How to Make Your Own Deodorant: get rid of odor


  • How to Make Your Own Deodorant: Composition
  • Preparatory Phase to Make Your Own Natural Deodorant
  • Make Your Own Deodorant: Different Recipes
  • Tips on Applying Natural Deodorant

Deodorants, manufactured in an industrial environment, contain the toxic substances in their composition. They can provoke serious diseases (Alzheimer’s disease, cancer). We offer you the recipes for cosmetics means against sweat and odor at home.

How to Make Your Own Deodorant: Composition

To homemade deodorant struggled with excessive sweating, provided antifungal and antibacterial effects, it is necessary to include the following components:

  • absorbent (corn or potato starch) – its molecules retain sweat;
  • deodorizing agent (baking soda) – disinfects, stops the multiplication of bacteria, waste products which cause odor;
  • essential oil (tea tree, lavender, geranium, vanilla, pine, juniper, nutmeg, etc..) – necessary for flavoring, kill germs and bacteria;
  • coconut oil – makes deodorant solid, well absorbed by the skin, does not remain on the clothes;
  • cocoa butter – moisturizes, soothes irritation.
make your own natural deodorant

How to Make Your Own Deodorant: get rid of odor and sweat

Preparatory Phase to Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

Carefully prepared everything, you can save time in the difficult task of creating a home natural deodorant. You will need:

  1. small spoon made ​​of wood;
  2. glassware;
  3. 2 pots for water bath;
  4. kitchen scales;
  5. capacity for storing deodorant (jar with a scoop of the old deodorant or from a cream).

Make Your Own Deodorant: Different Recipes

  • Recipe №1 (With Beeswax)

Deodorant contains such ingredients:

10 grams of beeswax (you can take a candle);
25 grams of corn starch;
35 grams of baking soda;
40 grams of cocoa butter (coconut, shea butter);
to 10 drops of essential oil;

Preparation Instructions:

Only clearly observing the following, you can get a quality cosmetic product:

Melt the wax and oil in a water bath, stirring them with a wood-spoon.
Slowly put the soda in them with starch to prevent clumping.
Cool the mixture.
In warm texture to introduce essential oils, all carefully stirring.
Disinfect the vial with alcohol.
Pour into it a deodorant until frozen. After curing, can be applied it to the area of ​​the armpits.

  • Recipe №2 (Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E)


30 grams of soda;
2 teaspoons of cocoa butter;
2 teaspoons of starch;
a few drops of vitamin E.

Preparation Instructions:

Cocoa butter is heated to a liquid consistency in a microwave oven or a water bath.
Put in it the soda and the starch.
Mix all and add a vitamin E. To make the pleasant odor, drip a little bit of essential oil.
Pour this natural deodorant into the container, and place in the fridge for a few hours.

how to make natural deodorant

How to Make Your Own Deodorant: get rid of odor and sweat

  • Recipe number 3 (With Green Tea)

The green tea has the antioxidant properties. Deodorant with this component is perfect for sensitive skin.

It includes the following ingredients:

70 grams of corn starch;
30 grams of soda;
half a teaspoon of strong brewed green tea;
3 drops of essential oil of tea tree;
3 drops of essential oil of lemon;
7 teaspoons of coconut oil.

For sensitive skin the amount of soda should be halved, increasing to 15 grams of starch.

Preparation Instructions:

You can make a good deodorant with your hands, sticking these steps:

Put into a bowl the starch and baking soda.
Pour into the dry powder green tea and essential oils. Mix everything.
Melt the coconut oil to a liquid state.
Mix with the rest and pour into the prepared jar.
Cool and put in the fridge for solidification.

Tips on Applying Natural Deodorant

  1. Keep the homemade natural deodorant is better in the refrigerator.
  2. It is necessary to maintain the hardness, especially in hot weather.
  3. Apply a thin layer, it is recommended, not much pressing on the skin.

Deodorants are perfectly harmless. They comprise only natural ingredients. Such care cosmetics do not clog pores, allowing toxins to leave the body. The undeniable advantage of it is that it does not pollute the clothes,and can smell exactly as you like.