How to Make Face Cream with Magic Effect

Take 50 grams of pure olive oil, put the chopped pieces of cinnamon stick and 4-5 inflorescences of cloves into it.

You can add also domestic rose petals (grown without the “chemistry”), add the zest of orange or lemon, mint leaf to make this magic skin care for face.

Ten days the oil with spices should insist in a dark and warm place, and then it must drained.

How to Make Face Cream

Now mix the resulting oil with grated on a coarse grater natural beeswax (for 5 teaspoons of oil take 1 teaspoon of wax), and warm in a water bath until the wax is melted.

how to make face cream

How to Make Face Cream

Then add a teaspoon of lime (or any bright flower) honey, 2 drops of rose oil, 1 drop of any citrus oil (if using orange zest – orange oil, if lemon zest, use oil of lemon). To fragrance has become more sensual, you can add 2 drops of ylang-ylang.

The resulting mixture was stir well with a wooden spatula until smooth. If watery cream – add a bit of wax, if harder than necessary, add the olive oil.

Then, pour the cream into a nice clean glass jar.

Apply it to clean skin. After 5 minutes after applying the cream, remove excess with a paper towel.Keep in refrigerator. Before using the cream, it is desirable to heat (put a spoonful of cream in a plastic bag, tie well, so as not to get wet, and hold it under running hot water).

Result of skin care for face: the skin becomes smooth, soft, well-groomed, exuding a delightful aroma.