How to Make Homemade Exfoliating Body Scrub


  • Good Scrub from Coffee: Principle of Acting
  • Coffee Scrub : Indications and Contraindications
  • How to Make Homemade Exfoliating Body Scrub
  • Homemade Coffee Scrub: the Best Recipes

Coffee can be not only an invigorating drink in the morning, but also an excellent cosmetic means for deep skin cleansing. Great effect of lifting and peeling has the homemade exfoliating body scrub from coffee. Its regular use will prevent premature aging of the skin, promote the rejuvenation of aged skin and protect cells from damage.

Good Scrub from Coffee: Principle of Acting

There is nothing surprising in such magical action of coffee scrub: it is composed of coffee beans that are so beneficial to the skin. Each of the components gives the skin a certain effect:

  • Caffeine tones the skin and forms a protective barrier from unwanted external influences;
  • Antioxidants help to improve the elasticity of the skin and wrinkles;
  • Polyphenols are powerful natural antioxidants, which promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin in skin cells – a result the skin firmer, facial contours become sharper, clearer, more beautiful, its spectacular lifting effect scrub coffee also owes this magical substances;
  • Carotenoids – healthy complexion and eliminate dullness and yellowing of the skin, recent studies in the field of cosmetology have shown that these substances are magical prophylactic agent against the development of cancerous skin diseases;
  • Chlorogenic acid and antioxidants helps in the fight against free radicals that constantly attack skin cells, it helps protect the skin it from excessive ultraviolet radiation, which we get in the summer in hot , sunny weather.

The combined action of all these substances, which are contained in coffee beans, makes the coffee scrub is very useful for activating the blood circulation; it restores damaged areas (micro-cracks, cuts, extensions) and gives the skin maximum hydration and deep cleansing.

good scrub from coffee

Coffee Scrub : Indications and Contraindications

To whom the scrub of coffee grounds can be advised to use regulary? Indications for its use are as follows:

  • as far as the coffee beans are a storehouse of natural antioxidants that provide the skin amazing rejuvenating effect, this cosmetic means will be useful for aging skin;
  • all skin types are needed a weekly deep cleansing, so homemade peeling scrub from coffee can be used throughout;
  • if the skin was becoming gray or yellow, the face will acquire a healthy shine and matt skin exactly after scrub of coffee grounds, due to carotenoids in its composition.

Coffee – is a potent agent that penetrates deep enough into the skin, so it is recommended to use very carefully scrub those who has:

  • complex and serious skin diseases;
  • allergic to coffee in any form;
  • too sensitive and delicate skin of the face.

This is the whole list of all contraindications for the use of this cosmetic means. In all other cases, facial scrub of coffee is absolutely safe and very effective. You can enhance the effect of scrub under certain rules.

How to Make Homemade Exfoliating Body Scrub

Before proceeding to the study of recipes and preparing this wonder means, you should carefully read the basic rules for the preparation of scrub. If you stick to them, the effect will be stronger.

1 . Any coffee facial scrub implies the right choice of coffee. It should be:

  • roasted;
  • black;
  • finely ground;
  • unscented;
  • natural.

Do not use for making scrub the instant coffee: it is only harm your skin. If you use coffee beans, be careful: the particles can injure delicate skin. If included in the scrub coffee grounds, it is better to use in the chilled state, within 20 minutes after a drinking of coffee.

2 . To avoid side effects cooked scrub is recommended to apply on your wrist and wash off after 1 minute. If after 10 minutes redness will not, we can safely apply the scrub on the face.

3 . Apply scrub need solely on cleansed skin.

4 . Coffee scrub will help to soften and cleanse the skin:

  • face;
  • neck;
  • décolleté;
  • feet;
  • cubits;
  • knees.

5 . You have to massage the skin actively with circular motion for a minute, that coffee scrub absorbs all the dead cells and dirt.

6 . Scrub should be very rinse carefully with warm (preferably filtered or creamed) water.

7 . Regularly use the same recipe, 1-2 times a week, after a bath.

Take the time to read to our advice and use homemade coffee scrub in accordance with these instructions. This will improve efficiency and bring you a lot more fun than you begin to experiment and react to the purification procedure irresponsibly in a hurry and on the run.

how to make homemade exfoliating body scrub

Homemade Coffee Scrub: the Best Recipes

On the Internet you can find a huge number of recipes for preparing the homemade scrub of coffee, but do not rush to prepare the first available one. Explore the range and choose for themselves the best option according to your skin type and availability of ingredients included in the recipe. We bring you the ten best, effective, time-tested recipes. In fact, coffee scrub at home to made very quickly and easily.


  • Creamy Coffee Scrub

Coffee (1tablespoon) thoroughly mixed with sour cream (2tablespoons).

  • Coffee Scrub with Almond Butter

Coffee beans (2tablespoons) mixed with brown sugar and almond butter (100 grams).


  • Yoghurt Scrub with Coffee

Coffee (1tablespoon) carefully stir with the low-fat natural plain yogurt (2 tablespoons).

  • Honey and Coffee Scrub

Coffee (1tablespoon) mixed with nourishing cream for daily care (1tablespoon), add heated liquid honey (a teaspoon) .


  • Gel Scrub with Coffee

Coffee (1tablespoon) mixed with the usual shower gel which you use regularly (2 tablespoons).

  • Coffee Scrub with Oatmeal

Coffee grounds (1tablespoon) mixed with yogurt or sour cream (1tablespoon) and milled cereals (2-3 tablespoons).

  • Coffee Scrub with Olive Oil

Finely ground coffee (1teaspoon) mixed with honey (1teaspoon) and olive oil (2 teaspoons). This scrub not only deep cleanse the skin, but will vary excellent toning and nourishing properties.

  • Cottage Cheese and Coffee Scrub

Coffee grounds (1tablespoon) mixed with fat cottage cheese (1tablespoon). Cottage cheese and coffee can also be used to scrub as a mask if it is left on the face for 10 minutes.

  • Coffee Scrub with Salt

Coffee grounds or ground coffee (1tablespoon) mixed with sea salt (1teaspoon). Sea salt can be replaced by a large dining room spoon. Make massaging very carefully, as large salt particles can scratch the skin. It is best to remove them in the preparation of scrub.


  • Comprehensive Anti-Inflammatory Coffee Scrub

Ground coffee or coffee grounds mixed with the heated to a liquid state with honey, cinnamon and brown sugar. All ingredients must be in equal amounts (1teaspoon). To bring the mixture to a thick state, it can be diluted with mineral water. After massaging can be left on the face as a mask. Help get rid of inflamed pimples and blackheads.

After the first application of this miracle scrub your skin is transformed, if it was done in strict accordance with the recipe and preparing rules. With regular use of the same scrub your skin will look as if you are a constant visitor to the beauty salon.