How to Make Your Hair Long Fast with Mustard Mask

If you have problems with hair that caused not by serious diseases, you can safely try mustard mask for hair loss. If you have really serious problems with hair, go to the doctor. More sooner you consult to him, the better for you and your hair.

So, the mask of mustard not only improves the circulation of the scalp and hair follicles, but also nourishes the hair very well. Furthermore, it is delicately removes dead skin cells, which ultimately leads to a significant improvement of the hair.

How to Make Your Hair Long Fast

Correct to say that the mustard mask against hair loss does not reduce the lost hair, but stimulates and strengthens the hair follicles. As a result, regular use of mustard mask leads to the fact that, instead of lost hair, the new hair grows stronger, and, of course, during its life cycle (which, unfortunately, can not be affected) the hair grows greater length. That’s why, the praise that hair begins to grow by leaps and bounds in just a month after the start of regular use mustard mask, is real.

The best way to use this mask is during 3-4 months minimum, 1 time per 5-7 days.

Mustard Mask for Hair Loss

how to make your hair long fast

All the ingredients for mustard mask against hair loss can be purchased at any major grocery store. In fact, you will need only dry mustard and sugar.

In the basic version of mustard mask the mustard is mixed with sugar in a ratio of 1 to 1, and diluted with warm water (hot water can not be used).

Well, after, everyone does in his own way. In mustard mask for hair growth, you can add the yolks of eggs. Then, if you have a dry scalp you can add any oils, especially burdock, which is considered one of the best natural oils for hair care, and vitamins.

If you have very dry ends, they also can be protected from mustard by any suitable oil.

How Long to Keep the Mustard Mask for Hair Loss?

Feels like. From 15 minutes to 45, or 1 hour. Easy to heat and burning is allowed, but too unpleasant pain is not worth to endure. Otherwise, you risk to have not the mask against hair loss, but vice versa.

Important addition – mask with mustard should be applied to dry and not washed hair, as it makes dry the scalp very much.

Pay attention!

Each mask has both positive reviews, and not so. Everything depends on the causes of hair loss, which you need to find out with your doctor, or the individual characteristics of the body. Therefore, to know whether you suit the mustard mask from hair loss, you need to stick to simple rules.

  • Make an allergy test. Never use new component without allergy test.
  • If the mask burns strongly, do not “be a hero” in the hope that “the more painful, the better” the mask with mustard will work. You run the risk of burns and worsen the condition of the scalp.
  • Rinse the mask as soon as you feel that you become uncomfortable, and next time do not use so “concentrated” composition.
  • Reduce the pungency of mustard can reduce the proportion of sugar in the recipe.
  • Protect the ends of the hair by using any oils. Do not use the mask with mustard on the clean hair.
  • Note that the mask of mustard dry the skin, which means that its use for dry and brittle hair can lead to the opposite result. Or add more oils, or play it safe.

And, of course, it is important to understand that any experiments with hair acceptable if you do not have skin diseases. Dandruff, itching, peeling – it all belongs to the contraindications for the use of most household masks , especially where corrosive components (alcohols, essential oils), which will only aggravate the problem.

Better to consult a doctor trichologist for diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp, and then, in the absence of obvious contraindications to engage in “self-medicate”.