How to Make a Face Scrub with Gentle Action on Skin?


What Is a Face Scrub?
How to Scrub Your Face?
How to Make a Face Scrub?

Often the owners of sensitive and delicate skin suffer from the fact that they can not provide for their cells good nutrition and breathing. The pores are clogged, but the skin cleansers very traumatic, and do not fit for everybody.

What Is a Face Scrub?

In such a case a real natural savior will be a homemade mask facial scrub, which affects the skin very carefully and without damaging it.

The principle of the mask-scrub for the face – in a deep and gentle cleansing polluted far. Active substances of such masks are not aggressive, act slowly but sure. In 2-3 application of such means you will enjoy the results:

  • dirt in the pores is dissolved;
  • inflammation, acne, pimples and black spots are disappeared;
  • complexion becomes smooth and beautiful;
  • the skin is tightened, it becomes supple and elastic.

Thereby affecting the cells and processes, mask scrub is ideal for a variety of skin types. To achieve the desired effect, you need to apply it correctly.

How to Make a Face Scrub with Gentle Action on Skin?

How to Make a Face Scrub with Gentle Action on Skin?

How to Scrub Your Face?

To apply face scrub at home is desirable to study the technology of its use. It will strengthen its effectiveness and to avoid adverse, undesirable results after it.

  • All products in the composition of the mask-scrub should be natural as possible – household (this includes eggs and dairy products).
  • Apply these means after hot water or steaming.
  • Mask scrub should applied strictly on massage lines. It is rubbed into the skin in a circular motion, with fingertips. Make a facial massage for 2-3 minutes, and then leave the scrub on the skin for further work of its active substances.
  • The action of such masks – no more than 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse with water at room temperature.
  • Course – once 5-7 days, depending on the type of skin.

When you have learned how to scrub your face properly, exclude any experiments with recipes. Make them in strict accordance with the proportions and ingredients. It also helps you to increase its effectiveness.

how to make a face scrub

How to Make a Face Scrub with Gentle Action on Skin?

How to Make a Face Scrub?

Since the face-scrubs are very popular means in the home cosmetology, their variety is very large. The main thing is to choose the appropriate recipe for your skin.

1. Scrub Mask from Whey

Fresh and natural whey, without any impurity, apply on face.

2. Fruit Mask Scrub

Fresh juice of plum or peach, mixed with crushed in a coffee grinder oat flakes, until mushy state.

3. Scrub Mask of Coffee

Organic coffee beans have to be grinded, mix in equal proportions with lemon squeezed juice, and the usual cleaning gel for washing.

4. Honey Mask Scrub

Honey heated to a warm state in a water bath (2 tablespoons), mixed with chopped lemon pulp (2 tablespoons) and wheat bran (a tablespoon).

5. Rice Scrub Mask

Rice has to be grinded, mix (a teaspoon) with cheese (2 tablespoons) and olive oil (a teaspoon). Before applying clean the face with a water bath.

6. Aspirin Mask Scrub

Aspirin (2 tablets) and streptocid a (tablet) dissolved in a small amount of water to make a paste, thicken it with honey (a teaspoon).

7. Sugar Scrub Mask

White sugar (3 tablespoons) grind with beaten egg white, add lemon fresh juice (a teaspoon).

8. Salt Scrub Mask

Sea salt (a teaspoon), mixed with olive oil till a thick consistency. In the absence of sea salt can take usual salt, but preferably larger size.

9. Pineapple Scrub Mask

Crushed pineapple (3 tablespoons), mixed with candied honey (2 tablespoons) and oat flour (a teaspoon).

10. Pomegranate Scrub Mask

Pomegranate seeds to grind (3 tablespoons), mixed with candied honey (2 tablespoons), add lemon juice (a teaspoon).

Beautiful skin, which received nutrition, deep cleaning and normal breathing – that is the result of the effect of scrub masks. It us worth to try for the most sensitive skin began to breathe, got rid of contaminants derived from outside.