How to Make at Home Facial Mask

Masks with herbs, vegetables, fruits, clays have been known for over three thousand years, and today they have not lost their relevance. No other cosmetic means will not give such rapid and visible results. They nourish the skin, stimulate blood circulation, smooth wrinkles. Skin is smoothed and freshens.

For freshness and nutrition skin very well be applied to afew minutes different fruit juices, vegetable juices, milk, sour cream, butter. After afew minutes to wash off all theface.

How to Make at Home Facial Mask?

Here are Some Recipes for Homemade Facial Masks

  • 1. Honey Facial Mask

1raw eggyolk, 1teaspoon of honey and 1teaspoon of glycerin. All mix and spread about two hours, andthen rinse. Face is refreshed very good and wrinkles are straightened. The mask can be kept for several days in the refrigerator. Mask is repeated 2-3times a week.

  • 2. Facial Mask with Vegetable Oil

Warm up 30 grams of vegetable oil, moisten thin layer of cotton in it and apply onface, top cover with parchment paper, then thick layer of wool or towel.

  • 3. Sea Buckthorn Mask for Normal Skin

Pulp of the fruit put on face. You can mix the pulp with egg yolk or fresh cream.

  • 4. Honey-Lemon Mask

In 1tablespoon of honey to add 5-10drops of lemonjuice and oatmeal. Apply onface for 15minutes, then rinse with coldwater.

  • 5. Mask of sauerkraut

Itis necessary to grind the cabbage in ablender, add 1egg white in 2tablespoons of mass, plus 1tablespoon of flour or starch. All mix and apply on theskin for 15-20minutes. Remove with thehelp of wet wipes.

at home facial mask

  • 6. Plum Mask for Facial Skin

Clear the plum, make mash up, add 1/2teaspoon of vegetable oil, mixed with 1teaspoon of sour cream. Apply onface for 20minutes.

  • 7. Pumpkin Mask

Cut a small slice of fresh pumpkin, wash it in coldwater, peel, cut into smallpieces and boil. Afew minutes later, when the pumpkin is ready, remove the pieces and mash it using pestle. The resulting mush (2 tablespoons) spread in abowl or saucer and add 1tablespoon of olive oil, all mixed thoroughly. Olive oil canbe replaced by any vegetable oil: dill, peach, corn, sunflower, etc.

  • 8. Mask of Lettuce

Take some fresh lettuce leaves, slice them and squeeze thejuice, pre- rinse well. Juice is poured into abowl, add 1tablespoon of oliveoil, afew drops of lemonjuice, all mixed thoroughly. You can use oliveoil instead of any vegetable, instead of lemonjuice – other sour juice (cranberry, plum).

  • 9. Carrot Mask

Make at home facial mask with method 1st. Mix grated carrots on afine grater or in blender with beaten egg 1egg, add 1teaspoon of milk powder or starch, apply for 20minutes, rinse with warmwater.

Make at home facial mask with method 2nd. Carrots rubbed on afine grater or in blender, carefully mixed with 1egg yolk, add 2-3drops of freshly squeezed lemonjuice and vegetable oil. Adjust the consistency of sour cream and apply thismask on theface for15-20minutes. Then remove and wash yourface with warmwater.

Make at home facial mask with method 3rd. Grate two fresh carrots and mix with 2tablespoons of potato flour and 1egg yolk. Theresulting mass is imposed on thoroughly cleansed face.
The mask increases the resistance of theskin adverse environmental conditions, as well as improves the complexion and reduces wrinkles.

at home facial mask

  • 10. Mask of Currants

10-15 currant leaves pour half aglass of boiled water, 15-20minutes strain and add 1tablespoon of juice currant berries. Moisten infusion of several layers of gauze, apply for 20minutes, rinse your face withwater at roomtemperature.

