How to Prepare for Pregnancy


  • How to Prepare for Pregnancy Psychologically
  • Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy
  • Vitamin A Can Be Dangerous
  • Harmful Habits – No

So, you made a decision: it’s time to become a mother. Great! So, now is the time to think about a very important issue – how to prepare for pregnancy. It is desirable before the process of conception to improve the whole organism and prepare itself for this very responsible step psychologically. After all, in order to give birth to a healthy baby, you need to make serious changes in your life before the pregnancy. And the sooner you begin your preparation for bearing a baby, the healthier your future child will be.

How to Prepare for Pregnancy Psychologically

Many women give nature the opportunity to freely do their work and especially do not think about the future. Of course, if everything is in order with health, there are no bad habits, and there is a caring, loving husband who also wants to become a father, then you can safely rely on the natural course of things. However, the psychological preparation for pregnancy does not hurt in your case.

Are you ready for the fact that with the onset of the “interesting situation” you will have to sacrifice some of your freedoms and change the customary regime? If you study, then complications are possible, although many future mothers successfully combine their pregnancy with the process of obtaining a higher or secondary special education.

If you reach some career, you will also have to “slow down” during pregnancy, since this time requires as much concentration as possible on who is inside you. But if you are ready for any sacrifices and restrictions for the sake of your future baby, then, your time has come and you are ready for motherhood in all senses.

Your health is the guarantee of the well-being of the future baby

Preparation for pregnancy first of all involves attentive attitude to one’s health. And here it is extremely important to take the following steps:

  • Address to your attending physician and gynecologist in order to make the necessary tests and establish the state of your health. The earlier you get a medical consultation before the planned pregnancy, the more chances you will have for the successful course of this process.

It is highly desirable to get vaccinated against rubella and other diseases, a list of which your doctor will tell you.

  • The future father also needs to be examined, because in the offensive of your pregnancy he will take a direct part.

If you or your husband in the family have cases of hereditary diseases, consult a geneticist to do everything possible to minimize the risk and possession of complete information on this topic.

  • Acceptance of many drugs is incompatible with pregnancy. Therefore, you need to warn the doctor about all the medications that you are taking, for possible replacement or cancellation.

Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

If you decide to prepare in advance for pregnancy, then you first need to revise your diet. After all, everything that enters your body with food, has a significant impact not only on your health, but also on someone who soon settles under your heart.

From your menu now all fatty, “heavy” and stuffed with preservatives and coloring products, as well as any fast food should be excluded. The basis of nutrition for future parents should be fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meat and poultry, as well as eggs, fish and dairy products. The more natural and less processed your food will be, the healthier and more useful your diet will become.

Proper preparation of the body for pregnancy involves additional intake of certain vitamins. There are special complexes of prenatal vitamins containing iron, calcium and folic acid. By the way, folic acid is strongly recommended before conception to prevent the fetus from developing defects in the brain and spinal cord. The daily dose of folic acid is 0.4 mg. This vitamin is found in many fresh natural products: herbs and leaf salads, fruits (oranges, bananas), cereals, and also in by-products (for example, in the chicken liver). If you can not provide yourself with sufficient intake of all these products, take folic acid as part of a special vitamin complexes designed to prepare for pregnancy.

How to Prepare for Pregnancy

How to Prepare for Pregnancy

Vitamin A Can Be Dangerous

Reading special literature on how to properly prepare for pregnancy, you may have already come across a warning about taking vitamin A by pregnant women and women preparing to conceive. The fact is that vitamin A in high dosage can be very dangerous for the fetus, because can cause defects in its development. The norm of vitamin A for pregnant women (in Russia) is 2500 IU. It is desirable that it is included in the vitamin complex in the form of beta-carotene, rather than retinol. If you were forced to take large doses of vitamin A, then you can get pregnant no earlier than 6-12 months.

Harmful Habits – No

For sure, it is not a secret that the pregnancy is incompatible with smoking and taking alcohol and, especially, drugs. In addition, all this in itself can significantly reduce your ability to become parents with your husband. Since you can not be aware of this when you are pregnant, the rejection of all bad habits should occur long before you decide that your family needs replenishment.

Studies show that for those who want to give birth to a healthy baby, taking large doses of caffeine is also unfavorable. In addition to interfering with the full absorption of iron, caffeine is often called one of the factors contributing to the risk of the birth of a dead fetus. Therefore, before and during pregnancy, it is desirable for a woman to sharply limit the use of not only coffee, but also strong tea and cola.

Of course, pregnancy always implies the onset of serious changes in life. But any restrictions are transferred the easier, the more you want the baby. And it is you who can do a lot for the future child to develop harmoniously, feeling your love and care and not experiencing any aggressive attacks from your body.