How to Stop Gray Hair: Terms of Care


  • Terms of Care for Gray Hair
  • How to Stop Gray Hair
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The appearance of gray hair, especially at a young age, can rejoice a very few people. Particularly sensitive to this issue women are. If for the man silver in his hair can make even a certain nobility, the woman is trying to hide the early signs of aging and get rid of gray hair. Gray hair not only look unsightly, but also harder to make hair style because of the rigid structure. Unfortunately, to resume production of melanin (color pigment) it is not possible, but to stop gray hair significantly can be possible with providing the right care for gray hair and eliminating the main causes of mortality of the cells that produce pigment.

It should immediately be noted that the age and genetic predisposition – are not the only factors that lead to the appearance of gray hair.

Terms of Care for Gray Hair

The disease of the digestive tract, liver and kidney, dysfunction of the endocrine glands and nervous system can provoke this process also. The risk group also includes the people suffering from vitamin deficiency, anemia and cardiovascular diseases. Some viral infections can also cause the appearance of gray hair at an early age.

An important role is also played by a usual life style. Be ready for unpleasant surprises if you:

  1. hard fan of diets, because of which the organism is regularly loses; it needs protein;
  2. do not observe the principles of a balanced diet and proper fluid intake;
  3. regularly expose locks UV and low temperatures;
  4. oftenly you are under stress, depression, lack of recreation.
How to Stop Gray Hair

How to Stop Gray Hair

How to Stop Gray Hair

Adhering to these guidelines, you can prevent the process of the emergence of new gray hair:

  • It is said that all diseases are from nerves. Gray hair is too. Therefore, to the extent possible, try to protect yourselves from the stress and emotions, do not take to heart the small troubles, more enjoy your life.
  • Worried over nothing, you first of all are endangering your health and attractive appearance. If you can not cope with the depressed state, take the course of sedatives, sign up for yoga, learn meditation technique.
  • Make sure that the body regularly received all the necessary elements. Vitamin complexes in the off-season will be a great addition to hair care and will help to improve their condition.
  • It’s time to review and adjust your eating habits. Even regular care for gray hair will not benefit if you continue to absorb harmful fatty foods, drinking coffee or cola by liters. Avoid the use of products such as fruits, fresh vegetables, juices, berries, etc.
  • Use special products for damaged colored hair. It is better the professional cosmetics of famous brands with a good reputation among customers.
  • Wear a hat, if required by the weather conditions. The negative impact of the scorching sun and temperature changes can nullify your efforts to care for the hair.
  • Do not forget to rest. Regular fatigue negatively affects female appeal, contributing to early aging of skin, the appearance of first wrinkles and gray hair.
  • Physical activity contribute to a better blood circulation, which determines the nutrition of hair follicles.
  • It is also recommended to carry out a medical examination. This will help to heal in time possible internal problems and prevent further occurrence of gray hair.

To Care and to Color Gray Hair

Folk remedies will not be able to return gray hair in original color, but will be an excellent addition to hair care.

The main task of homemade masks – to provide hair necessary nutrition and hydration, as well as make them strong and obedient.

Before applying the selected mask to the hair, run the test for sensitivity. This will avoid allergic reactions due to the intolerance of one or more components.

  • An excellent tonic that helps not only to revitalize hair, but also to stop hair loss is castor oil. It is applied as a mask on the scalp and held for one hour, and film your hair with warm towel.
  • Onion mask had saved not one hair from loss, and it will also be useful for gray hair. For the preparation of this wonderful means you will need a fresh juice of one onion, one teaspoon of honey and olive oil and a little shampoo. Duration of treatment was 30 minutes, after which the hair is thoroughly washed with warm water.
  • Also garlic juice works well on hair follicles, which must be rubbed into the scalp. For dry hair type will be useful to add to the garlic juice small amount of burdock oil. This mask can be kept up to two hours. Remove bad smell after such a procedure can, rinsed her hair water with apple cider vinegar.
  • This recipe is useful to do for auburn graying hair. Mix one spoon of henna colorless, cocoa powder, olive oil, and sour milk. Add to the total weight the oil solution of vitamin A, one egg yolk and powdered cloves (5 pcs.). Stir and heat the bit mask in a water bath. Hold on curls 1-2 hours, then wash hair with shampoo.

Compliance with care for gray hair and the elimination of the above mentioned negative factors will help to prolong youth for your hair. Respect and use of folk remedies allow help for gray hair to stay longer healthy, shiny and manageable.