How to Make Natural Face Mask: unique recipe

Another effective natural face mask, which passed all the tests and has become one of the favorite masks of the girl, who shared it.

The mask is good for oily and mixed type of skin, which is prone to rashes and sensitive.

After the regulary use the skin becomes much better, not oily, moisturized and the troubles appear rarely.

This girl created this mask by trial and error. Here is the best recipe for its preparation.

The benefits for skin:

  • Generally mask is very universal. If you have dry skin – add rose water or cosmetic oils and it will be perfectly moisturize.
  • If you have oily skin – add more than one tablet of activated charcoal and gloss disappears.

Mask moisturizes and nourishes the skin, deep cleans pores. However, 1 time per week is enough to use.

You need for this natural face mask

  • Pink Clay 

how to make natural face mask 1

  • Salicylic Paste 

how to make natural face mask 4


  • Zinc Paste 

how to make natural face mask 5

  • Dried Parsley 

how to make natural face mask 6

  • Absorbent Carbon 

how to make natural face mask 2

  • Any Facial Scrub 

how to make natural face mask 3

  • Porcelain Container

how to make natural face mask 7

How to Make Natural Face Mask

1. Take a porcelain container, pour into it 1 tablespoon of pink clay.

2. Adds little (like a size of pea) any moisturizer, 2 peas of any facial scrub. Girl still adds rosewater and ylang-ylang oil or jojoba. But, if this oil is not at hand, you can do mask without it.

3. More often, she makes the mask with a decoction of potatoes than green tea, although the smell of tea nicer, but still. She takes one potato, wash it carefully in hot water, and puts to cook in boiling water. After 3-4 minutes she picks up one tablespoon of water and adds one tablet of activated charcoal. After 5 seconds, it completely dissolves in the powder. This water is added to already finished mixture.

4. Melt salitsilovo – zinc paste in a water bath (for example, when cooking potatoes). Melt in a tea or tablespoon pasta pea size . Adds a mask.

Attention! Add salicylic zinc paste only necessary if there are deficiencies in the face, acne, redness, etc.

5. Adds pre-dried parsley in a mask, rubbing in your hands.

6. Mixed well until paste.

7. Apply to face and neck.

8. After 20-25 minutes wash, wipe tonic for the face, after a soothing eye gel and moisturizer on your face and neck.

That’s the whole procedure.

Result: The girl had the result immediately after the first application. She uses the mask more than 6 months and is very happy.