How to Overcome the Telogen Hair Loss


  • What are Causes of Telogen Hair Loss
  • Treatment of Causes of Alopecia
  • How to Overcome the Telogen Hair Loss

In today’s world rarely seen perfectly healthy person. Improper diet, environment, age, infection, heavy work – all these is not the best way affects the health. With the help of medication the mankind learned to handle most ailments, but the illness like hair loss, decreased immunity and other, often remain “behind the scenes”.

A few people know that the body to restore resources takes the necessary substance from the hair, first of all. This is manifested of loss, dryness, dullness, brittle hair. This process is called telogen effluvium, telogen hair loss, which requires immediate treatment. Telogen effluvium is especially dangerous when there are delayed or chronic diseases that cause hair loss, as the permanent lack of nutritiuon causes follicles to stop their activities. Alopecia this type can lead to partial or complete hair loss in both women and men.

What are causes of alopecia? How to maintain the health of hair? What treatment telogen hair loss will be effective?

What are Causes of Telogen Hair Loss

Why does telogen hair loss occur without causes? The main reasons lie in the incorrect functioning of follicles due to lack of supply. During the illness, this process is not so noticeable, global hair loss begins in a few months, when the recovery is now. So often the telogen alopecia in understanding of people is not associated with the illness. However, the wanton loss of curls is often the consequences of frequent colds, diseases of internal organs, metabolism, decreased immunity.

Yet another factor, that directly affects the stability of the hair to aggressive factors, it is heredity. Telogen hair loss is quickly gaining momentum among those people whose ancestors suffered early baldness. Most often this type of alopecia in women. Telogen hair loss is often confused with a genetic predisposition. Genes with the hair loss is only determine the speed of propagation and area of bald patches.

How to Overcome the Telogen Hair Loss

How to Overcome the Telogen Hair Loss

Telogen alopecia can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Immunosuppression.
  2. Lack of vitamins, trace elements (vitamin deficiency).
  3. Iron-deficiency anemia.
  4. Infectious diseases.
  5. Autoimmune disease.
  6. Diet.
  7. Physical exhaustion (anorexia).
  8. Long-term use of drugs.

Factors that can accelerate telogen effluvium:

  1. increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, seborrhea;
  2. genetic predisposition;
  3. chronic diseases, the presence of two or more illnesses.

Treatment of Causes of Alopecia

Telogen hair loss, in contrast to other diseases, is treated in 90% cases. Treatment consists primarily in the restoration of normal metabolism. To control the flow of a sufficient amount of nutrients in the body and their absorption. Depending on the disease that is the cause of hair loss, various methods selected:

  1. a diet based on plant foods;
  2. medications;
  3. vitamin-mineral complexes;
  4. treatment by means of external means.

First, we should address the root causes of the telogen hair loss – cure the underlying disease, boost immunity under the supervision of a physician. Telogen hair loss is difficult to distinguish from the beginning of the diffuse or androgenetic alopecia.

Therefore it is important before starting treatment to be examined by a doctor to do the necessary research. Assign your own preparations for oral administration is not recommended – you can further upset the already fragile balance in the body, causing alopecia only intensify.

Undoubtedly, medication should be accompanied by careful maintenance of the hair. In this case, good as modern care products: shampoos, masks, conditioners, as well as traditional recipes from natural products, herbs, vegetable and animal fats. If you need, the doctors recommend a course of stimulating physiotherapy, which improves blood circulation of the scalp, the absorption of nutrients. Telogen hair loss respond well to comprehensive treatment, which includes all of the above methods.

How to Overcome the Telogen Hair Loss

To alopecia did not accept the chronic nature, it should eliminate the causes of alopecia that indirectly cause telogen hair loss, and follow the rules:

  • normalize sleep and rest;
  • eliminate the stress factors;
  • renounce the use of a hair dryer, curling irons;
  • not recommend to paint the hair and do perm often;
  • revise the diet;
  • not to use hormonal contraceptives, steroids;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle.

Telogen hair loss is the most common in the world today. The large number of aggressive factors make this a global problem. Therefore, it is important to maintain the delicate balance in the body, making the right diet, and sleep mode, protecting the hair from external influences. To causes of alopecia are not caught off guard we should from young age care for hair intensive.