  • 11. Yeast Mask

30 g fresh yeast knead and mix with alittle milk to theresulting mass was thick cream. For dry skin, add afew drops of oliveoil and honey. Impose this mass on theface and neck. After 20minutes, wash off themask with warmwater and rinse with cold face and wipe well with atowel. Sometimes theyeast is allowed to stand before fermentation .

  • 12. Curd Face Mask

2 tbsp. fresh ricotta good rub with raw eggyolk and afew drops of hydrogen peroxide. Mask should be free of lumps and not too thick. Put it on yourface and neck. After 15 – 20minutes, rinse with coolwater. This facial mask revitalizes theskin and makes it a little lighter. Curd mask canbe applied quite often.
Sometimes curd can be rubbed with honey, mix it all in theform of a cream and smeared on theface, especially around theeyes and around the

2 tbsp. of honey mixed with 2tablespoons of flour and 1egg white. Mass is applied with aflat brush. Hold on theface as long as itis well dries after this first rinse with hot and then coldwater. This facial mask nourishes and exciting action. Itis not recommended to do honey mask very often. Contraindicated in vasodilatation of theskin.

For very dry and wrinkled skin honey mask should be prepared in such a way. Two spoons of honey mixed with one spoon of very strong tea and 2tablespoons of cereal. Add water and slightly warmed received mask for a couple. Warm mass strike athick layer and cover with papertowel and top with atowel for 20minutes.
If there is sagging of theskin it is effective to use yolk and honey mask. Egg yolk was triturated with 1teaspoon of liquid honey and 1teaspoon of glycerin.

at home facial mask

  • 14. Nourishing Mask of Potato

Cook a large potato with peel, peel it and make a mash well, add alittle milk, mix 1egg with yolk. The resulting puree again warmed on a steam bath . Hot mixture spread on theface for 20minutes . The face on this time covered with a thick cloth to heat to keep longer. Mask is washed off with hot water, then cold .
Potato mask refreshes , nourishes and smoothes wrinkled skin , dry and makes a gentle and supple.
Fresh potato juice is often used asan anti-inflammatory agent for thetreatment of eczema, burns, trophic ulcers , pyoderma , painful corns , dermatitis and acute phlegmonous acne.

  • 15. Yolk Mask with Oil

Yolk mixed with 1teaspoon of camphor or castor oil.

  • 16. Protein- Lemon Facial Mask

Egg whites whipped to afroth, add thejuice of half alemon and apinch of salt .

  • 17. Mask of White Milk Bread

Bread purified from cover, pour the milk and stir until thickcream.

  • 18. Cucumber Nourishing Facial Mask

Used for dry and normalskin, freckles and agespots. Fresh green cucumber rubbed on afine grater or in blender, and mix with an equal amount of lanolin. Grated cucumber added to lanolin gradually, slowly rubbing it, the mixture allowed to stand for1-1.5 hours Thereafter, the liquid is drained. Creamed dense mass thickly smeared face and leave for10-20minutes, then remove her hot damp cloth. Face rubbed liquid fused with creamed cucumber mass, this liquid can wet the ends of thetowel or napkin and slap them in the face.

  • 19. The Mask of Cucumber Skin

Fresh juice of cucumber influences to theskin perfectly. After cleaning, peel of cucumber is imposed on the person for at least 20minutes. Peel will keep well if itis to cover a layer of damp cheesecloth. Itis not necessary to wash theface after the procedure, as cucumber juice is better than any water. Mask of cucumber peel provide nutritious, refreshing and smoothing effect . Any types of skin can tolerate the mask, so that it canbe used quite often.

  • 20. Nourishing Mask of Cabbage

Parisians often make at home facial mask with cabbage to have good skin. On themask should be no more than 100grams of cabbage, it should pound or grind. Cleanse yourface and put the cabbage on face, lie down and relax the muscles of thewhole body for 20-30minutes. Then rinse with coldwater cabbage. This facial mask nourishes well and have refreshing effect.

at home facial mask