How to Remove Pigmentation Spots on Face?


  • How to Remove Brown Spot on Face: Methods of Disposal?
  • Effectiveness of Methods to Combat the Pigment of the Skin.
  • Best Recipes against Hyperpigmented Skin.

Too bright freckles, redness after extruded acne, age dark spots on the face can spoil the appearance of any belle significantly.

Modern cosmetology removes the age spots with face-art methods, but many women are able to get rid of them, using the available means which are from the medicine cabinet or kitchen.

How to Remove Brown Spot on Face: Methods of Disposal?

hyperpigmented skin

Before you take the first available method for removing stains from the face, try to grasp the essence of the process of their appearance. Because the dark spots on the face have the different reasons, till to metabolic disorders in the body. So a good start is to get tested in the clinic; maybe, your dark spots need to be treated rather than simple removed. If you have nothing serious, you can be helped to cope with the problem of pigmentation in any salon.


For an effective, quick and painless removal of age spots on face, the modern machines are used now in beauty salons with which the specialist can perform the following procedures:

  • laser removal of pigmented spots: rejuvenation, whitening function, microcurrent;
  • ultrasonic peeling;
  • to remove age spots on the face, the causes of which are not associated with diseases of internal organs, widely used chemical peels, which act inside with fruit acids on the spot;
  • you can be offered the cryogenic applications – burning the spots with liquid nitrogen.

All the procedure are painless and harmless to the skin. To removal of bright dark spots is suggested in the cabin, because they can not be removed at home. But lighten the freckles and reduce redness in the skin you can easily even at home – with homemade remedies.

remove brown spot on face


So, the dark spots are discovered: how to get rid of them by yourself, without any salons? Small dark spots on the face can be removed at home with following effective and easy ways:

  • herbal infusions;
  • lotions used when pigment spots on the face are required the temporary removal for the period of exacerbation pigmentation (spring, for example);
  • whitening mask;
  • compresses remove the bright spots, which are caused by the solar activity or microdamages skin.

Now, you know how to remove dark spots in different ways. Before choosing one of them, read the expected results for you to know.

Effectiveness of Methods to Combat the Pigment of the Skin

If dark spots on the face have nothing to do with serious diseases, the procedures for their removal will help:

  • to lighten freckles and age spots on the face on 2-3 pitch;
  • avoid relapse and recurrence;
  • improve the complexion;
  • permanently remove dark spots on the face without sequelae.

The effect of any procedure will depend on the individual characteristics of each organism and causes of pigmentation:

  • the dark spots on the face during pregnancy better do not lighten: they will disappear after birth;
  • any age spots are removed effectively with hardware cosmetology;
  • red pigment spots left after acne are easy to reduce with homemade means.
  • to remove dark spots on the face permanently without sequelae.

So, for maximum effect is desirable in advance to find out why age spots are strewn on your face.

If you decide to whiten the dark spots on the face at home, it’s time to prepare the masks and lotions.

Best Recipes against Hyperpigmented Skin

pigment of the skin

Examine the composition of each mask carefully: if you do not have any allergies to a particular ingredient. All the masks are encouraged to adhere on the face about 15 minutes and rinse with warm filtered water.

1. Peppermint Mask

Grate the sweet pepper. Apply on face the pulp with maximum juice: with this mask you can whitening effectively the dark spots on the skin all year round.

2. Mask of Honey and Parsley with Lemon Juice

Minced parsley (2 tablespoons) mixed with a liquid honey (2 tablespoons) and fresh lemon juice (2 tablespoons). Parsley and lemon juice are the most effective bleaching agents and are capable to whiten age spots excellently, laser removal after is not required.

3. Lemon-Yeast Mask with Whitening Effect

Yeast (25 grams) mixed with lemon juice (a teaspoon) and fresh homemade milk (a tablespoon). This mask will whiten from your face even white spots, with which the other masks simply can not cope.

4. Cucumber Mask

Cucumber – one more an effective natural bleach for your skin. Grate the cucumber, and mix with other nutritious ingredients: olive oil, lemon juice or your daily cream. Three tablespoons of cucumber mass with one tablespoon of each ingredient.

5. Berry Mask with Honey

Juice of fresh berries of viburnum and fresh berries of black currant (2 tablespoons) mixed with a liquid honey (a teaspoon) warmed on water bath. Wet the cloth and apply to the face.

6. Masks with Onion Juice

Onion juice (a tablespoon), if yo have a dry skin mixed with liquid honey (a tablespoon), if oily skin – with vinegar (6%, a tablespoon).

7. Masks Horseradish

Grated horseradish on a fine grater (a tablespoon) mixed with chopped green apple (a tablespoon).

8. Potato Mask

Grate a raw potato (2 tablespoons) mixed with olive oil (5 drops), domestic fresh milk (a tablespoon) and almond bran (a teaspoon).

9. Carrot Mask

Grated carrots (a tablespoon) mixed with egg yolk and cream (a tablespoon).

10. Yogurt Mask

Yogurt (2 tablespoons) mixed with lemon juice (a teaspoon) and olive oil (a few drops).

Now you’re an expert on this issue and know how to remove age spots quickly and efficiently. Share with others these recipes: be beautiful!