How to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally?


  • What Increases Hair Growth?
  • How to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally?
  • Masks with Best Recipes: Cayenne Pepper Hair Growth.

From the scourge of slow hair growth, the homemade masks can help perfectly, they can be prepared quickly and easily from readily available products. Their regular use awakens the follicles of the roots back to life, causing the strands to grow rapidly and actively. The effectiveness of such means have proven scientifically and can not be questioned.

What Increases Hair Growth?

what increases hair growth

Homemade masks for hair growth are directed to eliminate all possible causes of the unpleasant phenomenon which can be a huge amount. Sometimes women do not even suspect that their braids do not grow because they have unhealthy lifestyle, malnourished, are constantly in a bad mood, or very sick. If you to understand in time, why the hair growth has slowed, and eliminate this factor provocateur, the homemade mask will be only the help for hair growth. Their effect on the hair roots is very intense and even more aggressive:

  • no wonder such masks contain a cinnamon, pepper tincture, alcohol, mustard and other hot and spicy ingredients: they improve the subcutaneous blood circulation of the head, which leads to better nutrition of cells and their active oxygen saturation;
  • hair growth in a month can be up to 3-4 cm and even more;
  • normalizes the sebaceous glands, resulting in oily hair rid of glossy, unpleasant luster, start to pollute much slower;
  • the hair becomes thick due to the accelerated growth, acquires the desired volume;
  • enhanced nutrition strengthens the roots, so they almost cease to fall;
  • use of such homemade masks eliminate the dandruff, as they have anti-inflammatory properties.

All these results can be achieved even without being well-versed in matters of beauty. Terms and rules of preparing are simple, so they can be made by any woman, who is dreaming of long hair, like the famous Rapunzel. Experiments are not wanted here, so it’s best to stick to the recommendations from the experts. They guarantee a successful outcome.

How to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally?

hair growth in a month

Terms of use the masks for activating hair growth, are needed to avoid the negative consequences, as they often contain aggressive enough substance. The careless use can burn too thin and dry hair, and you will not achieve the desired results.

  • It is contraindicated to use these means for the treatment of damaged, brittle, sectional strands.
  • You need to follow exactly the dosage specified in the recipes for each mask.
  • If you decided to use mustard, use its powder. Despite the fact that pepper tincture is easy to cook at home, for cosmetic mask it better to buy in a drugstore.
  • Check all means for allergenicity: to lubricate with the prepared mixture the skin behind the ear, and see the result after 20 minutes. Lack of irritation, redness, burning and itching – an indication that the mask can be safely used for its intended purpose.
  • Protect the eyes; the means must not get to the eyes.
  • Apply the mask on the already washed and clean hair (except the masks with mustard, which have to be applied on dirty hair), before the procedure the hair can be moisten.
  • Such masks are better not to distribute through the hair; and, moreover, do not rinse the ends in the masks. As they seek to improve metabolic processes, they need to be rubbed only into the roots. To avoid the damage on the ends of the hair, dipped them previously in warm cosmetic oil (you can take for this purpose the oils of: burdock, almond, jojoba, castor, olive, etc.)
  • Create a greenhouse effect: wrap your head with cellophane (or plastic cap) and towel.
  • For hair-rinsing is recommended to use herbal teas (nettle, for example). In their absence – with plain water (filtered or mineral, without gas).
  • Treatment is an average of about one to two months, if you use them once in 7 or 10 days – frequency applications will depend on the condition of the hair.

If you prepare masks, according to all these recommendations, you can significantly activate hair growth, making them much thicker, bulkier, stronger. Select only the masks, in which you are sure from the point of view of safeness for your hair and skin.

Masks with Best Recipes: Cayenne Pepper Hair Growth

cayenne pepper hair growth

You may have to try a few recipes of masks for accelerating hair growth, until you have selected only one that will turn you into a real Rapunzel.

  • Mustard Mask

2 tablespoons of mustard powder pour with the same amount of hot water, mix up to a steep state. Heat the one glass of burdock oil over steam. 2 tablespoons of warm oils stir with mustard, the rest of oils goes for wetting the hair ends. After you need to add in the mask 2 tablespoons of sugar, rubbed with raw egg yolk.

  • Mask with Pepper Tincture

100 ml of burdock oil warm up, mix in equal proportion to the pharmacy-tincture of red pepper.

  • Cayenne Pepper Hair Growth

1 tablespoon of red pepper mixed with 4 tablespoons of warm honey.

  • With Vitamins

Mix olive oil and burdock (2 tablespoons), heated by a couple, and then add the oil solutions of vitamins A and E (1 tablespoon).

  • Ethereal

In warm burdock oils (100 ml) was added the rosemary essential oil (4 drops), lavender (2 drops), pine (2 drops), sage (2 drops).

Want a cascade of long and shining hair in a short time? In this case, use the abovestated recipes: the regular use of masks for hair growth will not take long to see the results.