How to Remove Belly Fat Naturally

The presence of bulging belly even with a small excess weight – a problem inherent to both men and women. Why is it a problem? Because, firstly, the phenomenon is not beautiful and I have never seen yet that the abdomen adorned someone, except pregnant women. Secondly, the owner of the abdomen looks much older than his age. Well, pick up clothes, it is not very easy for those who has this “beautiness in front”.

The reason for the accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen is the weakness of the abdominal muscles, which is stretched to make place for fat.

It is believed that remove belly fat is not difficult, it is enough only a big desire and minimal effort. As far as I am also one of those unfortunate who owns this “treasure”, I will outline the basic rules and means to deal with this phenomenon in order to use them in practice …

So, let’s look how to remove belly fat naturally:

1. First of all, it is a food. It should be balanced and correct. “No” for any snacking with something delicious and harmful. It should be only healthy food according to your mode of nutrition or diet (that’s what you like). Agree that if you try to remove the stomach and eat like a hamster; everything without limits – it is illogical. Accepted.

2. The next component is breath. It is not so clear and simple. The problem is that we breathe wrong – I know that. As it turns out only small children can breathe correctly, but the adult lose this ability with age for some reason.

Breathe properly – then breathe abdomen, but everybody of us  breathes more by breast. It means superficially … Therefore, we must learn to belly breathe. It is something like advise developers of popular methods for losing weight – Bodyflex. Bodifleks is a good thing. They promise that our fat melt faster with the right breathing.

3. Positive attitude and lack of stress! When they are available, you do not have any need to try to “put out” the negative emotions with food! Well, everybody knows this. Only what we need to use it in our life.

4. Exercises to strengthen the press. I do not even want to list them.  There are a lot of them. Personally, I like the exercise which is called a “cat”, it is from Bodyflex:

how to remove belly fat naturally

  • “Get on your knees and leaned on his hand. Look straight ahead, take care that the back was perfectly straight. Inhale, pull your belly and you need to arch your back. Hold your breath for 8-10 accounts (well, if the first time and get to count up to 5). Exhale. Immediately start making exercise a second time. After 3 times have a rest. “

5. And the hoop. It is also not a bad thing. However, to have the effect, you need to twist it minimum 20 minutes, no less. Well, if it is necessary – you must twist!

Be nice and beautifull with these simple advices!