How to Make Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

Today I want to share a simple master-class on preparing the homemade coffee body scrub from the Russian author, Mira (aromabeauty).

There are a lot of different recipes in the internet, but I hope my recipe you will like. Moreover it is very simple to prepare, it takes only 10 minutes and is suitable for beginners. And almost all of the ingredients for it to be found in the kitchen at any housewife!

I am doing a body scrub constantly, but often I change ingredients and flavors to have a new scrub everytime! The main secret of my sugar scrub that I use only quality components for it. That means not to substitute olive oil with sunflower oil, natural freshly ground coffee – “used one” or coffee grounds, and so on.

In general this rule applies for production of natural cosmetics. If you want to get really good cosmetic product that will be a pleasure to use, which has a delicious and delicate scent, then choose for it the highest-quality ingredients. This not only improves self-esteem and “value” means, but also the effectiveness.

Why do you need a body scrub?

Scrub exfoliates the skin, making it smoother and softens rough skin (elbows, heels, knees). Scrub sure to use before applying the self-tanning – then he goes more smoothly and uniformly convergent. And body scrubs are required before anti-cellulite treatments (wraps, masks, oils, and mixtures thereof) – as it activates blood circulation, cleanses the skin and increases the penetration of active components on a clean scrub the skin. And Scrub is just a nice cosmetic means, that improves mood and sets you into losing weight!

How to Make Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

  • 30 grams of freshly ground coffee
  • 30 grams of sugar cane
  • 30 grams of olive oil
  • 10 grams of vanilla extract
  • essential oil of bitter orange (I add it to 2%, which is 2 ml per 100 grams of scrub)

About the Ingredients

Ground coffee – to get a fragrant body scrub, it is best to use freshly ground coffee. And you can grind it bigger or smaller as you wish.

Olive oil – any extra virgin olive oil fits, you can choose what you like, it is better if it is not refined and not too thick.

Cane sugar – contains high amounts of trace elements and a special warm scent that blends perfectly with the spices and vanilla.

Vanilla extract – I used natural vanilla extract, it is brown and very fragrant. You can use the vanilla extract from the supermarket, just look carefully at label that it should be just alcohol and vanilla inside. In aromatherapy sweet and warm aroma of vanilla soothes the emotions and brings joy, brings in good spirits, gives energy and eliminates tiredness.

The essential oil of bitter orange – has the effect of lymphatic drainage, removes fluid and just has a terrific citrus flavor, more complex and rich than the essential oil of orange, with a tart bitterness. For women, the essential oil of bitter orange enhances sensuality and erotic used in aromatherapy blends.

homemade coffee body scrub 2

Take a blender and coffee beans. You can use coffee grinder to grind, but I usually do everything in a blender.

homemade coffee body scrub 3

Check the fineness of the grains.
Here is just right, the perfect grind for a body scrub.

homemade coffee body scrub 5

Mix all the ingredients of a recipe. The ideal consistency of the scrub can be achieved by adding a large amount of bulk ingredients (coffee, sugar) for density, or olive oil for a more fluid consistency. When everything is mixed perfectly, add the essential oil of bitter orange.

homemade coffee body scrub 6

That’s the body scrub I came out. Moderately thick, with a delightful invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, vanilla and bitter citrus.

homemade coffee body scrub 7

We shift body scrub in a jar.

I’m not a preserving it, because I keep a scrub one week, and for the next time use a new recipe. The scrub is used for 1-2 times for the full body. Better to take scrub with dry hands or a spoon. I keep it in the bathroom.