How to Moisturize the Face


  • How to Select the Right Moisturizer on Face
  • How to Moisturize the Face
  • Hydrating Face Gel Made by Yourself

Even those who lives in almost perfect conditions, and are the owners of flawless skin, over time begin to feel the need to give extra care and nutrition for the skin. For this you want to find the optimal moisturizer on face, which would help to eliminate the disadvantages arising, as well as dry skin.

How to Select the Right Moisturizer on Face

Many women, choosing moisturizer on face, do not think on what criteria are best to pick up. They just come to the store and chose any moisturizer, or follow the recommendations of friends and relatives. This is not correct, because the means which is ideally for your friend, can absolutely not to be suitable for you. So, where do you start?

Primarily, it is necessary to determine your skin type. The best solution is, of course, appeal to the beautician, who is able to determine exactly which substances should be in your moisturizer on face. But you can understand by yourself what type of skin of your face.

How to Select the Right Moisturizer on Face

How to Select the Right Moisturizer on Face

How to Moisturize the Face

Observe your face in a few days and you notice how your skin reacts to the water, as well as various cosmetics, sunlight, and so on. According to these observations, you can select the moisturizer on face. Curiously, but moisturizing is needed absolutely to any type of skin. Do not forget also about the UV filters to help protect the skin from premature aging as the sun is not very desirable for the health of your skin.

The facial skin is of five different types:

  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin type
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Hypersensitivity skin
How to Moisturize the Face

How to Moisturize the Face

Normal skin of the face is a real godsend for any girl or woman. There is a minimal problems with it, it does not glitter and does not peel off, and therefore the selection of a moisturizer will not be difficult. However, to deprive it of the care, of course, can be a fatal mistake, and cause irreparable harm, especially after 30 years old. At thirty, you can simply buy moisturizing cream containing natural extracts from plant. After that age, you can use creams and products that contain collagen, which prevents the appearance of fine wrinkles.

88% of all women are the owners of combination skin. This skin makes to the owner a lot of problems, and you can not be limited with one moisturizer on face. However, because each problem, without all doubt, there is a way out. You can buy moisturizing cream without fatty oils, that is recommended specifically for this type of skin, or use a cream for oily skin, with matte and nutritious effect.

Oily skin is always requires a special care, as it glitters and looks unattractive. You have to fight constantly with a variety of means, which are in a large number in sale. However, there is a positive thing – oily skin is much slower to the aging process, because it is somewhat denser than any other kinds of skin. But if you think that for such skin you do not need a moisturizer – it’s deeply wrong. Often, from the lack of proper hydration and there are many problems with oily skin. However, the selection of a special moisturizer on face is special. Look carefully at the package of cream, if it has a mark «oil-free» (which means that there are no fatty oils), feel free to buy, or better yet, pick up cream-gel free from fat.

Dry skin in adolescence seems quite well as it has least of problems, but over the years it begins to require a special attention, as it may peel off and the appearance of premature wrinkles. So the right moisturizer is incredibly important. The best to buy the night creams containing enhanced nutritional complexes, and the day creams should be light, but with the ability to retain moisture for a long time. After twenty-five years, it is already possible to use means comprising vitamins (e.g., group A and C) and after forty with collagens, elastin, and natural oils and fatty acids (such as creams, which contain lactic acid derivatives).

Hypersensitivity skin requires extremely precise and accurate selection of moisturizers, as most creams can cause allergic reactions in the form of redness, rash, unwanted pigmentation, and the like, unpleasant phenomena. So, you should know very well about moisturizing face cream that you are going to buy, it should not contain any special fragrances, was rich in vitamins, and also had a mild moisturizing effect.

Hydrating Face Gel Made by Yourself

Hydrating Face Gel Made by Yourself

All the same, the choice of cream or hydrating face gel in the store is extremely important, especially for those who has problem skin. Besides, it is not the fact that you bring home the coveted bottle, for which you have laid out a tidy sum, despite the description and accurate selection, would be appropriate. To test a huge variety of cosmetic products, you must possess angelic patience and considerable money. Girls women who, for whatever reasons, do not really trust the products of modern cosmetic industry can prepare moisturizing cream at home, using as ingredients the natural products.

  • Moisturizer on Face With Strawberries

The simplest and most widely used means of moisturizer is prepared on the basis of strawberries. For the preparation buy 300 grams fresh ripe berries and squeeze the juice from them. In the juice you need to add 1 or 2 teaspoons of ordinary glycerin, and give to infuse for 10-15 minutes. Thereafter, the resulting mixture add several teaspoons of oatmeal or oat flour (which is essentially the same thing), and beat well with a mixer. You can use this cream every day for any type of skin, but do not prepare it in reserve.

  • Moisturizer on Face with Cucumbers

Take 1 large cucumber, preferably grown in ecologically clean area, and rub it on a small grater. In a water bath, heat the about 20 grams of beeswax, and add the freshly grated cucumber. Add 50 grams of almond oil, for half an hour cook, stirring constantly. After that, cool and stir. All moisturizing cream is ready to use! Note that this moisturizer on face is wonderfully for dry and aging skin.

  • Our Grandmothers Did the Moisturizer on Face with Birch Buds and Nettle.

1 teaspoonful of the birch buds, as well as dried nettle to pour boiling water and boil for a minute. Wait about an hour, after wrapping container with brewed herbs in a warm towel. After this time, the tea should be neatly drain. Melt the wax, add to it 1 teaspoon of butter (necessarily natural) and vegetable (refined sunflower, and preferably olive) oil and a few drops of vitamins A, B, E and C. After complete cooling, it is recommended to beat with a mixer carefully, and stored in the refrigerator no more than five days. This moisturizer on face is perfect for oily and combination skin.