To resolve this cause should be a balanced diet, to develop a diet that allows your body gets enough nutrients.

7. Stress. Stress affects the whole body, especially on the scalp. It is necessary to stop taking the drugs, as antidepressants can only exacerbate the problem. Proper organization of leisure, relaxation of the body after a hard day, observance sleep help relieve the tension and avoid stress.

8. Human Ecological environment. Ecology – an important factor, especially affecting human health, especially on the inhabitants of industrial cities with polluted atmosphere. Hair quickly absorbs heavy metals and accumulate them.

9. Thermal effects (cold, heat, chemical exposure) – the main cause of hair loss in women. Striving for the ideal is very often over the edge – on that just did not go the ladies to have hair like a Hollywood star.

Curling, straightening hair iron, hair dryer – this is an incomplete list of instruments and tools for the thermal effects on the hair.

Perm, to “break” the structure of hair, bleaching, dyeing… – devices of chemical exposure.

To this point, you can add the creation of tight hairstyles, braids and weave African braids, when the barber greatly tightens the skin of the head, thereby disrupting the natural hair growth process.

10. Reducing the human immune system. When the seasonal decrease immunity, spring and fall, there is increased hair loss. When hair falls out quickly and in large quantities for a long time against the background of general decline in the human immune system – is a sign of underlying disease.

Ways and Means of Treatment of Hair Loss

Considering the causes of hair falling out in men and women, treatment should begin with the underlying disease, and use along with the means to strengthen. During the course of treatment and recovery period exclude the chemical and thermal action on the hair.

treatment of hair loss

Treatment of Hair Loss

  • 1. Nutrition

To stop hair loss we must first review the food. Eat vegetables and fruits, preferably fresh – so you will ensure that the body get the vitamins intact.

One boiled boiled egg per day will add strength to your hair, olive oil and fatty fish varieties will increase the elasticity and shine, one avocado a day will add strength.

I do not need to be reminded that the abuse of liquor, black coffee, cigarettes will not add health and can eventually hair falling out.

Green tea, grapes – natural antioxidants that can deduce harmful substances from the body and stop the process of intoxication, their use is desirable in order to achieve results in the treatment.

  • 2. Folk Remedies

A good effect of folk remedies have – lotions, teas and a variety of masks from your kitchen. Recipes save the beauty of hair a lot, we list the main.

It is useful to rub into the scalp egg yolk mixed with oil of burdock (burdock). Before washing the finished mixture to put on damp hair, wrap up well in the towel for an hour.

Mustard mask is prepared on the basis of henna and mustard: Henna is brewed with boiling water (as per instructions) plus 1 teaspoon of mustard powder. Apply to wet hair in the form of heat, wrapped a towel for half an hour.

Mask with olive oil improves elasticity, strengthens the follicles and helps stop hair loss. For the preparation you need to warm up a little olive oil, squeeze the lemon juice into it 1/2 parts, mix and apply on the scalp. Wrap a towel. An hour later, the mask wash off with clean running water.

There are a mixture of hair tonic based on onions and garlic, the mask on the basis of aloe juice, decoctions of various herbs – folk grandmother’s means a great variety, all of them are effective, because they are time-tested. To select suitable for you, listen to the mothers and grandmothers, read books and articles about the people’s recipes, reviews them on the internet – you can find an affordable and easy remedy for hair loss, which can be prepared in the kitchen.

It is important to exchange treatment means selected at a time using the effect will not be. The course of treatment – 10-15 procedures until a result. Folk remedies have a very positive feedback, suitable for both men and women.

  • 3. Cosmetics and Medicines

There are a wide variety of cosmetics for the rehabilitation and treatment of scalp for men and women. This is all kinds of shampoos, hair masks, lotions, ointments, based on the potent drug minoxidil, plant-based ingredients and preparations for internal use.

The most effective means of strengthening the hair is a product containing minoxidil preparation. This substance has the ability to stimulate regeneration of hair follicles, effectively combats hair loss in both men and women. Known means of this series – Regeyn (Belgium) and Rogaine (US). In minoxidil have contraindications to the use of: a person under 18 years, the inflammation of the scalp, rashes and redness of various etiologies, pregnant and nursing mothers.

Series Preparations “Soultz” issued on the basis of selenium disulphide. This material triggers the process of regeneration of hair follicles, improve blood circulation of the scalp, effectively combats skin diseases (fungal, dermatitis, seborrhea).

On the basis of herbal ingredients known for a series of anti-hair loss Rinfoltil (Italy), Polipant Complex (Italy). As part of the used vegetable extracts of herbs (ginkgo biloba, ginseng, mint, coffee, etc.) and animal extracts (animal placenta used in Polipant Complex).

Preparations for internal use are dietary supplements based on plant components with B vitamins and minerals complex. They can be applied daily as a prophylactic.

  • 4. Surgical Hair Restoration

Restoring the hair roots by means of surgical intervention – a real revolution in the field of aesthetic medicine. However, this laborious process, which, by their very nature, has a long recovery period, sometimes the procedure is repeated several times to achieve the desired result. Most transactions are for men.

In surgery there are several types of hair restoration:

  • Hair Transplantation (autologous transplantation);
  • plastic flap;
  • balding skin excision;
  • reduction of the scalp (plastic);
  • transplantation of artificial hair (implants).

A particular success among men uses autologous transplantation, ie transplantation of pieces of skin with hair follicles, epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fatty tissue from the back of the problematic area.

Before deciding on the choice of the means of hair loss, make sure that your problem is not temporary, consult with a specialist in this matter, and pass the necessary tests to help the doctor determine the diagnosis. Only to establish the cause, the next step may be to wonder how to stop hair loss? Integrated use of modern means to restore hair and prevent their loss in men and women help to preserve the beauty, health, self-confidence.